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Halo The Series From Paramount+ Has The Last Jedi Vibes

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  1. We have been let down at least 20 different times, with shows, movies and games. If you are excited about this, I don't know what it will take before you finally wake up…

  2. Yeah, it's unfortunately those Elites look so good, being I won't be giving them the honor of spending my money.

  3. Jenn taylor getting nice fat checks for all this halo milking. Thats the only good thing.

  4. Looks like their going to make the master chief be mind controlled or something by the covenant and one of the females are going to have to replace him.

  5. They Should Have Never Given Me Internet says:

    above all this is a BADLY CUT TRAILER …super bad editing and wow, terrible music. WHY!?

  6. You’re way too grown to be acting a fool on the internet, astonishing 😟

  7. Heard a long while ago a Halo series wouldn't focus on John 117 but on other characters. I just assumed they scrapped that idea years ago until watching this new trailer

  8. Oh boy. This looks like it's gonna be ass. It's clear they're setting up the villain to be inside the human military.

    Fuck that. Not interested. I wanna MC vs. the alien threat. A time so perilous that all humans are united.

    I also get a ton of TLJ vibes. I think MC is going to have very little screen time.

    Alos, callin' it right now, the old HuWite dude at 2:00 is gonna be a sexist, racist, bigot homophobe who "just the absolute worst" and who makes everything worse for the good guys and refuses to admit his mistakes. Believe that.

    Also, MC's voice is WAY off. I don't like it at all. Why not go for his REAL voice? Why change it so much?

  9. TBH, that was one of the WORST cover songs I've heard in a long time. And I'm honestly not that big a fan of the original but that shit was hot trash. Terrible cover.

  10. The Revenant Writer (Elijah Patriarca) says:

    I wanted Chief, not whoever that female character is. No one asked for her, but here I am hoping the trailers were just a result of poor marketing and that the series will be great (I hope).

  11. I find it weird how you claim that this trailer has a “heavy” emphasis on diversity. What does that mean? Does every show that has a diverse skin color cast gives you PTSD? I would understand why you would complain about that in the Witcher(which is a setting based on Eastern European mythology)but, in Halo’s universe where it’s similar to our own back set in the future? Where humanity are bound together in a military that combats an alien empire? People are accusing you of being racist because of paranoia like this but, I don’t want to jump on that conclusion because I want to really understand your reasoning. Jeremy, if you can, a reply to my question would be appreciated.

  12. Only thing I agree on is that some elements look fan made and Cortana is not a hologram. But diversity….really, did you even play the games or know anything in regards to the story. The people they show tease at the spartan Locke and in general there have been female spartans in addition to the males (Halo reach). Would you have been happier if they showed no people of different backgrounds and just white people. What bubble are you in?

  13. Wanted to point something out here , in halo universe the covenant had no humans in the beginning. Join the covenant fuck is she talking about the leaders hated humans in the early encounters with the covenant

  14. I can't believe how inferior this looks compared to Halo Landfall and We are ODST. The cinematography looks sub par and the plot focusing one some 16-year old insurrectionist who is somehow "tHe kEy tO aLL oF thIs" is lame beyond belief. Oh well just another great story and characters led to the chopping block by hollywood and their stiff ideas.

  15. I'm gonna drop the whole ODST if they made Master Chief into Social Justice Warrior.

  16. We just wanted a green armoured boi beating aliens
    How do you do this wrong

  17. "Master chief what are you doing on that ship"
    "Sir, I'm finishing this franchise"

  18. People psa stop asking for your ips to go main stream this what happens when you beg Hollywood to adapt your ips

  19. Chief looks good. Cortana looks like a soccer mom. The girl is the main character and not the master chief. So ya I’m going to watch because I’m a big halo fan. But my gut is telling me it’s going to be trash.

  20. It doesn’t seem like Halo. Before you say it I understand it is non-canonical thus more creative decisions can be taken but its core just feels off. That one woman antagonist looks like she got ahold of the outfit that the person that was always standing beside Palpatine wore.

