Halo Show First Impressions From a Life Long Halo Fan! Halo Show Review SPOILER FREE - gametvseries.com

Halo Show First Impressions From a Life Long Halo Fan! Halo Show Review SPOILER FREE

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Halo Show First Impressions From a Life Long Halo Fan! Halo Show Review SPOILER FREE
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  1. I wouldn’t say it feels like halo. It feels like a generic sci fi show featuring halo.

  2. A promising start which took a bold risk I didn’t expect so soon. It’s got my interest and I’m curious to see where it goes next.

  3. I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise since Halo CE. I was highly skeptical of this series being any good since they’ve completely done away with established canon in the franchise. But honestly I thought the first episode was pretty good. It was way better than I had expected it to be. Lol

  4. i really don’t understand why it’s being criticized so hard. it looks good. only issue i had was some cgi things.

  5. This gives me hope and makes me more excited to watch. I felt kinda defeated after hearing the showrunners quote about not looking at the games, but if they're making little references to CE dialogue, then at least one of the writers had to have looked at one of the games haha

  6. Had one of the closets matchest of tactical slayer commandos yesterday. Me and this other guy got unlucky and got put into a 2v4 scenario. Even with this bad luck, we nearly turned this game around with a 48-50 loss. I was able to get 30 kills myself including 6 kills at the very end that nearly saved us. This was a fun as hell match and I'm so glad that they kept the variants of tactical slayer because without it, i wouldn't have gotten my first 30 kill game.

  7. I went in with really low expectations and actually enjoyed it a lot. As long as you can understand this is a totally separate universe from the games and that characters and things are going to differ it's pretty awesome

  8. I enjoyed the show and I felt they stayed true to the core personalities of the characters, the elites looked way better than the trailer they added some good fan service in the first episode. But (not a spoiler we already knew this) I’m still a little upset with his helmet removal in the first episode

  9. This is technically a spoiler and not one BUT if you pay close attention you hear an elite say “Worp worp worp” and I loved that

  10. Saw the first episode. It sucked. Too many plot holes in combat and narrative. And it's only 1 episode. The Spartans literally move around like they're RoboCop. Why?? The Spartans have absolutely zero sense of mobility and agility. I was expecting nothing and I still got disappointed. Whatever. I didn't pay for it. I just wish it was canon. Maybe it would have been better.

  11. Great review thanks for no spoilers.
    Also its kind of dumb they have blood in the show, and not in the game. Like what is the point? If it was for the T rating so more younger people can play it, now they wont be able to watch the show anyway lol. Halo should just focus on being great rather than mass appeal. Theyre contradicting theyre own selves. With that said infinite does actually have blood when you shoot people, it just doesnt pool on the ground. How is it even rated T in its current state? Either way I will be watching this show though lol

  12. My review of the halo TV shows first episode.

    looks cheesy sound effects were okay explosions were weak the other Spartans called John Master Chief instead of John. they've been fighting the covenant for years yet they're still fighting the insurrectionist.
    that doesn't make sense. a human working for the covenant when the covenant according to lore Deem humanity unworthy to survive therefore that was the spark that set them upon us again Stepping way too far out of lore. They race swapped Miranda keys for the inclusivity agenda.
    the voice of Master Chief in this is a let down it sounds horrible. They made Master Chief an assassin and exterminator it's very dark. instead of him knowing his past this John has memories wiped. they really stray from lore. Poor purpose for taking off his helmet he doesn't have the different color eyes like you would expect because of the augmentations. and he takes off his helmet and the first episode that is the most disrespectful thing I can think of to the fans.
    first episode he becomes a fugitive from the UNSC for an insurrectionist girl. and at the end it says based off of the Halo video games I call bullshit.

  13. I don’t like how they made the Covenant so bland looking. Among a bunch of other things like the DMR not having a scope

  14. The Insurrectionists used outdated ammo. A lot of UNSC guns use 556 AP rounds and other stupid op ammo. Ofcourse the Spartans would kill the Elites faster

  15. The plot was awful.. .. example… why would they cut Halseys funding after she made the unsc greatest weapon? Why wouldn't the main character try to kill chief before she has a meal and a casual conversation about chief killing her mother? It was very silly of a show

  16. Chief going AWOL in the first episode and for a girl he doesn't even know ? Is ridiculous and very poor writing.

  17. I really enjoyed the show it's a fun watch, Halo 4 and 5 vibes 👍 I'm not perfect but it's cool and the direction they are going seems really cool. The violence is awesome 😎

  18. I was surprised to see how bloody and gory it was in the start. Honestly that's what I figured would happen to a human body if it got hit by a plasma burst.

    As far as silver teams weapons working and the innies not. If you watch it again they actually unload on the elites quite a bit before they finish them off with their Magnum, often with headshots which is a nice touch. Hell I'm pretty sure they show elite shields popping.

  19. Wish the games had as much gore as the show chief should of never took his helmet off he started acting like a normal person not as non chalant chief the actor for him is ugly too not how I picture chief cgi is actually decent for a paramount show and explosions and their sets are amazing also pretty good cinematography and acting

  20. The first ep bothered me quite a bit and raised a lot of red flags for me. I honestly don't think this is going to be good.

