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Halo REBALANCED – The Design of a Legendary FPS

Ruby of Blue
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An overhaul to Halo’s Campaign which refines the sandbox, expands encounter and level design, provides extra polish in every area, and restores loads of cut content. To create a more gratifying and decision-based game which fleshes out the game’s potential!



00:00 – Opening
03:54 – Halo Takes Shape
08:11 – The 3 Second Scale
13:11 – The 30 Second Scale
36:10 – The 30 Minute Scale
57:28 – Halo Reborn
1:06:52 – Closing

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  1. I'd say a good change to the AR would be to Invert the Reticle.

  2. Having trouble with Vortex as it says Deployment requires elevation, then deployment fails. Assistance?

  3. Take a drink every time he says "sandbox" or "gameplay loop".

  4. unbelievable i sold my pc so i will never be able to play this

  5. Just finished it with your mods: beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Especially with the way you changed Two Betrayals and on forward. The way you changed the Library too. So much less dull and repetitive. Really sells the aspect of all out war and how dangerous the flood is in a way the standard game doesn’t.

  6. I cannot wait to try this out, seems like a blast

  7. I didn't notice if you metioned it but can I swap weapons with the marines?

  8. This is great! I cant wait to see what you do with Halo 2 my favorite halo game but by far the least balanced

  9. How to rebalance CE?
    Well honestly just remake CE on H5’s engine and over haul H5’s god awful weapon balance.

  10. Bro you need to get paid for your work like this mod is so mf good i got excited to play CE like it was a brand new game just about to drop

  11. I wonder though, since you're making this mod for people who have played the game a lot, should there even be difficulty levels? Maybe legendary vs heroic, but do people who need easy mode even play this mod?

    I came to this conclusion years ago when making doom levels of all things. I realized, why would I need to care about implementing easy or medium difficulty. No one who would play my random custom level pack would wish there was an easy mode. People who play mods of a game, especially when it takes effort to even figure out how to run the mod, probably only need heroic or legendary. Then again, more people are likely to play this specific mod than other mods, so maybe, it's good to have the easier difficulties.

    It could significantly simplify development of even this mod, which I am very intersted in playing some time. I've played Halo CE to death and agree with everything you tweaked. Sounds amazing.

  12. 9:28 Melee in Halo CE and 2 used the Marathon system, where you would do more damage the faster you were moving when you melee’d the enemy.

  13. Kept us waiting, huh? Thank you for your mods, they’re just amazing

  14. entertaining but ultimately I feel CE's sandbox is already perfect. Add in wildlife to liven up the levels for sure but once you mess with the weapons, vehicles, and enemies its just not the same game.

  15. I legit CANNOT get this mod to work through Vortex using the same steps. Either it doesn't play with the mods or I get a critical error on launch once I elevate the mod. Yes, I've tried through Vortex and through MCC w/o anti-cheat on.

    Edit: Manual version worked for me.

  16. Just for this mod I may suffer through the old graphics. They’re not terrible but sickly. I don’t suppose the main will ever support anniversary graphics? Definitely going to use lite.

  17. Fun Fact when I learned the AR was more of a shotgun than a Rifle I went with short trigger pulls to give me somewhat controlled bursts instead of full auto in most cases. I actually would sit for hours trying to get quick enough to only fire a single bullet. Couldn't get good enough to do that consistently though.

  18. This is beautiful. Can't wait until Halo 2's rebalance is revived.

  19. 15:32 never understood how the Marines could laser foes from far away using bursts and I couldn't… good change Ruby. Key word relevance.. is what makes a game have a perfect balanced sandbox. A weapon is a weapon none should suck. But some are better than others depending on the situation.. I don't understand why Battle Rifle tryhards can't understand this.. They only want 1 gun to be good and useful. The keystone meta has corrupted their minds. It's not even a meta it was a error on Bungies part which end up sticking. Lol they originally wanted Halo CE Rifle to be better than the pistol.

  20. Halo 3 Ruby Rebalanced was soo damn fun.. when will it be fixed it's been like a year when can it be fixed

  21. I really like the AR changes, the only change I would make would be some sort of visual representation of the weapon bloom.

