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HALO Trailer Teaser 2 (2022)

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HALO Trailer Teaser 2 (2022) Halo TV Series, Sci-Fi HD
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  1. Plot twist:The master chief got reverse gendered.

  2. I didn’t expect THAT!!! Idk why but I never really thought of the mp armor In live action. The scout and eod helmet look amazing! Looks like reach tech aka mark 5 armor core. I’m glad they’re paying attention to the armor in world now, same with how if interested gives us the stock versions of all the iconic helmets and then attachments to make them the ones we know

  3. God I hope this is good but after seeing the casting choices I have very real doubts.

  4. It wont be canon. Don't go into it looking for that experience. Just a heads up

  5. This, all of this. You can tell that this is Halo. This and the previous leaks, look so Halo accurate and it looks way better than the Sonic Movie leaks and trailers. Regardless what the reviews will say, or how big budget or box office this will receive. This will be a better media adaption of video games than the Sonic Movie.

    Becuse this is so Halo, it's accurate to the series and the designs look great. The Sonic Movie only features unlimeted jokes, comedy, humor, drama, it's wasted potential and Sonic looks like a stupid, split eye-balled idiot. It feels like pre-school garbage and not like Sonic at all. They need to take notes from this. Can't wait to watch this, I hope it will arrive on TV and not only be aviable via streaming.

    Now, all we need is a teaser for the upcoming Saints Row movie by F. Gary Gray.

  6. Please for the love of god. Don't show the Chiefs face…please 😫😫😫

  7. If this story involves the chief and/or the arbitor THEY GOTTA bring steve downes and Keith David back one last time. SHIT WOULD BE SO TIGHT

  8. I didn’t know my mouth was open until I suddenly closed my mouth and swallowed my drool. What a bloody tease. 2022 come on

  9. Who’s voicing master chief? OG voice actor or whoever is acting as master chief?

  10. Whether anyone likes it or not this would be amazing.

  11. I want to be happy but they will fuck it up I guarantee they will fuck it up

  12. I still thinking about halo forward into dawn

  13. Because this is all they can do now in Hollywood … Copy comics & gaming …. & then call it entertainment. How pathetic.

  14. I really hope they focus on plot and suspension with a decent amount of action and not rush it from one plot to the next like they do in most franchises. I really hope they do this justice

  15. Oh yeah can’t hardly wait to see my favorite character Master Chief

  16. Nice video just subscribed to your YT Channel 👍

  17. Only took them 20 years to do it..But at least we have it now.

  18. I don't go to theatres anymore, but for Halo I'll make an exception. Can we get a movie too!

  19. I've been waiting for this since I was a little kid

  20. 343 industries is involved with the show so this gives me great hope

  21. I hope really is fire damm i'm so excited for this like

  22. Me who already has 6 streaming subscriptions: Welcome to the family Paramount!

  23. Let's do T-pose chain if y'all are HYPED!!!!

  24. Soooo, why didn't they cast at least one Hispanic or Asian guy? They always cast one Asian chick but they'll cast half the cast as black though

  25. Paramount+ are legit. This will be good

  26. This movie or TV series very great I love it and I won't to see it please think you so much for this

  27. Halo is the biggest video game series ever made! It inspired gears of war and quake and more

  28. Halo is biggest video game series since mario like halo sells the Xbox!

  29. This needs to be the kind of series that you could get into even if you know nothing about the franchise, when they do that they usually make the story very rich and less cartoony and awkward. They've gotta add depth to the universe and really bring it to life. If they can do that this show will go crazy I think

  30. I really hope the actor is a narcissistic social justice douchebag and doesn’t cry until his face gets shown.

  31. Yo if they dont have the Announcer saying "KILLTACULER"…..and Master Chief Teabagging over a kill im not watching this shit

  32. Imagine having the weight of this franchise on your back, the expectations couldnt be higher

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