  21. Why I continue to hate women and engage in ethnocentrism.

  22. I don't want stupid SJW diversity in my space themed science fiction series. I'd rather want to encounter many different aliens.

  23. Sees women and brown people in media
    “tHEy aRE ObviOUsLY TryING TO eMPHASIze diVERSitY”

  24. Don't forget they recasted Captain Keyes and Commander Keyes with black actors

  25. It's exactly like The Last Jedi! Clownfish TV said that the actual protagonist is the girl who incidentally is "a scavenger" with "a hidden power". In other words the protagonist is Rey! THE BESTEST EVAR! It's Rey all over again! These studios have learned nothing.

  26. jeremy we get it you hate women, lbgtq, and people of color we get it bro

  27. Nope, you just hate women… grow up and be a man

  28. what did you guys expect? everything hollyweird touches turnes into a bad joke. keep spending your money for these buns though, you guys are just as laughable as these woke dimwits.

  29. I also had a very uneasy feeling about the trailer.

  30. Tons of videos sprouting up trying to claim this trailer is good. Bunch of 🤡

  31. Someone’s trying very hard not to directly say “I get uncomfortable when I don’t only see one type of people in my media” 🤷🏽‍♂️

  32. It’s funny the only actual criticism you gave was about Cortana, but then couldn’t give an actual reason why it felt “woke” or “weird” 😂

  33. Geeks and Gamers would literally bitch about Kat from Halo: Reach being a woman.

  34. -I've got a bad feeling about this.
    -you always got bad feelings about anything
    ( get eaten by floods )

  35. I hate SJW as much as anybody but you are being a grifter. I used to be your subscriber and fan but you talking about the same ole topics. "Woke SJW", "Marvel Comics/ DC Comics are going woke", "SJW are ruining video games", and same topics. Here is my thing with this trailer. If it is woke, why should people care? I don't care about SJW preaching because I am like bro who care? Can the same goes for your content? I understand you hate woke culture but at the end of the day how is bitching and crying about it will do everything? I was bitching about how woke the new Saints Row was until I realized what the point of it? Will me bitching about Saints Row Reboot going to help me in life? No. I mean if you don't like the trailer and think it is woke, maybe ignore it? There is my two cents

  36. Okay I have never played the Halo games …but why does this guy have a problem with diversity ? Whose colour was changed from the original character ….

  37. If this turns out to be shit I'm gonna be legit FURIOUS man. This stuff is special to me and Hollywood and the woke crowd keep butchering these projects to the point where no one will want to fund another Halo project because they don't think the story is what people want to see when in reality, its just the woke grabage that ruins the story. People who actually care about these stories and characters are the ones who should be making these shows. Dumbass Hollywood executives man

  38. This trailer is trash and the show will be worse

  39. The fact that they decided the original story wasn't good enough tells me everything I need to know

    Just take halo 1-3 and make it a show and it would be great

  40. For the most part it looks like Halo but none of the actors made me think the where Halo characters at all. Also the chiefs voice, they did not even bother to make him sound like the original voice actors performance.

  41. Also not the overabundance of chinese actors. aka china invested big in this.

  42. Lmao this take is so fucking racist and you don't even try to hide it. Just the mere fact that brown people are on the screen you're feeling like diversity is being shoved down your throat. FR go to 00:50 and see his face just scrunch up the moment a non-white character is shown on screen. Literally nothing in this trailer draws attention to the race of these characters and your first fucking thought is how it's forced diversity. WTF your racism is showing so hard in this. 1:50 "Oh god, the Asian woman has a SPEAKING role?" followed by the instant cringe. 2:22 "Jesus she's got a SJW haircut, instant hate"

    Just get the fuck over yourself, dude. Accept that you're fucking racist and that this isn't about "forced diversity" or shit like that. You just don't like anyone that's not white.

  43. Just saying this but the UNSC is United Nations Space Command. There's gonna be people from all over the world/colonies.

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