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Halo News – Halo TV Show / Movie Filming Soon!?

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Halo News! The Halo Movie or Halo TV Show may be filming in 2018, which may be focused on Master Chief and Halo 6. Let’s discuss, what do you want to see in the Halo TV Show?
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  1. Hey! just thought to note that, what was supposed to be the Halo movie, ended up becoming District 9

  2. Be class If it was like band of brothers with a few odst

  3. If they do make movie they better for the love of god and all that is holy stay true to the more and games, and keep it dark and gritty

  4. A show where it follows an ordinary Marine unit or ODSTs during the Insurrectionist and leading into the Human-Covenant War. They can maybe even go as far as including Lasky's brother as a cameo up until his death but continue the series with everyone else in his unit. Then when the Covenant show up, they can show how that was for the average Marine or Soldier and have a few times where Spartans show up here and there. They could be Spartans we know already or new altogether. Or even go a step further and introduce another or other Spartan 1s besides Johnson. Hell, we might aswell throw Nathan as Buck in there too. Creating a very interesting storyline.

  5. >Halo Legends
    >Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn
    >Halo: Nightfall

    No 4th Halo movie
    Johnson said "Halo 4, I get a woman. I've been guaranteed. Angela Bassett will be on board Halo 4."

    >Angela Bassett confirmed to play Johnson's wife 4th Halo movie

  6. Chuck Norris has to play Master Chief. No debate.

  7. Just now filming in the fall?? Then what the fuck does “active development” mean? It’s been in “active development” for over a year. I’ve gotten to the point to where I’ll believe this show is a real thing when it comes across my tv screen. Other than that, I’ve given up on this show. 4 years ago it was announced and just now having the idea of filming? Something isn’t right. If they film in the fall then it could be 2020 before we see it

  8. I still like the idea of an I Love Bees continuation, 'cause why not?

  9. Have you seen the trailer for daddy player one? There is a Spartan scene!

  10. I hope that if it is a movie, it has to be at cinema rather that only on waypoint

  11. it could be the next star wars..

  12. I want a story following an ODST squad in the style of Band of Brothers. Of course with fights with covenant but also exploring the insurrectionists. Maybe have a spartan IV squad show up in a dire situation or something.

  13. Make a damn ODST side story, dark, serious, film or movie. Something that people like and can take seriously, how hard is that to do ?

  14. We do have a movie on him, it's called Halo: The Fall of Reach, and it's about the Spartan 2 program but primarily focused on him but with the different views of blue team

  15. Halo TV Series Development Timeline:
    -Announcing Halo TV Series=2008-Present

  16. I don't give a fuck about the guardians/forrrunner saga it's garbage. If they going to do a tv show/movie needs to be done on chief and the early years.

  17. I dont think that the Chief should be in the movie… much. It should be like a spin off sort of thing, like Nightfall. Maybe the movie could focus around the Lord of Admirals and the Human Forerunner War.

  18. I just want halo 6 to bring back reach/3 style of armor

  19. I must point out Ready Player One being a SPIELBERG production and how we will most likely get a Chief camio..

  20. Well… there is a lot more to making movies and tv shows than filming. They may have been working on the plot for it, since everything they put out someone cries and bitches about, don't blame them on keeping it hush hush and working on it for so long.

  21. my Sargent Johnson told me life was like two sticks and one rock you never know who has the rock

  22. I hope we’ll see Master Chief’s face as an adult sometime

  23. Off topic a bit…
    (Disclaimer no offense to everyone named John)
    I really wish we never learned what Master Chief's name was. I love him as a character because you really do feel like you are Chief because we got to see his biggest moments first hand. And I love the small details such as the camera you're looking through is behind the visor, so you get to see exactly what they're seeing from their eyes. But when they started using his name John a good amount it kind of ruins the immersion a bit. Then there's just the small details such as how it seems SO many protagonists in any form of entertainment have the name John (obviously because it's a common name).
    *Counter Argument*: But at the same time, Chief having his name be used a lot really helps with the emotional story 343i is trying to tell, especially with Cortana using it constantly now to show how they've been together so much that they've been become so close.
    At least they didn't give him a last name.

  24. #Haloclub #halofollower #HaloTVShow
    Just a heads up, this comment will be long.
    I would rather see a halo TV series than a movie for several reasons. The first of which is that I really like that "Evolution of Master Chief" idea you have and it would probably be a rushed and crumpled mess in a movie, similar to halo five's story and it would be a shame to see such deep and personal character molding and development go down the drain. This could be much better executed in a halo TV show where they can stretch it out and use dialogue and personal tension rather than constant combat (because let's be honest, the combat and suspense is where all of the fun in Forward Unto Dawn was.). Second, it would have much more impact on the halo universe than you would think. Showing Chief's whole story from the moment Sam destroyed the covenant ship to the day he dies will impeccably shift many people's perspective on the games. It will not only stop many from thinking of Halo as the creator of the teabag, but rather a deep, emotional, story filled with tragedies far greater than anything we have had in recorded history(For God's sake, 12 billion humans were killed). They will stop seeing chief as the muscle head cardboard cut out military man, but as a worn, broken man who was taken as a child without his parents even noticing. A person who grew up in the harvest environment. A person unconscious for six years to wake up only to find that 2 out of every three people he grew up with were dead or severely handicapped. Master Chief is an amazing character with so much to dive into that a movie simply will not cut it.

