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Halo The Series | Season 2 | Fight As One | Paramount+

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Master Chief John-117 leads his team of elite Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. As humanity’s best hope for winning the war, John-117 discovers his deep connection to a mysterious alien structure that holds the key to humankind’s salvation, or its destruction — the Halo.

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  1. This is gunna be as bad as season 1 calling it now

  2. – Who is this guy?
    – Are u f*ckin mad? Niklaus Mikaelson!!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing more Chief! This guy is definitely growing on me. He does the role justice.

  4. So far the trailers are looking like they’ve learned from their mistakes and listened to the complaints of the first season. HOWEVER, we must take it with a grain of salt until we see the actual season. Hopefully it’s improved.

  5. No more Kwan and her weird arch. I can’t take it

  6. “That’s the thing about war, it never stays where you put it”🙉🙉🙉

  7. This is absolutely epic. The actor for Masterchief really grew on me. I can't wait to watch🎉

  8. this is ridiculous.
    just cancel it, please.

  9. Looks like they're going to do the Fall of Reach in season 2. Would be more interesting if Chief kept his frigging helmet on though.

  10. This season is going to be amazing , all those spartan 3 that are just Cannon fodder , it's going to be a massacre

  11. How are you people allowing for this to happen…

  12. Отлично выглядят все персонажи , очень жду сериал !

  13. ayyo i spot the arbiter. they better not ruin him too


  15. Cant wait to watch this! I enjoyed the first season because I watched it without expecting it to be like the video game story and just watched it for what it was.

  16. This is a long shot in the dark, but what if, on 0:50, the three spartans on the right are Carter, Kat, and Emile?

  17. YESSSSSS Klaus was best part of the originals I been waiting for he’s next role n this just made halo even better

  18. Niklaus the hybrid, his merry band of Spartan IIIs, and Jimmy Rings versus glass beaming all of Reach. Let’s see how it pays off for them.

  19. please dont watch the next season. if it gets enough veiws they will only keep making this slop and we demand better, just make a proper movie with the games plot and we will all be happy.

  20. This hit me right in the "CHILDHOOD" 😍 Feeling: SUPER EXCITED!

  21. Well, good luck on season 2. May it make more sense than last.

  22. Just make a Better Halo Reboot TV Series and Future Movies showing the REAL Master Chief wearing the Colorful Green Armor/Never showing us his Face, Blue Team, Captain Keyes and Miranda being White and make it Faithful to the Better Books and Video Games.

  23. “This is about control, who dictates how the war is fought” greeeeeat. That was confirmation it’s focused on everything else other than Halo.

  24. I like the political angle here. Feels like the colonies are being sacrificed to win the bigger war. Sets up some much needed inter-human conflict instead of giving the Covenant a human face and shoe-horning conflict (and quite a bit more) in to that. God knows who green lit the first seasons direction but im glad this seems to have set things right. We wait with caution however. S1 was so bad they have a long way to go.

  25. Honestly, I’d actually accept this Ackerson as canon Ackerson because he has this whole presence and feel of “I’m in charge and there’s nothing you can do about it,” meanwhile actual in lore Ackerson looks like your average Reddit mod

  26. This is going to be amazing, watch this space

  27. Nah the season 1 trailer looked good too so I ain’t giving any praise whatsoever until I see the first few episodes, n shreiber either keeps that helmet on or gets someone else to play master chief n he does voice over.

  28. Looks so much better… who's gonna win my heart this or S2 Arcane for best video game adaptation

  29. I’m subbing back to Paramount Plus just for this season. Season 1 was a let down. This looks like an improvement.

  30. I wonder if that elite we see at tye end is an arbiter

  31. Never watched a single episode, they changed the story so much, it doesn't feel like Halo even though Master Chief is in it… Plus those are not the covenant… they should stop making another season it's garbage

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