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Halo: The TV Show – Xbox One Announcement Trailer – Eurogamer

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Halo: The TV Show – Xbox One Announcement Trailer – Eurogamer

Why play Halo when you can just watch it instead?

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  1. say what………. speilberg don't do it man just dont do it. if you're not going to fuck things up. you make some bad ass movies but please do the right thing and make it badass. lol im the first comment shout out to eurogamer

  2. Fucking Spielberg, you'll work on Halo but won't touch Star Wars.

  3. What an absolutely rubbish console well it's not a console more like a PC or a media centre which I have on my laptop and it's more powerful , I don't want kinect I don't want apps I don't want to pay a fee for used games I just want a games console so I'am leaving Xbox to go to Ps4 .

  4. Wait, so i'm supposed to be buying a console £200 more than the current because TV is better? I WANT GAMES. Do they not know of computers,cinema's,sky,virgin and really just places made for TV shows even the current xbox has all these TV apps i doubt any of us use them maybe YouTube, Internet explorer and Netflix but in my opinion they suck on xbox and i'd rather go on my Ipod to search something.



  6. Wow, they sure hired an enthusiastic woman to present this show.

  7. I'm a gamer. I don't need all this nonsense taking up RAM on my console. I want it to be about games. So I tried to not be too excited about this announcement but… Steve and Halo? F**k yeah!

  8. Halo is never good. This will be even worse.

  9. Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One all look rubbish. Im going to stick with the 360, thanks.

  10. playstation move is a rip off of wii and kinect together just a waste soooo im sticking with xbox orignal,360,one

  11. I honestly think the 360 is the climax of Microsoft gaming technology. It is a perfect blend of gaming and bonus features, such as Netflix, as it focuses MORE on being a gaming console than a cable box, but still giving the extra features some time in the lime light. Xbox One is the opposite of that, as it focuses more on things like television and movies than gaming, which contradicts its primary function as a gaming console, which according to Microsoft, is no longer it's primary function.

  12. I believe with Steven Spielberg being more active making 30 minute or 1 hour shows of halo, his movies might improve!

  13. Daaaaaamn, i would love me some bad of brothers quality war drama, maybe based on Reach.
    Just please no pure action flick.

  14. 8 years to make something that will undoubtedly be cancelled after it's first season.

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