  22. Man this mod exceeded my expectations. It may not have the graphics or the content of SPV3, but it perfectly executed its attempt at integrating the content it does add into the original graphics. I hope for your overhaul of Halo 2 you implement some similar changes, obviously the weapon tweaks but also the addition of cut content and new enemy variations. Also I really like the variations between difficulty in this one, I think you should expand upon it and create more level layout changes depending on difficulty. Also that shield elite that only appears on legendary is an interesting addition, maybe you should add an enemy type to Halo 2 that only appears on Legendary, such as heretic hunters for example

  23. Vortex actively broke MCC for me and I had to completely disable vortex. What a useless bit of software.

  24. damn its back! lets go, i was so bummed after doing reaches rebalanced mod and finding out the rest didnt work on current update, i am ready, i will install halo right now

  25. Marines in the Control Room really makes me happy, it makes sense if you have played or watched Halo: Fireteam Raven, the UNSC is still battling all the way into the Pillar of Autumn to give the Chief the window to get in and blow up the hellish ring~

  26. This is freaking incredible I'm truly blown away by how comprehensive and in depth this mod is while at the same time maintaining everything that made CE what it was. I unfortunately can't get MCC for the foreseeable future, so I was wondering if there's a version of the rebalance for Custom Edition or the original PC port of the game since I have both already and I'd Love to get my hands on this truly awesome looking experience.

  27. Everything looks good except the implied Covenant presence in the Library.
    It doesn't make sense how they got there and why they were there.

    CE is as much a game of gameplay as it is a game of narrative. One should not compromise the other.

  28. Dude, the Marines having taken over the control room and still being there when Chief returns is like the coolest shit ever. I love that concept so much. I want to hope some of them are able to survive the events of the game but, well, unless you make it so that at the end of this that Longsword has a ton of extra space in it I know that isn't happening 🙁

  29. Really well done mod. There are a few issues though.
    1. Assault on the Control Room is bugged. Certain areas you can see the game glitch out and don't even think about pausing or your game will crash outright. Had the game spaz for a bit and an elite ran past me without even noticing me.
    2. The Bridge section was obnoxious with the hunters being at a long range while being unable to confront the covenant on the bridge due to the suppressing fire. (Nade spam ftw)
    3. Some vehicles in Library feel outright terrible to drive with due to physics.
    4. Hold out sections in the Library felt more ass clenching than normal with the shotgun ammo nerf and the shield flood. I just got lucky with the nade spam and with 3 health.
    Other than that it was a real enjoyable experience

  30. Really glad to see you going back and updating the rebalance mods, honestly your mods are my ideal way of playing the series
    Can't wait to see the other mods get updated/fixed to work again now that the MCC isn't going to break them every update
    Keep up the amazing work!

  31. Sorry for being late to this video, one thing I have wanted for a long time in Halo CE is 4 player coop in the campaign. Since Multiplayer has always had this, and now MCC is on PC with updated mod tools with coop now available (for 2 players), is it possible to make 4 player coop to now be moddable in CE?

  32. I love that I was laying on my bed with my cat when it cut to you petting your cat

  33. Noob question here, does this mod work on Linux? I have a desire to play this on my steam deck

  34. when I was a kid this is all I thought Halo lacked. I'm so excited to try it out!

  35. Me and my little bro just did a full play through today. 🤘 Absolutely awesome work, was a fantastic time! I admire the little changes and some of the easter eggs ya put in. Thank ya for the work ya did. I know it's much appreciated by a large chunk of people. ✌

  36. Looks fun as hell. I’m torn between getting the full version or the light one though. I want all the new stuff but on the other hand, I don’t want to lose use of Remastered mode. Maybe Remastered support for the full version could be an idea for a future update. Looking forward to the new Halo 2 and Halo 3 Rebalanced as well! The former is how I was finally able to play let alone beat Halo 2 on Legendary after all these years.

  37. Tyvm for your time and effort. Your appreciation for this legendary title is not misplaced, we are still paralized and dumbstruck by it's majesty to this day😉

  38. I installed the mod via Vortex but it doesn't work. For some reason, it didn't apply the changes from the mod at all, even playing in Classic Mode. I installed the full version. EDIT: Nevermind. Fixed it: Vortex was on the wrong hard drive. The icons for the missions are still Anniversary's ones though.

  39. Just got done finishing the mod and I absolutely loved it. You're doing gods work with these releases. One request I have for Halo 2 rebalanced is increasing the audio of the original Halo 2 soundtrack, since it is much quitter in the MCC version which unfortunately still hasn't been fixed.

  40. I like it better that you could not headshot flood, like what would they care that they got shot in the head, that is why the Sniper only did 1 damage.

    Plus adding an effect to let you know it is dead ruins the creepiness of it.

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