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Halo TRAILER Easter Eggs That Fans TOTALLY Missed!

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Halo TRAILER Easter Eggs That Fans TOTALLY Missed!

Welcome back to Scene Spotlight, today on the channel we are going to check out Halo tv show trailer easter eggs fans totally missed. After several years of waiting and waiting, we finally got a TV series adaptation for Halo, with its official trailer being released last January 31. Based on the trailer, the show seems to make some changes from the original Halo lore. The series is loosely based on the games, seeing that its events will occur in an alternate timeline which Halo developer ‘343 Industries’ call the “Silver Timeline.” Writer Frank O’Connor talks about the story in the upcoming TV series. “We want to use the existing Halo lore, history, canon, and characters wherever they make sense for a linear narrative but also separate the two distinctly so that we don’t invalidate the core canon or do unnatural things to force a first-person video game into an ensemble TV show.” They are clearly separating the core cannon from games, comics, and novels, and more from the story in the TV series.

There are a lot of familiar things we see in the trailer, from the war between the UNSC and the Covenant to weapons and vehicles we see in the games. There are also new faces though, as Master Chief and Dr. Catherine Halsey are surrounded by a new team of Spartan super-soldiers. One other big change that fans have not taken lightly is the difference in the look of Cortona, Master Chief’s AI assistant. In the series, she seems like a CGI human instead of the blue hologram-like look she had in the games. Despite all the changes made, fans are still excited to see the Halo TV series adaptation once it premieres on March 24, 2022.

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