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Halo Talk(Ep8) – Infinite Aftermath – w/Roniboney/Wpns Grade & Favyn

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Hey guys, Roni here.
Today myself and WpnsGrade () and Favyn ( ) will be discussing our recent thoughts regarding Halo Infinite.

This was a great discussion. Thanks to all involved. Recorded on Saturday 10th September.


  1. We recorded this chat before the recent news with 343is changing of the guard. Despite this we touch on this changing of the guard within the first 30 minutes. We had a great discussion and I personally learned a lot about Halo from both Favyn ,and WeaponGrade. It's great to see like minded, objective individuals, dictate their likes/ dislikes so clearly. Please head over to their channels if you enjoyed the talk. They're great guys !WpnsGrade (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5qV…) Favyn ( https://www.youtube.com/FavynTube)

  2. Kinda unfortunate you guys did this prior to Monday's news, just started listening but I reckon this would've been a very different conversation.

  3. Gonna play Infinite while listening to this.
    Glad to see a new upload 🙂

  4. Just wanna also say I'm cautiously optimistic about the future of Halo now with the new people in charge 🙂

  5. The SBMM literally prevents me from finding SOCIAL matches with friends because my MMR is too high. It's been this way since launch in the US. It is ridiculous and unacceptable.

  6. Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't write the terrible story.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't design the bland, empty open world and levels.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't design the bland, unbalanced and redundant weapon sandbox.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't design the awful, uninspired and generic multiplayer maps.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't design the terrible player movement (I'm talking about more than sprint).

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't program the broken aiming.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't make the decision to remove player collision and friendly fire.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't make the grenade physics non-existent.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't add sniper glint.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't make rng weapon and vehicle spawns.

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't write the awful "narrative events."

    Bonnie Ross and Phil Spencer didn't create the poorly programed Slipspace engine, which now has heaps of program debt.

    Only getting rid of the "corporate meanies" won't solve the whole problem.


  7. I would say I really hope 343 gets better with the recent changes in management and I want to be optimistic but it is hard to given the level of shit they've thrown at us.

    I wont preorder any future Halo game. Ever.

  8. I am so sick and tired of hearing 'Halo 5 had the best multiplayer in years' open your eyes people. Halo 5 was a shitty titan fall ripoff without all the things that titanfall did well. It was blatantly gimmicky, there was no originality, and the mechanics (especially infinite sprint and spartan charge) broke the game in every way.

    Don't even get me started on Warzone. It was a good concept if it wasn't with Halo 5s movement system and microtransactions.

    I want to see more upper management at 343 go. Frank O Connor needs to go next.

  9. Sorry for so many comments, commenting as I listen…but yeah the gameplay in regards to that 'the gameplay is so good' say the fanboys yet if you look at the game nobody is playing it. I remember arguing with my brother (who is a complete moron) that Halo 5 was garbage and he told me it was super fun but the thing is he barely ever played it. I have games that I like, Stalker, the OG Halos, Ravenfield etc and I go back to them time and time again. Red Alert 2 I have played since 2000 when it released and I always go back to it because it's a good game…people return to good games for more!

    Nobody returns to Infinite for more than a week, nobody is nostalgic about 5. It sucked. It's all shit.

  10. The TV show should never have happened the way it did. To my understanding it was Bonnie Ross who was the one who pushed for it to be a thing and it shows. Just read her wikipedia page and alot of it starts to make sense.

  11. If you like hardcore shooters try Insurgency Sandstorm

  12. I waited a long time for another one of these. Glad to see more activity on the channel

  13. I don't care for anything 343 man. The modding community for MCC has some cool stuff in the works, but that's about it for Halo.

  14. 49:40 I feel the same way Roni, it makes no sense their homework is already made.
    All they have to do is copy it, any game developer should realize how much these social features impact the overall health of a game.

  15. I don't really like Favyn's excuse about the Forerunner group and how "there was no rule that we couldn't say anything". We aren't stupid. Everyone who has worked a job or just read up on stories about how corporate operates knows you aren't allowed to disclose insider information unless given the green light or it's publicly known, otherwise you will be removed from the insider group because you aren't to be trusted.

    Favyn knew what he was getting into when he got into the group with the other content creators. It's obvious to anyone with a rational mind and honesty that ever since 343i has taken the reigns, Halo has had a growing Shill/Apologist problem with its content creators and community (which 343 has helped foster). The other people are shill yes-man that will do what they must to keep money flowing into their pockets and climb the corporate ladder officially. It was baffling seeing these Forerunner guys fake their reactions for Halo Infinite and then later say the content they reacted to, they already experienced months in advance (or we had to figure out ourselves from released Forerunner name list). It's disingenuous. If you're working with these guys, then you're obviously going to catch criticism along with them.

  16. Solid video! Enjoyed the discussion and nice to see Favyn hop on!

  17. Man when I played Eldewrito for the few short days between it gaining popularity on YouTube and then getting cease and desisted… I had genuinely been so happy to play it that I'd forgotten all about the Halo 4, MCC, and Halo 5 disasters at the time. It was like a few day long window of being back on real Halo. Bliss

  18. 343i just doesn't understand the potential that custom games & forge have for a game like Halo. You can look back at so many games that became huge phenomena because they allowed players to create their own game modes and content. Besides Halo 3 and Reach, look at PC games like StarCraft and Warcraft 3. Hell, Warcraft 3 spawned the original concept of DOTA, which became its own huge genre of moba games. All possible because Blizzard empowered players to be creative and make their own content.
    If Halo Infinite had launched with Forge and custom games, we would be in an entirely different place right now. They just don't get it. They should have learned from Halo 5 having forge delayed.

  19. An excellent talk lads. Absolutely loved it. You raised many a good point not just on Halo, but gaming in general. Thanks for being honest, open and staying true =)

  20. Infinite at this point should just be left behind and shut down, it was a failed game from the start. No one asked for microtransactions and it's never going to thrive because there are way too many things wrong with its foundations, might as well just pull the plug and start fresh with a whole new Halo game, and a new company.

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