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HALO Trailer (2022) New TV Series

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Check out the official trailer for the new Halo series.
-Streaming soon on Paramount+

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HALO Trailer (2022)
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  1. im a sony guy for life but i just came from that trailer

  2. Looks amazing! Hope it does justice to the character and story! 🤞🤞🤞

  3. Get woke go broke. This is gonna be trash. I'm calling it now.

  4. I hope the actor wont bitch about having the helmet on all the time

  5. PLEASE DO NOT GO WOKE… PLEASE DO NOT GO WOKE… PLEASE DO NOT GO WOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. and just like that Paramount has a new Subscription member 🙂 well soon.

  7. That's it?????????????? DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. มีโตโน่ แสดงด้วยหรอ ครับ

  9. It's saddened me to see that TV series are better produced than theater movies. But it also shows that TV shows series has very talented actors to keep us entertained… great work.

  10. Looks like Paramount+ is putting that Star Trek: Discovery effects group to good use!!

  11. Waoo la película ojalá sea mejor que una que sacaron de halo que fue horrible

  12. Bizde de HALO var.HALO dayı! TURKİSH Mafia is HALO DAYI

  13. Looks great but it will be ruined I am sure by preaching at the rest of us from the left wing part of society instead of just making a show based on the already established lore.

  14. Hope it doesn't spend half the time telling the back story like every Batman movie. Looks amazing tho Want to see it.

  15. halo was a decent game at best. What set it apart was the multiplayer at the time. But I have to admit the story is cool

  16. This looks good, hope it lives up to the hype, Next we need Gears of War

  17. Can’t wait. Hope it’s not watered down

  18. Remember, remember the first time they tried to make Halo movie

  19. IF this is FILTH I'll burn a producer's house to ASH

  20. How stunning and brave! The storyline will be driven by diversity! Never mind that this is basically a game played and payed for by white men.

  21. Never played the game, but will watch it for sure!

  22. Hope this one not become another woke movie


  24. Now that we have Halo when is somebody going to take on Warhammer?

  25. Excited for this, but dreading the inevitable interjection of Woke culture, that modern show runners can't resist. I'll give it the ol'3 episode try.
    The fact that John as a kid and as Master Chief was one of the last characters shown kinda worries me on the focus of the writers.

  26. Except it’s on yet another fucking streaming service that no ones will want to pay for on top of the other 29 they already want to watch.

    Someone needs to make a curated content app that takes the best / most worth watching from each service and put it in one place.

    I’d much rather pay someone for that then have these massive studios expect us to pay them a fortune each month.

  27. "paramount 'original'" Already is telling me they are gonna ruin a good thing…Not the place to do this people. This should absolutely be somewhere with an R rating or TV-MA rating…Im tired of sharing my childhood with children smh

  28. Hola buenas energías.
    Jefe Maestro.

  29. Love Bokeem Woodbine. Great to see him in one of these roles.

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