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Halo The Series Trailer REACTION – Paramount Plus 2022

Beyond The Trailer
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Halo The Series First Look Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review official trailer 2022! Paramount Plus! The Game Awards!

Halo The Series Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of the official trailer aka First Look for Halo The Series coming to Paramount Plus in 2022! Debuted at The Game Awards! Share your own reaction to the official first look trailer for Halo The Series before you see each full episode in 2022! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

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  1. For the love of God, they better not mess this up! Although I'm a pretty big Halo fan, I can't say I'm excited for it yet, as I have no idea what the plot is going to be. The effects and costuming look pretty good so far, though!

  2. Halo has great music and hearing it in this trailer brought me back to when I would wait in line for a midnight pick up of Halo 2. The real question I have for the series is what will the Covenant look like and how are they involved in this story.

  3. 🐈. . . I've seen grace in a lot of sweaters, this ones my favorite.

  4. Grace Randolph, show me you know nothing of the backstory, without saying you know nothing about the backstory. It was the same with Dune, to her detriment.

  5. Funny how everything is 'game of thrones' now.
    Halo is a futuristic game of thrones.
    The wheel of time is 'more epic than game of thrones'.
    The new Lord of the Rings series is said to be the new game of thrones.
    Soon we will be seeing 'Cars the series, it's the new game of thrones of the animated series'.

  6. Watch Master Chief take his helmet off in the first episode to show the actor… only to show that Master Chief is a woman.

  7. Grace can we do a watch-a-long for this show? Like if you agree lol 😆

  8. I hope "the industry" follows the success of Castelvania and Arcane and deliver an amazing series. Also, Grace, I know you're not a gamer. But since this show is called "Beyond The Trailer", be very carefull about video games and the actual product lol. Video games are NOTORIOUS for delivery AMAZING promotional material and INTENTIONALLY falling short in the actual delivery. It's a thing.

  9. This teaser is giving me Battlerstar Galatica vibes

  10. Hopefully those asian characters weren't placed there as a diversity checkbox.

  11. I wish they'd teased one of the aliens. That would've been the icing on the cake

  12. I was excited and now you have me nervous. I love the world of Halo and want to see it explored. Yellowstone has a great cast and characters, but writers that pushed drama to the point of being nonsensical. I really hope Halo has a great writing team helming the show that avoids the Yellowstone shortcuts. The random Asian couple falling from the cliff face is our new household "jumper the shark" expression.

  13. I'll say with the near silent protagonist I expect a more Witcher vibe than anything

  14. Halo is not game of thrones
    It is a war for humanity's war for survival
    from extinction

  15. Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall are both good low budget Halo movies.

  16. Dear god it feels good to already have this streaming service i can't wait!

  17. "Stormtroppers than can shoot" …Love it!

  18. Well, that super hero land… spartan don't do that… =D =D =D

  19. It looks good, but challenge is good stories plus action.

  20. Holy crap im surprised. High charity looks amazing

  21. So excited to see that you’re hype for this. Really hoping to share the world I’ve loved for 20 years with someone who doesn’t play games. Cheers and love!

  22. Love the game. Hope this is good. I may purchase just for this

  23. Could have sworn I saw a low budget halo movie

  24. I loved playing the master chief games and be cool if the end we see the halo

  25. Paramount + be bringing all the bangers for 2022.

  26. I am looking forward to this. I have been enjoying star trek on paramount +. The special effects on star trek streaming shows have been amazing. Looking forward to what they do here.

  27. Just when I'm a bout to be teary eyed in the trailer then I hear : "storm troopers… that can shoot" damm you grace 😂😂😂 you killed me with that line

  28. this does looks really good so far the only paramount+ show that i have seen and liked is Evil it's so good grace check it out

  29. Halo 2 is still GOAT in the franchise. I wanna hear Peril on that soundtrack.

  30. Loved the game and the "films" they made from it.

  31. Welp. Now I know why Master Chief never made it into Smash.

  32. in terms of visual texture, you only have to look at Blomkamp’s shorts and feature films to see what  would have looked like. He was intent on bringing a used-future grittiness to , with a darker, edgier aesthetic than a scrubbed-up video game adaptation like 2003‘s You can get a taste of what Blomkamp’s movie might have looked like in the short film he produced at the time, apparently created because he was frustrated at the production’s painfully slow progress. not Paramount!

  33. Anytime Halo and the most famous member of blue team is mentioned I get the feels! Hopefully showrunners have the same type of enthusiasm. Paramount+ had been getting my attention since Evil (award nominated series) became one of their streaming properties. So now I might have to become a regular subscriber xD

  34. Have you seen Forward Unto Dawn? That's all I need to be hyped.

  35. About that history of the attempts to make a movie,the phone rang. Twice actually. Fox and Universal partnered up to finance and produce the movie,splitting domestic and abroad box office betwenn them. Pre-production started,with WETA creating vehicles,weapons and armours. Problem is Fox was never that interested in Blomkamp. They wanted Peter Jackson to take over,if they were shelling out that kinda money. When Jackson refused to backstab Blomkamp,Fox jumped ship. Universal wasn't confortable footing the bill so they killed the last hope. After that we get District 9 from Blomkamp,and stuff like Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall on the live action Halo department.

  36. playstation players : ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  37. Who told you that Halo is a futuristic game of thrones? No it isn't

  38. Halo Infinite was amazing… and the Halo franchise has been around for 20 years now !

  39. I'm a big fan of Halo and not played the game once. Not really into tough guy Masterchief either. It's the story, it has a really, really good mythology behind it. Don't know if this is going to be any good though.

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