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Halo The Series – Season 2: “We Need The Master Chief” Trailer

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Saw this on Twitter and noticed that the only version uploaded to YouTube is the Shorts version and not the uncropped video, so here ya go. Hopefully paramount doesn’t take this down 😇😇

Also YAY SPI ARMOR SPARTAN III’s??? Ik I shouldn’t get my hopes up for this lmao

btw thumbnail and trailer are obviously not mine, property of Paramount Plus, 343i, and any other affiliated studios.



  1. Sorry, Master Chief is unavailable. You can use Mr. Cheeks though!

  2. God this is going to be more cringe. I can tell by the tone of the voiceover what they're going for, and it's not gonna do it for Halo fans. Literally ruined Master Cheif in episode 1, I don't really care much after that

  3. “We need the Master Chief to keep his helmet on.” – every man ever

  4. Well he needs his helmet for his suit to work at it's full potential.

  5. Holy shit that's over a thousand Spartan-IIIs.

  6. Holy shit. They will pull that SPARTAN III Operation with 300 spartans?

  7. At 48 seconds is that Johnson because it doesn’t look like keys or Soren

  8. haaayyyy gayyyyyy trash ass show this aint halo fk out of here with master cheeeks

  9. At least Qwan doesn't have the worst haircut of the decade…

  10. Why couldn’t they follow the Lore? The books? The Percy Jackson is almost page for page and it’s so good

  11. Ya podéis hacer un buen trabajo porque la gente que amamos halo , entre otras cosas lo hacemos porque la historia nos encanta . DEJAD DE INVENTAR OTRA HISTORIA!! SER FIELES AL CANNON!! DEJAROS DE TANTA MIERDA INVENTADA!!

  12. I'm really curious about Master Chief's personally since Cortana took control of him at the end of season 1… he's different character in this trailer.

  13. Arbiter at 0:20 because he’s got that extra shoulder armour and the other elites don’t have it

  14. Why do they show him as middle aged? I thought he was younger a product of child indoctrination.

  15. Since this seasons gonna have
    Spartan 3's, that makes me wonder if Kurts gonna show up this season

  16. Im suprised the Flood hasnt been shown yet…

  17. Yes we need Master Chief not Master Cheeks

  18. Plot twist. These fight scenes are all in 1 episode. The other 9 episodes are about the little girl and her issues.

  19. It looks really good and so did Season 1. Looks aren't everything. They weren't capable of portraying Master Chief in Season 1. I doubt they will correctly convey how unwinnable and costly the fall of Reach really was.

    They probably ignored:
    – Halo Reach video game
    – The Fall of Reach miniseries
    – The Fall of Reach book
    – The Fall of Reach comic

  20. This will be simultaneously cool and dumb; looks good, but makes no sense.

  21. 0:28 this shot is copied straight from star wars attack of the clones lmao

  22. So not only does he NOT keep his helmet on, it also breaks so when it is on we can still see his face…….

  23. We need more aliens, more action, and most importantly, flood.

  24. why do i feel like the spartan III's will be introduced at the end while chief goes to the new halo on the pillar of Autumn

  25. Your all dumb he’s gonna take off his helmet no matter what this show is suppose to be different than the game itself What’s with everyone wanting every show to be like the game

  26. And the audience is still waiting for the master chief

  27. If no Noble Team or Super Carrier, then this will be a waste of time!!!!

  28. we all need master chief but aint gonna get it are we

  29. I swear I saw a bit of the halo ring in there 😮

  30. I’m still not confident in this. After what they did in the first season, I don’t trust these writers to make this season better. However, fingers crossed that they DID their research properly.

  31. I got goosebumps when I saw the 300 Spartan lll’s

  32. Were those Spartans or ODST at 30 secs in? 👀

  33. Put the freakin Helmet on and keep it on. Series fixed.

  34. Okay paramount.. first get some pointers of people that actually played the game .. paramount you ruined it the first season.. please 🙏 do a better job second season

  35. Is that gamma company of spartan 3s in tne SPI armour?

  36. the fact that so many people give af about his helmet is cringe asf ngl

  37. Would prefer Master Chief to have an auto of mystery about him and face at least, in this serie his just a skilled guy nothing else

  38. would the guy just keep the helmet on!!! FFS, its kinda annoying, the whole point of leaving the helmet on was so you didn't know who the hero was!! anyone could be the chief you could be the chief, god just get me annoyed for some reason. played halo since halo was released on the original xbox, chief never took off the helmet then and he shouldn't now. actors that don't understand the character man geeeezzz!!!!

  39. im over the love story the chief has like in the games did he ever have one no so why in the living hell would he still fucking have it im either losing my acutal mind or losing my nerves that they can do that to the master chief and still not make around the actual games

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