  25. There has to be a lot of t-bagging like an hour worth of t-bagging

  26. Disagree with me all you want, but i honestly hope that the show ISN'T about master chief, in my opinion, i want to see more stories about the MARINES & the ODSTs, the people who look up to chief, i also hope it takes place during the covenant war because there is so much room for interesting stories in that era.

  27. Well… if anything they really need to nail the music / and really nail the STORY* and LORE* of freaking Halo. Not what we’ve been getting from the disjointedness that is Halo 4, 5, etc. I’m not calling the Reclaimer (arc / saga? Lol) trash, but I mean Ive wanted a Halo movie since Combat Evolved, lets not forget the Veteran fans lol.

  28. I think they should maybe have the TV show based on Sargent Johnson when he was a rookie in the U.N.S.C MARINE, participating in the very first stage's of the Spartan program and soon introduced to Spartan 117(The Master Chief) and maybe blue?

  29. I would really like to see a tv show or movie show the power of the Spartan II's in combat, in a way that holds true to the lore. not like Halo 5 with (armor) Locke and Chief. Why should I even have to mention this? Yet Halo 5 happened… The way we see red team in Halo wars 2 is a step in the right direction.

  30. we all ready have a movie about how jon 117 it’s called …. the fall of reach

  31. 3 Halo movies Halo Fall of Reach, Halo The Flood and Halo First Strike

  32. All I’m saying is they better have the same voices. If they’re going have the same characters from the games, which I’m sure they will, they better have the same voice actors. I really hope this movie or show or whatever will be good. After all they’ve been working on it for 5 or so years

  33. You said Forrest Gump and i am working with that in School OMG 😱

  34. "ready player one" has spartans in the battle scene!

  35. Today I’m going to see Ready Player One!Hope it’s good.😀

  36. I would like to see some head Hunter missions in the halo tv series

  37. They said if ready player one succeeds they will go all out on this and it did made 500$ Million.

  38. Ide love see see chief from start and to war most movies that do that are successful.

  39. As for Halo, I'll do you one better: being in the industry and having an family member at Weta, I know for a fact that the HALO pilot has already been filmed in New Zealand and parts at a well known studio on Atlanta (Pinewood). But that ain't even the bombshell, the bombshell is all the props and effects directly recycled from the disbanded movie.

    Neil did it with Eric Nylund (yes) and the entire pilot is for the show to go directly into a resurrection of the movie, with Spielberg and Peter Jackson co-PRODUCING with Neil (District9) finally now being given the go ahead because he is now older, more experienced, and really wants to STICK it to Ridley Scott for what he did to him by pulling out of Alien Reboot all out of jealousy. This is also why H6 is being kept quiet, and the movie and game are both going Ina completely new direction, and that is why Jason Jones and Alexander Serropian, the original founders of Bungie and Halo are involved.

    The new movie script is an amalgamation of ideas, all penned by Goyer (sp?), Neil and most importantly Eric Nylund, the GOD of Halo who wrote The Fall of Reach, still considered by all to be the absolute best Halo story ever written, hands down. I do not know the plot of the film, but I know for a fact that Jackson and Neil demanded The Fall of Reach segment previously filmed for the movie, with the effects completely finished, and that segment alone took over 3 months alone from the previous film and the assets can be reused. This saves money, and features an enormous battle of the demise of the planet as the Spartans desperately make a last stand near a mountain range to protect some kind of fusion generators, with a red sun setting in the distance. Chief is the only survivor (that we see) and there is what was described to me as an "mind blowing, Matrix-like shot" of the Covenant fleets plasma bombardment rolling over mountains and oceans and 'freezing,' the waters into radioactive glass. As if everything stopped and was frozen, only into molten, glowing glass. This was described as the money shot that inspired the investors to give it all a second go, this pitch and reel alone. This is all I know, this is first hand experience, and I know it to be 100% factual as of right now. Furthermore, Neil has also put his independent Oats productions on hold. First time I shared this outside of what I do. If you wanna use it, call me "Remember Reach".

    Pardon the spelling and grammatical mistakes, I'm on a phone transversing slips pace. (probably being tailed by some ONI Prowlers after dropping this info on YT, instead of 4chan, full anon..)

  40. So here's the good news, this is definitely happening. If you asked me a year ago I would've guessed this was one of those things Microsoft would hope we'd slowly forget, kind of like with the Resident Evil 2 remake, but now I'm not so sure, and I think Spielberg will be much more involved than suggested. Here's why, I just watched the Spielberg directed 'Ready Player One' and it is loaded with Halo references! There are also several other references to Xbox exclusives, such as Gears of War, indicating Spielberg is working closely with Microsoft.

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