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Halo The Series Official Trailer // Reaction & Review

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Our first look at “Halo” the series, coming exclusively to Paramount+ this March. What did you think of the live-action adaption and the trailer?
Starring Pablo Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief.

Watch the official trailer here:

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  1. For anyone that havent played the campaign and only the multiplayer yall are seriously missing out, Hard. Halo 2 and 3 are mastert pieces, Halo CE was revolutionary. Halo 4 was ok, Halo 5 doesn't exist, and infinite was a breath of fresh air.

  2. So hyped!!!!!!

    I know everything about the games and yes things are different but it looks amazing

  3. They confirmed it’s not going off of the games at all

    It’s it’s own cannon

  4. Halo got there first, would love to see the Mass Effect story in live action.

  5. Just so you know you do not need the games because this is separate timeline and not canon to games :). We get to enjoy it for what it is.

  6. Never played the campaign?! 😳🤯 Give it a shot. At least the first 3 games. They rereleased them all with a new coat of paint.

  7. Don’t know which of you are the heavy reader but please allow me to point out two books by Eric nylund called the fall of reach and first strike both are extremely good books giving a look deeper into the halo lore more so than the games themselves by all means read and enjoy👍

  8. I'm definitely buying a paramount subscription just to watch this Halo Series lol

  9. It looks really good! Big Halo fan here and Ive played every game and read all the books, also watched the live action mini series they released in 2012 called "Forward Unto Dawn"(it wasnt that good) and a fun fact the actress you see in the trailer playing Cortana is the voice actress Jen Taylor that does the voice of Cortana's in the video games.

  10. "I have played Halo, but I have never played the campaign"

    Me: Heretic!!!

    Just kidding! However, the campaign and the overall story is great so you are missing out

  11. Can you smeeeeeell what THE ROCK is cooking??!!

  12. You owe it to yourself to play the campaigns bro

  13. I hate the way Cortana looks… also why didn’t they just start from the beginning of when Spartans were made???? Ehhhhh

  14. I feel like they won’t even go to a Halo ring in this series (at least in season 1) – it will probably be a cliffhanger in the last episode where they arrive at one and prepare to land.

  15. im not a halo fan i have never played the game but i will watch this.

  16. Its not canon at all, its doing its own thing which is great cos it gives them more creative freedom to do what they want

  17. 343 Industries ( The Developers ) said that this is a different time line…. Called? “The Silver Timeline…” this show is in its own universe but barrows the Halo aesthetics, looks, and feel. But since it’s in its own separate timeline? The story will differ from the games but in a way tell the same story but with different outcomes and events!…

  18. I played the campaign for the first three Halo games and the storyline is very exciting. So far, the trailer looks pretty faithful to the game play; so far Masterchief looks on point, The Arbiter looks badass, and the warthogs look good. They're using the same voice actress to play Cortana, but in the game she's a hologram, not a real person.

  19. Story is pre – Halo war which is before Halo combat evolved.
    Well only thing i don't like is new Cortana , i mean she's pretty but something we're not familiar with also she's the actual voice actress…so I hope they fix it or else im fine with it too

  20. I really really hope im wrong but I think this show is going to fail. Diversity and wokeness will destroy the franchise that I love.

  21. I believe the season will start around the fall of reach. Since he still had other Spartans with him and in the story all other Spartans died on reach. I think we will end with the cut scene from the beginning of the very first halo game where the ship the pillar of Autumn is is trying to escape and attack from the enemy fleet. However I think they are taking liberties with some of the story so it may not be exactly that.

  22. This series is a separate timeline. Not 100% base of the game.

  23. This series will definitely b3coming the next sci fi space opera and the cgi and costumes are done right taken from the game. This is going to be a hit

  24. I hope this series is succesful so they can make a Destiny live action show

  25. im interested in how they handle master chief as a character, in the video game he is almost a blank character with no traits or personality and that is by design as it lets the player run the character as they want to.

  26. Comment I saw on the paramount page was saying this is like the jjabrams Kelvin timeline idea. Same people different timeline. Dont know whether itll work but I'll give it a shot.

  27. This tv series is going to be an alternate timeline as to not take away from the canonized lore of the books/games.

  28. Played every game a millions times but i have no demands or thoughts. I wonder a little bit about the questioning of Master Chiefs loyalty? But they can do whatever. All i want is Halo content. Lets see if it´s good tv content. Can not wait, i am so exited.

  29. React to texas chainsaw massacre trailer 2

  30. Two things; if she's just going to be CGI then make her semi-transparent and actually look like Cortana (they did her extremely dirty). Secondly, if he never takes his helmet off, and you don't need the on-screen actor to do the voice, Master Chief could have sounded a bit more authentic.

    I swear production companies just want to torment people.

  31. According to 343, it's supposed to be the "Silver Age", not the video game core canon. Kiki Wolfkill says, "the show’s new status is designed to protect the game’s core canon and the ongoing continuity of the TV show, allowing both to develop in the best way for their respective media."

  32. this looks better than the games.
    the big problem with the games is that the Spartans are essentially the villains, who then end up fighting worse villains…and it's never addressed. the Spartans (the military force Master Chief is part of) were created to kill rebels fighting against the fascist government…that's Master Chief's purpose. which is probably why that girl in the trailer (a rebel?) questions why he's helping her. but when Master Chief goes through the Spartan program and gets his enhancements, genocidal space aliens attack Earth, and the Spartans have to fight them instead of slaughtering oppressed humans to defend the wealthy humans. so, it's a story of villains vs villains, but the villain you play as is presented as a hero. it looks like the show might actually subvert those fascist undertones from the games and books…

  33. I play all the campaings and this look interesting but for I see the story of Master Chief is going to be a little.diferent in the series, but in the games he is betray too.

  34. I only really play the campaign, rarely play multiplayer. It sucks that this isn’t cannon to the games but whatever. At least we finally get to see the series they’ve been talking about for years

  35. I think in terms of the designs of the costumes and aliens, it looks pretty accurate to the games. For sure the storyline will be different though. Can't wait to watch it once it comes out!

  36. Ok yea so if we are comparing this the game then we are scattered everywhere and it has to be a different story. First captain keys is in this he dies in halo 1. 2nd the arbiter seems to be in the i hate human phase and isn’t a ally(halo2 is when he switches) 3rd Cortana had to be introduced to master chief???? Has to be a flashback absolutely has to be. 4th the guns shown has a BR that gun first appeared in halo 2. 5th this has to be after reach due to the cast and timeline. It’s just how things were put in this trailer everything was scattered from all the game timelines so yea this looks like it’s going to be completely different.

  37. Halo was the only reason I bought the original Xbox when it came out in 2001 if it wasn’t for that game I wouldn’t even bought an Xbox

  38. This looks amazing!!!! Enjoyed the reaction

  39. The fact that they cast Jen Taylor for Cortana but not Steve Downes as Chief really irks me. If you want to use new voice actors to separate the show from the games, that's fine. But you shouldn't take one of the most iconic duos in gaming and only cast one of them for the live action.

  40. You definitely need to go through at least the original trilogy of halo, absolutely unforgettable story and world

  41. How do you play Halo only for the multiplayer? It's not Call of Duty or Battlefield.

  42. I feel that the Halo video game is what put Xbox on the map cuz anytime that creates a new game they always make sure to promote Xbox first

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