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Halo S02 E01 Exclusive Sneak Peek | ‘Cliff Face’

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Check out the new Halo Season 2 Episode 1 Exclusive Sneak Peek starring Pablo Schreiber!
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US Air Date: February 8, 2024
Starring: Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, Bokeem Woodbine
Network: Paramount+
Synopsis: Master Chief shows off his speed in an exclusive clip from the season premiere of #HaloTheSeries.

Season two premieres with two episodes this Thursday on Paramount+.

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  1. If this tv series shows the character’s faces inside the armor. At this point, this is a Destiny trailer. (Destiny PS4 trailer becomes a Legends reference.)

  2. the next part of this scene is when the elites circle him with the energy swords.

  3. Yoooo that's the grapple I remember from infinite

  4. I’ve got no problem w the helmet being off as long as it makes sense. The issue w last season is the battle of edrainius was the capital ship leaves and the helmet pops off. Not checking if the area is secure from all the covenant that are dead or dying.

  5. I enjoyed Season 1. I have been waiting for Season II. I'll be watching and eating popcorn. 1:17

  6. Lol that topographic display just gave away their position for miles. Sniper team level -400

  7. People bitching about chief taking his helmet off in a tv show that you can’t fully complete in 42 minutes aren’t going to be happy. Helmet still comes off! But keep whining until all new story is snuffed out and you’re just watching a show that copies your 20 year old games. Always the neckbeards that get listened to by the directors.

  8. The Only way to make a Great Halo TV Series is to make a Better Reboot TV Series and Future Movies that respects the Canon of the Halo Universe including the Books and Games for only trash lowlife losers like the garbage Silver Timeline.

  9. Just make a REAL Halo Reboot TV Series and Movies that respects the Better Canon for Fans want to see Blue Team, Chief always wearing his Helmet all the time but when he takes off his Helmet don't show us his face, Captain Keyes and Miranda being White, Noble Team, Red Team and others.

  10. Yeah this has got the right vibe, looks like this new crew know how to film action and tension. I'm excited.

  11. Sorry, but if they didn’t retcon season 1 out of existence and start over completely with this season, I’m not interested

  12. Proving my point that Master Chief could have scaled that cliff face. Patrick Stewart didn't have to throw Arnold up there.

  13. kwans in episode to lol. they kept here hidden I see.

  14. i like to see a clip scene of ARBITER in season 2 i know hes gonna be in it

  15. I haven’t even finished season 1 if season 2 is more faithful i will consider finishing season 1 for halo

  16. Why does he have the Grappleshot? It wasn't manufactured until the events of Halo 5. Bruh.

  17. Try not to be fooled people, yes he's wearing his helmet and acting like a Spartan in this short clip, but the longer trailers Patamount has put out show they really didn't learn anything from listening to fans about the mess they made of Season 1

  18. Master Cheeks may not be in this 1 minute shot, but other trailers seem to show Jimmy Rings is still up to his old helmet hating tricks again

  19. grappel hook is pretty unrealistic we want that in game "but not in tv series and in game cutscenes"

  20. I see a lot of comments, but I have to say that it is okay to take off the helmet, only when they are not in combat

    And yes, I understand that it wasn't like that in the video game but it's different and that's okay, we just have to enjoy it

  21. is it just me or chief actually sounded like chief

  22. I think they listened to what the fans said about season 1 and decided to stay true to the original lore.

  23. Hopefully more action and less bold and the beautiful

  24. Just watched episode 1 of season 2. It's actually much better than season 1…

  25. Watching the episodes now. Skipping through the kwan story line though. Just to annoying of a character.

  26. Cool he kept his helmet on for 5 minutes what a surprise 😮

  27. Finally gave the fans what they want? Unfortunatley Its too little too late…

  28. Only watched first one so far and had really good fight scene but right away bang he’s hanging out and the guy from the colony is doing his side story …… I think we saw the arbiter or that girl but was all that we made the show better a lie? Just to get these episodes watched then whatever

  29. First 15 minutes of the season 2 premier are already better than the entirety of season 1


  31. The first like 25 minutes of the episode actually felt like Halo

  32. Watched the first 2 episodes I’ve seen more action in bambi the movie

  33. I’m gonna be honest episode one was good.

  34. "Cliff face directly in front of your F-ing face"

  35. Why do the spartans sound like theyre trying to make their voices deeper

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