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Halo – Official Trailer Reaction

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Jay and Adam react, review, riff, and rate the official trailer for the upcoming series based on the fan favorite video game, Halo.

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  1. They absolutely need a deeper voice for the the chief idk how I feel about it if there going to do this they have to get at least his voice right

  2. props to jay for recognizing hunter worms.

  3. Chief should go ask Din Djarin, he's been to a Halo. 😉

  4. I’m actually shocked that y’all do watch the Star Trek stuff on paramount plus. I think y’all would like discovery.

  5. You guys should watch the halo forward unto dawn movie its actually pretty good but I never hear people talking about it

  6. I don’t know anything about Halo but couldn’t resist watching you two! 👏🏻👍🏻💕☮️

  7. I mean… I'm fine with them going with another direction with the show. They can't possibly mess up the canon lore that way. Still, I would like if they keep the known characters the same as they appear in-game/books. Maybe even build upon their established characters. Cortana looks… bad. I thought they go with something akin to Blur studio's Cortana. And I would really need to get used to Steve Downes not voicing MC. Like reeeallly get used to it. But I do love Pablo as an actor so it shouldn't be hard.

  8. I have only one question….. Is Sargeant Johnson in this biatch?! I can forgive that they're not following the main narrative, but not having Sergeant Major Avery Junior "I know what the ladies like" Johnson, would be a crime greater than not having an elite say "wort wort wort" in the show, just saying.

  9. Just checked your subscriber count… Does it say 101,000? Or is my screen lying? ?? Love yall!🖖

  10. Okay I had to pause this had 3:30 into this reaction… HOLY FUCKING SPARTAN BALL! This looks incredible. Like… what?!

  11. I challenge ANYONE on YouTube to match these two’s chemistry 😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  12. I dunno… was left kinda "meh" by the trailer. Prolly cuz I was always on Playstation, so never really got into Halo. But, I dunno… something about the look of this just made me feel like it's gonna be mediocre.

  13. I've never played a single Halo game and even I'm hyped for this

  14. The visuals are excellent. Now, since this is a separate timeline/alternate universe I honestly don't know. As far as I see, this is looking like it could be on the level of Witcher (season 2) deviation from the source material or more. The good thing is that this means they have more freedom and won't piss of the fans (me included) if they change things. On the flip side, this also means that really do need a good story and if they mess it up… Some of the things shown so far, like the human woman adopted by the Covenant is slightly concerning. Either it will work brilliantly or will go down in flames. I am gonna keep my expectations low for now. I truly hope this will be excellent.

  15. cant wait for this series! also are are guys going to be reacting to All of Us Are Dead at all? just finished the whole season and it was incredible. highly recommend!


  17. I've been sayin it forever now they totally could pull off live action Doom

  18. hearing that this show takes place in an alternate canon. why would they mess with the story, sounds like a bunch of executives made that decision. this show is in trouble right out the gates.

    i'm worried this will be a star wars disney style low effort cash grab: a bunch of suits hoping to make easy money by putting out trash branded with a popular IP's logo in hopes that zealous fans will gobble it up without looking too closely at the quality of the content. the story is a big reason this IP has been successful, fucking with that is mental and exactly what a suit would think to do. look what happened to Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard (same executives), horrendous content that only (barely) resembles it's parent IP in aesthetics (and nothing else).

  19. I thought the trailer was just ok. Cortana looks bad though.

  20. I never thought I'd be one of those people that want something specific or not at all but man a new voice for John just isn't something i like.

  21. If the arbiter shows up I will lose it

  22. Even though it's Halo, feels like they want him to be as cool as Mando.

  23. My only criticisms are: the elites should be slimmed down as they come across a bit Brute-ish and I just think Chief should be taller.

  24. Why ..why did I tear up and get goosebumps over this?!!! I just can't wait to see this. Also I just adore you two! Your reactions are choice!

  25. This takes place in an adjacent time line, so there are differences between this series and the game’s time line which is good because that means there will be some surprises. I suspect they are doing the Battlestar Galactica thing in that they are adding human-looking aliens to (a) add empathy to the enemy and (b) save money on alien CGI.

  26. One of the best parts about this TV series is that it's non-canon. This gives them complete creative freedom, and also prevents potential outcry of attempting to change things compared to the games that thousands have played.

  27. Pablo Schreiber is playing Master Chief. He'll be phenomenal, I'm sure.

  28. Рот нахуя открывать на превью? Это добавляет просмотров?

  29. My Brothers, there is SOOOOO much they can do with this series.. There are literally at least 30 Halo novels they can go through! Also, you forgot The Witcher when speaking about Video Game Series.. I'm so very stoked for this show! Oh, also yall should look up the first teaser trailer for the show.. They used the Halo music in the short teaser trailer..

  30. I literally didn't even know this was a thing! What the hell! Hell Yeah!

  31. I don't know, Should the budget worry us ?
    $40 million

    In 2019, the series spent over $40 million on production costs. The five filmed episodes were re-edited under the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, with production on the sixth episode and reshoots being planned in Ontario, Canada. Filming eventually resumed fully in Budapest in February 2021.

  32. I have never played halo so as someone totally ignorant of it this looks okay. Trouble is there's so much scifi out there today they have to do something really cool and compelling to suck me in and other ppl like me.

  33. Halo is easily within the top 100 highest-grossing entertainment franchises in the history of planet Earth. I think it's top 50. It has made over ten billion dollars and that was before halo infinite lunched which is the biggest Halo launch of all time and got 20 million players in less than 2 months

  34. Just want to say that the voice actress for Cortana is the same person who's actually playing Cortana in this series. She originally wasn't going to do it but apparently they got her somehow

  35. If Microsoft have more power in the deal than Paramount plus do then you're not going to get copyright striked. Microsoft literally don't give a shit

  36. Yooo jen taylor as cortana herself yooooooooo

  37. The Halo lore is pretty deep. I’ve only read part of novel 1, and there are sooo many more. And even novel 1 ties in directly with my personal favorite campaign (Reach), and enhances the significance of two of Chief’s companions in Halo 5. And it’s just book 1! Windows Central posted an article with THEE reading order to get the best experience, so I’m seeing how I feel and will use that if I go forward 🤘🏻

  38. This has nothing to do with halo, but can you please react to the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer? 🙏

  39. I gotta say what others said: there you have Halo … a game with one of THE most iconic and epic music themes of game history. Naturally you HAVE to go with a Phil Collins cover version in the trailer. Makes total sense!

  40. I’m sorry but this just doesn’t look that good if I’m being honest

  41. https://youtu.be/qYkpZImf7tY

    Here's my edit of the trailer but using an epic version of the original opening suite. I do hope I did the trailer more justice than using Phil Collins' song. 😀

  42. I think the covenant human might be the forerunner librarian and the creature was the flood gravemind?

  43. They said that this is called the silver timeline so a different timeline to the video games

  44. For the Story I hope thay go more by the books than the games. the games were a lot more restricted to just Master Chief, the books could and did expand the reality of Halo, way more than just folowing him.

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