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Halo The Series | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+

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#HaloTheSeries returns Feb. 8, exclusively on Paramount+. Stream two episodes at premiere and a new episode every Thursday through March 21st.

Master Chief John-117 leads his team of elite Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. As humanity’s best hope for winning the war, John-117 discovers his deep connection to a mysterious alien structure that holds the key to humankind’s salvation, or its destruction — the Halo.

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  1. Chief needs to keep his helmet on the entire time

  2. What is the name of the song that plays in the background?

  3. Looks terrible 😞 Unemotional voice-overs with all the efficacy of a wet rag. A loooong succession of girl-bosses doing stoic facial expression to death. And M.C his/her/itself – farcical. A design of the times; we know the writing will be execrable, the plot lines meandering and ultimately pointless, physics and other sciences devolved into fantasy with no cohesive framework in order to allow lazy showrunners to promulgate what would be worthy sentiments, in such a hamfisted manner that logic, character and payoff become roadkill for self-inserted egos. Too bad.

  4. Seems like a rerun of the mixed feelings of Season 1. Gonna be the show everyone loves to hate.
    I'm seeing stuff that absolutely serves Halo fans and gives them what they want and then some.
    But I also see Chief fighting with no armour at all in some scenes. That's a big oof.

  5. This definitely looks better than the first season. Showing the fall of Reach. Also, I’m pretty sure Arbiter was in it

  6. Meh the story is already funky from the first season its not as good as the lore in the games sorry


  8. Seeing as this is the "Silver timeline" an alternate universe would be kinda cool if they just did it where in this universe everyone died on Reach with Keys never doing a blind slip jump and finding Halo. Pretty much how like in DC and Marvel Comics some alternate universes fail and get destroyed cuz the heroes failed

  9. I honestly hated season 1. But i finished it because i love master chief. I'll probably hate this one too, but I love chief . Hoping for good action scenes at LEAST

  10. "We have heroes."

    So they say, but the Covenant has freaking Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee!

    …God I hope they don't mess up Thel 'Vadam. PLEASE don't ruin Thel 'Vadam.

  11. Feels like they are taunting Halo fans who complained about Master Chief having his helmet off when they include the line here, "I look at your faces."

  12. The first season was a joke, hard pass from this Halo fan. I'm not going to watch you wreck and ruin something that has been near and dear to me for most of my life.

  13. Hey here’s an idea you know how we kept seeing the master chiefs face, well let’s do that more and even have a huge fight scene without his iconic armor. I really wanted to like this show…….

  14. Ah ecco…. Mi sembrava strano vedere Master Chief con l'elmo per carità!!!

  15. hopefully people watch this illegally so that paramount doesn't get the actual viewership. imagine thinking this god awful excuse for Halo deserved a 2nd season.

  16. Падение Предела мы увидим с другой стороны😊

  17. this will be trash just like the first season

  18. Theme seems different than season 1. has they change their plot from season 1 ?

  19. Johnny Master Cheeks lookin without his armor.
    Gunne be one of the shows of all time.

  20. Stick with the Chief, he'll know what to do

  21. That last scene looks like the Chief is about to give the covenant back their bomb…

  22. Are they adapting "fall of the reach"?

  23. looks good! BUT FILM EVERY SCENE WITH MASTER CHIEF WITH BOTH HIS MASK ON AND OFF then release a second version with just his mask on see what one does better

  24. I don't care about what the negative Nancy's say, I was excited for the first season Halo and I am excited for the second season. Not all the time is things put to live tv what you want but if you are a true Halo fan then you will follow and support.

  25. So, is Master Chef still dead and Cortana's still driving his dead body?

  26. I have not seen any bit of Kwan, and I am pretty happy about that. Hopefully, that got rid of her whole side adventure and just focused on Master Chief's journey.

  27. At 1:47, the drums playing remind me of the drums that were used when Noble 6 gave one last look at the covenant in the "Deliver Hope" trailer

  28. actually looks pretty decent. If it stays really close to the video game story line it will be a good series.

  29. Clause actor – perfect new villian. But Please no return of Master cheeks

  30. Forget keeping on helmets, chief here is straight up fighting without mjolnir armor on

    Great start

  31. i personally really like what they have done with masterchief. obviously they made the god awful mistake of having him reveal his face in season 1, but they have made up for it pretty well, by separating John 117, and mastercheif to make them almost like two different characters. but idk, its just the trailer

  32. Well, this will be another hard pass. Garbage show, destroying what I grew up on.

  33. Chief still doesn’t stay in his gear

  34. Please dont let this season be like marvel's echo. Awsome trailer, but disappointing to watch.

  35. For God’s sake put the dang helmet back on!!! I don’t want to see masterchief’s face.

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