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Halo The Series | Season 2 First Look Trailer | Paramount+

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They will be remembered. #HaloTheSeries returns Feb. 8, exclusively on Paramount+.

Master Chief John-117 leads his team of elite Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. As humanity’s best hope for winning the war, John-117 discovers his deep connection to a mysterious alien structure that holds the key to humankind’s salvation, or its destruction — the Halo.

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  1. I mean Jesus all we ask is that you keep master chiefs helmet on and stop showing this dudes face!!! HE IS NOT MASTER CHIEF

  2. I expect that during the first few episodes John-117 will be fighting to claw his way back to consciousness, with the aid of guideposts planted within by Cortana, who despite being an AI seems quite capable of intelligent emotional expression and genuinely seems to love him. It wouldn't surprise me if the writers paid homage to Halo 4 and wrote in a love story arc for Cortana and John-117 during the first few episodes, during which in his mindscape she is able to physically interact with him, with a gratuitous love scene somewhere in there. They'll possibly enjoy their relationship, but throughout we'll get little snippets that suggest Cortana is trying to focus his attention on the signposts she's laid to guide him back to consciousness, and eventually he'll re-emerge, leading into the next story arc, which will be the run-up to the Battle of Reach and the discovery of the Halo Prime artifact and its ultimate purpose.

  3. Jesus Christ a bunch of emotional fan cheerleaders. I hate sensitive people. I thought the show was good and entertaining, why would I want to watch something that I expect to know what’s gonna happen. I like the show and where it’s going.

  4. I'm getting yuge "course correction" vibes here… Look at Cortana even.

  5. Oh god. They even start without the helmet again. GGs boys. And they throw even more original garbage that doesn't even work well with the already established lore

  6. this just makes me sad

    i have no hope for this show's story. the only thing to look forward to is the action aNnd maybe the fall of reach if they dont f it up like they did with whatever season 1 was

  7. that "remember…. remember" better not be a call back to ODST

  8. Halo is awesome, I could care less what anybody else says! Awesome!

  9. A god trailer, but most likely a bad series

  10. Wait, this actually got another season? Yall are that desperate for content on yalls streaming service huh

  11. I can’t understand why all of the fanboys get so upset if the show or movie isn’t exactly like the game/comic/book. Why on Earth would you want to watch a show or movie that is exactly like something you have already read or played? As a sci-fi fan, the first season I thought the first season was really good and d I am looking forward to season 2. I played Halo when it first came out, and I believe later when I bought the Halo edition XBox, but I was never into all of the lore. I usually just skipped the scenes in between each section. I wanted to play a game, not watch a story. And there are a lot of people that have never played the game that will watch this just because it is sci-fi show. Forget about the game and books and just enjoy a good sci-fi space series.

  12. I already forgot everything that happened in season 1 it was that bad. I hope this season can just stand on its own so I don't have to relive those lost moments of my life.

  13. This looks more promising than season 1. It looks like the Elites are no longer thick af

  14. I was super surprised how much I liked the first season. Definitely gonna watch this when it comes out

  15. Yooo is that ending hinting at the Forerunners??

  16. It sux that we have to live in a reality where this is so terrible.

  17. As a huge halo fan the first season lost my interest let's hope they can do better

  18. hang on a minute…….ITS THAT THE F**KING ARBITER

  19. I want them to loose hard like reach 😊 then they rise like halo 3

  20. Expect to be disappointed. Meanwhile, I can't wait to be indifferent.

  21. So, the Fall of Reach and the discovery of Halo Installation 04. See you all there, I guess.

  22. They did Chief dirty…. I hope this season is good.

  23. I just wish they didn’t unmask Chief. I feel like that really destroys any mystery about the character. They butchered the first season, so it’s already too late to redeem it for me.

  24. Make me a sandwich! Also is that Arbiter? Better be.

  25. You know what won’t be remembered… this show

  26. Imagine thinking we needed another season of the shitfest that was Halo.

  27. All they had to do was take the storyline of the first game, and make it live action. Would've been great.

  28. I guess they didn't get the hint after the 1st season

  29. If they fumble the fall of reach I’m done

  30. Just don’t make it woke and there won’t be any problems

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