  21. I haven’t seen it yet. But if it’s brutal I’m excited for the floods eventual appearance

  22. Really this show other than the first 15 minutes is terrible. It doesn't capture the feel of the games or lore at all . It's obviously made by people who don't care about the source material or lore. It's just another example of sjw Hollywood pushing a message over substance. What's sad is we will never get a good halo series or movie if fans don't stop shilling for crap like this

  23. Once I saw your background was like this dude knows whats up.

  24. If you know the extended lore of the halo universe its hard to enjoy the series. There would have been so many better stories to tell. No hate but i cringed in pain half of the first episode.

  25. They literally made Chief an enemy and removed his helmet in the first episode. No self respecting fan of Halo would rate that anything above a -1/10

  26. I’m so disappointed… I was really hoping this was going to be good… no wonder if this is the best they can come up with as far as action in a halo show, it’s not hard to see why the games don’t quite get me excited anymore… don’t get me wrong but halos gameplay is still the best thing about halo! BUT I enjoyed playing and experiencing Halo Wars 1&2 better than watching this episode of this awful show.

    My rating:


  27. As a life long fan I thought this show was sad

    Edit- after watching this video I’m still sad, call yourself a fan. They totally broke lore by showing MCs face

  28. loved the first 17 minutes after that not soo much id give it a 5.5 / 10

  29. Halo Forward Unto Dawn was a flawless Halo movie. Given it’s incredibly low budget it was a great movie.

  30. Regarding the chain gun. I saw it as Master Chief could hold it on one target until that shield went down where the settlers wouldn't since most would "spray" to take out as many as possible. Chief knew he had to knock down the shields first. My idea anyway. Loved the show, can't wait for more. Great review Kevin! Keep it up.

  31. 4/10 for me. Was my wife's introduction to halo and she hated it too. She can't play games so this is what I showed her. Big mistake. Now she thinks I'm into some cring universe lol. Showed her forward unto dawn and she loved it. So I guess there's going to be a really big spread in hiw people feel

  32. I'm personally a little exhausted with giving Hollywood a pass on taking excessive and unnecessary creative liberties.

    The problem is ego and lack in acknowledging that these are not your stories. They are already written and the fan base is justified in expecting a faithful experience.

    Lord of The Rings will always be the gold standard in adaptations not because it was a perfect verbatim translation but because it took the most minimum deviations possible to bring it to the big screen. And at no Point did Peter Jackson see it as his story. He always saw it as Tolkien's story.

  33. I got to episode 2 but I'm not going to be saying any spoilers all I wanted to say Kevin is I kind of have some of the same thoughts one of the big things that got me though was when they showed Chief's face

  34. I wish they just called it something else it feels like a cash grab to me.I get directors freedom to make things there own but when you have people that never played the game or read the books writing the show feels scummy.Make a Sci fi show with your own direction but don't name it halo.

  35. I don't know if I can forget. They are changing too much. I didn't even make it through the first episode. Sad. I was so excited.

  36. as a longtime halo fan the first episode was wayy more than i expected from it tbh. it was pleasantly surprising. gave me a ton of hopium for it lol. ppl crying over chief taking off his helmet clearly only play the games and doesnt know the story beyond it. that magic works only for the games it wouldnt work here so im glad they went that bold route

  37. It’s just not for me I think, and that’s okay, maybe it will get better. But so far, the action is cool, and that’s really it lol

  38. I think Microsoft, Bungie and 343 should've had a input before greenlighting the show for people to see.

  39. I'm sure you don't see humans getting killed violently in the game

  40. The reason why they couldn’t kill the elites, was because they didn’t have good aim and luck like the Spartans do, we’ll master chief more, but yeah. At first I thought it was the weapons their using, which kind of makes sense, because the bullets are made to be shot through things much more than civilian bullets?

  41. They did not portray the show close to the lore at all.

    The scene also has absolutely zero significance what so ever. Oh your going to argue he was humanizing himself to gain her trust. That's such a bullshit reason and indicative of the shows bad writing.

  42. in terms of the assault rifle damage disparity I always thought it was because Spartans had specially chambered weapons with higher calibers but I could 100% be wrong

  43. the show is trash there is a reason you don't see master chiefs face in the games its to put yourself into the character of master chief and overall watching Disney's the Mandalorian compare to halo is sad to say the least in the Mandalorian they wait for the season 1 finale for the face reveal so much potential wasted in the first episode the writers and sound coordinator need to be reconsidered being a 343 sponsored show they definitely have the sound files they need and casting could also be reconsidered visually the action scenes are great but overall needs a full restructuring and like I said just sad portrayal of what halo is about and has been about

    Edit: funny to see tho how many people in the comments are complacent with how this was brutally butchered

  44. You're not a real Halo fan the first episode they have Master Chief taking off his helmet n a real halo fan knows that Master Chief never does that. The show is called Halo and Master Chief ain't even the main character! This was a terrible show and you're just a poser.

  45. imo, i hate certain parts like some of the dialogue. Halsey shouldve said " have master chief report to me upon arrival" not have him sent here when he arrives.
    or Miranda Keyes actor didnt fit at all..
    but i dont mind the black jacob keyes tho.
    and master chiefs face wasnt even roughed up
    or scarred or bald like most canon depicts.

    The makee character whom is with the covenant is also 100% moronic as fuck… Looks out of placed just like the suburban and ak-47s.

    Also the city on reach didnt seem to match the reach game.
    Quans writing/ dialogue is typical and predictable.
    The music is a big let down idc what anyone says.

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