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Halo The Series Trailer Reaction – Halo Tv Show/ Series

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I cant wait to watch the Halo TV Series! What do you all think? Let us know down below!

Halo is an American military science fiction media franchise managed and developed by 343 Industries and published by Xbox Game Studios. The franchise and its early main instalments were originally developed by Bungie.

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Halo Infinite published by Microsoft
Developed by 343 Industries
All rights reserved.



  1. Correct, not canon. This is silver team and silver timeline.

  2. I’m not a fan of the new look Cortana. Looks more like a Karen who wants to talk to and complain to the Covenant manager 😜

  3. It's a different universe, it won't link with the games

  4. Are you going to do reactions to each episode when they come out

  5. Lol the uehh reaction for cortana was probably the same as I did and most as the other community reacted, and yeah its a diff time-line (not canon to the main story)

  6. My thoughts:
    That elite at the start looks like it was based off the bungie art style rather than 343's. Good start
    Cortana looks a tad too human. Make her face more blue and the problem should be fixed.
    Not so sure how I feel about Chief's voice.

    p.s: I think I read somewhere that this show technically isn't cannon, but don't quote me on that.

  7. It’s not canon. So if they fuck it up who cares

  8. Regarding to where this fits into the Halo timeline, apparently they are not going to exactly copy the events from the games, they are going to stick to the overall premise but basically do their own thing, so there will be some things and and characters different from the game.

  9. I quite like the look of Cortana myself, but I'll have to see more of her to truly know if I like it i think.

  10. So the show is going to follow an Alternate Parallel Timeline. Where the most important events, locations, characters, etc. from the game will be the same, but how they are introduced or how they get there will be different to better fit the narrative of the show.

  11. The human in the Covenant is really weird, but the rest looks pretty good.

  12. Overall, it looks pretty cool, but I'm reluctant to get too excited because trailers are so frequently better than the actual show/film they're teasing. Cortana looked okay, but I would've made both of her eyes the same color–not one blue and one green (which looked almost yellow). And at the risk of sounding creepy, I'll have to withhold judgement on her appearance until I see her body. The most disappointing thing about the trailer is that they're not using the same VA who played MC in the games. I'm not a fan of this VA's voice. He just doesn't sound badass, and that's a FAIL right off the bat for this series.

  13. It's a separate continuity that pays homage and follows threads from the games but it's in it's own universe.

    Think of the games and books as the comics source material from marvel.

    The show is the mcu. Different but similar.

    Also, Cortana not being blue dosen't bother me but they have time to go back and change her look cause of people complaining and trolling over stupid nitpicks.

  14. Daaaaamn 😯! Your already at 100k subscribers? Congratulations!!!

  15. Yeah this is not canon / a new "Silver-Timeline".
    Pretty sure it won't be for me, but I hope it does well anyway and it gets people into Halo.

  16. MASTER CHIEF'S VOICE!!!!! AND FREAKIN ''ORIGINAL HALO MUSIC'' Cortana can pass since it's fan stuff…. but the rest cannot!! CANNOT!!!

  17. Always look foward to this cause you're the biggest halo fan i know

  18. They confirmed the show will not be canon, it's in something they're calling the "Silver Timeline"

  19. It's been confirmed that the series is going to be independent of the video game canon.

  20. It's silver timeline. Alternate story kinda like alternate universe.

  21. سلام عليكم احبك كثيرا وانتي مرحه للغايه .
    كيف تبتسمين كل فديو واتمنى ان اتزوج انثى تبدوا مثل تفائلك في الحياه . شكرا لك

  22. Reluctant to say i'm that hyped for this. To me it just just looks like a fan film. The Spartan armor looks like plastic, Cortana looks bad, and the story seems like a very dumbed down version of the game's story. I hope it does well, but I just cant seem to get excited

  23. So Halsey is being played by Natascha McElhone but Jen Taylor who did her voice in the game is doing Cortana's voice again? That's cool. 🙂

  24. I don't mind that Cortana is more vaguely blue rather than completely blue (though some people are saying she should be purple like she was originally, lol). It will all depend on how she is as a character. And maybe she doesn't start out blue, but blue becomes blue. All I know is that we should all get furiously angry right now. Lol Just kidding. I think the show is looking fantastic, and if a slightly blue Cortana is the "worst" thing about it, we are doing absolutely fantastically, no?

  25. Not easy to do a Cortana in real life actress form as very hard to copy a image of a none real person! As long as her body and outfit is well picked I have no problem with her face, as I never liked her face much.. as a man her body and the outfit matters more to me! Shame I won't be seeing this myself as I don't use Paramount TV or any of the Netflix or Amazon TV etc. stuff..

  26. Hate to break it to ya but Halo Wars cutscenes are better than this.

  27. This is the silver timeline so yes its non canon

  28. I have a strange feeling that Netflix is going to collaborate with Paramount+ and give us a a crossover between The Witcher and this Halo show. 🔫🗡

  29. Yea .. I can wait . you have to watch tis movie 😃

  30. Finally someone who noticed the prophets!!!!!!!!!

  31. Apparently it is in a silver universe, basically a different universe from the games and story's we are used to, in away this is a good thing as lets them tell a new story that is still based around Halo but is also unfamiliar. The Cortana look jumped out to me also as odd but I am hoping it was just a fully equipped lab projection and that the less advanced ship and suit projections will use the more traditional blue Cortana

  32. I like the idea from this show they are touching on the ethical issues and crimes committed when creating the spartans, their presence early in the war and mentality. Soren opening up what they did to him and the others, the admiral/officer questioning Halsey. Same ideas from Halo 4's intro cinematic.

  33. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to tweak Cortana’s look a bit by the time the show debuts. It’s not going to require a full overhaul like Sonic did so they should be able to do it fairly easily with the near 2 months between when this trailer debuted and March 24 when the show premieres.

    This show is basically a parallel universe to the games, so it isn’t tied to the games canon. The show is starting time wise around when Chief and Cortana first meet so basically the same time period as Reach/CE, but with a very different story it appears.

  34. The show fits in between a lot of things in the timeline cause master chief is still young in the show and not old

  35. Its not canon, it follows similar ideas to the core canon. Its silver team instead of silver team, its up in the air if blue team even exists in this continuity. Im excited for a big budget telling of the spartan program and its backstory, the insurrection and the traitor spartan who in canon just disappeared etc. But the only things i didnt like are the choice of music they used in the trailer, cortana looks way too much like just a person with bad makeup and no CG, and whatever theyre doing with a human as part of the covenant. Would have been a cool story to have the prophets raise some kids in secret to be sleeper cells revealing the colonies to them, but having a human actively part of the covenant breaks things.

  36. This is the silver cannon alternative universe

  37. The story plot timeline is between the events of Reach and finding the very first Halo ring.

  38. Love – MC armor/BR, Cortana VA! , Ships
    Meh – Cortana not blue enough or "human color" 😂 , World needs more color.
    Hate – Covenant human underling

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