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HALO Trailer (2022) Halo TV Series

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HALO Trailer (2022) Halo TV Series, Sci-Fi HD
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  1. at the begining and at around 0:19 you can see what appears to be a halberd class destroyer you can tell by the general shape

  2. Honestly have been waiting on this my entire life. Getting hyped when I would see fan made content 😬. It’s finally coming for real this time!!!

  3. man, the only thing i care about is the voice. If Master Chiefs voice doesnt cut it, then this is gonna burn.

  4. So now we need another streaming service… Great.

  5. I hope it's better than that 1 halo movie no one remembers cause it's just that bad

  6. The best part of the trailer is its length, that isn't me bashing the trailer just appreciating detail

  7. "There are those who said this day would never come…….What are they to say now?"

  8. Holy shit I'm not even a fan of the game but I'm excited for this thing

  9. That looks like a halberd class destroyer over the city in the starting shot

  10. This will be an amazing show! Super pumped

  11. I've been wanting a Halo movie or TV series since I was a teenager, I'm now in my mid 30's, so hyped.

  12. I hope this show wont get woke just like others did which is shame.

  13. The trailer reminds me a lot of the force awakens, mainly the sounds


  15. I've been waiting 20 years for a Halo movie or series. Too bad it's finally coming out in the age of wokeness, stupid writing and low expectations.

  16. Haven’t played Halo, but I don’t think I need to, because this looks awesome.

  17. Okay so we see High charity, Epsilon Eradanis 2, Castle base, Halsey and the chief himself, I have a feeling this will cover parts of the fall of reach book

  18. Yo ya boi tryna be in this halo tv show. Where do I sign up to be a marine actor with one line “ ooh rah”

  19. Or you could watch Aliens… Most of Halo 's imagery is ripped right from that movie. Heck they even have Sarge… And he's awesome

  20. Should be exciting, as long as they remember one thing.
    Never show Master Chief without his helmet.

  21. Yo I’ve literally been waiting for this since I was in elementary school. I’ve made fan made trailers on my account waiting for this day

  22. Reminds me of the mandolorian but halo

  23. Looks cool. Which Plattform? Disney, Netflix, Prime???

  24. We need the movie why is that so hard…but of course ill be watching…

  25. 54 seconds of women and minorities.
    6 seconds of the master chief.
    0 action in the trailer not even one bullet.
    About what I expected from a TV show made in the modern day.

  26. It's actually here. OMG! Chief looks amazing.

  27. If they keep to the lore and don’t Hollywood it this will be amazing!!

  28. I really wish we could get past the 2 second preview of what trailers have to offer. If you can't tune in for a minute-long trailer then it was probably never for you and that preview will tune you out faster!

  29. Kurt, Linda and Johnson when they were younger seem to be shown

  30. When you first saw Halo trailer were you blinded by its majesty?

  31. Theyre gonna make master chief a transgendered dude from Uranus

  32. When in the timeline do you reckon this is taking place?

  33. When I see those astroid looking bases it reminds me of the insurrections bases in the books.

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