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HALO Series Teaser Trailer (2022)

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First trailer for Halo.


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  2. I have been waiting a long time for this!!!!! Perfect!!!

  3. I just hope this will good as the animated one

  4. If Live action it will really hard to make it work because I understand that is why no one has ever tried to do a movie? ?

  5. Can someone explain to me why the teaser plays twice? Because that's stupid.

    Also, fingers crossed this is amazing, but I will hold my breath until we get a full trailer.

  6. I'm not signing up to Paramount plus for one series. Sorry. I'll just find it elsewhere.

  7. From what I know it would cost a fortune to make a proper live action film, however if this TV series does well, sources say, "movie studios will be fighting to get the opportunity to finally make it". Fingers crossed, coz it would be epic. Spielberg is on board with the TV series.

  8. A lot of peoples wishes are about to come true with this

  9. Is this real? Is this reaaaaaaaaaaaalll?!!!!!!!??!?!?!?

    Tell me it's real plsss

  10. Rated E everyone
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  11. Wait, is microsoft fr getting a big W from this series?

  12. This might be like the newest mortal kombat movie. Pure shit

  13. Idris elba as sgt johnson in another halo series or movie?

  14. Jason Hayes Master Chief of HALO Bravo Team . Bravo 1 🙂 staring David Boreanaz

  15. I wonder if they'll be doing flashbacks to when he was in the Spartan program growing up, and the messed up missions they were being told to execute before the covenant invasions. I could see this doing well if they choose to really dig in and not hold back

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