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Halo the Series | Coming Soon to Paramount+

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Second Halo the Series teaser. Check out the full trailer for the Halo Television Series December 9th, 2021 at the Game Awards!


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  1. Why waste my time watching something for the lore/universe-builing if it isn't canon? Lame-ass money grab

  2. 9/10 chances this will be more woke trash. I am praying it is not.

  3. This is probably going to suck like most other irl vidya adaption projects.

  4. Please be good and please…don’t add political correctness bs into this..

  5. Oooooooooooo, don’t mind if I subscribe to another service! Rest In Peace my credit card

  6. but… but… i can't even with this. i need therapy now

  7. judging by how well the game runs on PC, I'm guessing the series will suck as well. Ez fade for me

  8. Well, they already nailed what keeps pulling me back into the Halo universe: the armor looks awesome

  9. As if people are gonna watch that on Paramount+

  10. Is this already decided or is it just another Idea, that will once again soon be an forgotten Internet Legend/Dream?

  11. I will just stick to the bungie classics. I dont know what to expect from 343 anymore. Its not bad but it doesnt feel like halo and no amount of covenant choir will change that. 👀💀

  12. They mentioned this almost a decade ago…was it that hard to do? Fuck.

  13. Kode. [Not going to post a last name] says:

    They will fuck it up somehow

  14. I'm so hyped. Please God don't let identity politics ruin this. Story only please.

  15. What the f is Paramount +?? I don’t want to pay for another service

  16. Que proo uno de esos usa el casco que yo usaba en halo reach, hace como 10 añosಥ‿ಥ

  17. ill have to fork over the cash for paramount plus but it will be worth it for sure

  18. Yo ho yo oh the pirates life for meee

  19. Kai-125 was a Spartan-II who fought during the Human-Covenant War.

  20. I got a bad feeling about this….I can sense wokeness all over this show. I really hope not and they keep true to the Game… but i feel they gonna go woke

  21. Fuck Paramount+
    They are buying exclusive rights to so much good stuff lately while not being available in the EU it fucking sucks ass.
    And then they shit their pants when you pirate the stuff. Fuck off.

  22. The 2 Spartans shown upclose are Vannak-134 and Kai-125

  23. exited, but sad they did not do a series set in the human covanent war- would have been so cool and brutal.

  24. hey podcast evolved are you doing halo legends the package retrospective video analysis is halo legends short film one has sexy dr halsey from halo legends the package

  25. So the actual design of everything is pretty great, I just think that the way certain things are lit kinda gives everything a bit of an uncanny animation feel that’s off. Like compare the exposure of the lights gleaming off the pelican with the relative darkness of the spartan armor, and it’s just not quite consistent.

    But a lot of stuff like the actual environment of this shot looks way better than I expected.

  26. Some questionable casting choices, but I hope this is good. But since live-action adaptions of video games never really go well, I wouldn't get too hyped. I am cautious.

  27. Ahhhh yes. Another person that carries a sniper as their main weapon. Jun and Linda would be proud…

  28. Don't care. Not watching it. 343 had their chance but instead they made me not care about Halo.

  29. Will this be focussing on Chief and Blue team??? 🤔😳

  30. It took an entire console generation for this thing to come out, and a very extended one at that.

    That said, I am hoping for the best

  31. anyone else just got ahuge erection ? if not what the hell is your problem

  32. If the show is good we could potentially get some spin off’s

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