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HALO TV: Pablo Schreiber It’s A Huge Honor Playing Master Chief, Explains Why The Helmet Comes Off

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HALO TV: Pablo Schreiber It’s A Huge Honor Playing Master Chief, Explains Why The Helmet Comes Off


  1. I respect that he’s actually playing the games

  2. So far, I’m enjoying Pablo as the Master Chief, looking forward to seeing him develop the character later this season!

  3. He's not the face of master chief. The face of master chief doesn't exist. I hate the fact he's trying so hard to force his face upon us all. He's self proclaiming himself as the face of master chief, and I disagree.

  4. I like the actor and it’s not his fault for the directing , he has his opinion and it’s okay. I don’t agree that we “needed” to see his face. We’ve seen John’s humanity and how great of a hero/leader he his through the games and lore. What we the fans wanted was a backstory to John/ John kicking ass seen in a live action lense. Just like that series on YouTube that showed John training as a kid , growing up , going into his first missions. That would’ve been very interesting. I just hope there’s something more to come out of the show in the weeks to come.

  5. Another IP ruined by people who don't care about the source material

  6. You dont need to reveal chiefs face. The Halo aesthetic is better when chief is the faceless spartan. Just is. Humanize the rest of the characters and build the setting. That is a better use of resources.

    Chief should be played by a massive stuntman and steve Downes should play his voice. Really Chief is the basic ass bitch of protaganists of the same vein as the Doomguy.

  7. I agree. It should only add to the overall Halo experience and shedding a new light on John and his back story/humanity is a great opportunity for the show. Why not give it a chance?

  8. Chief's face is his helmet, and his helmet is a symbol. It's like pulling off your face to reveal it was a mask all along.

    1. I get he has to take his helmet off to live life, but it shouldn't feel so… half assed! It felt too early and should have been done so much better. Doing it in the first episode with no buildup was pathetic. It should have been done when people who do or don't know Halo began to like this Master Chief as a character. Or at least when it felt absolutely necessary. First is the helm, next is the armor, and once all that makes Chief who he is is stripped away without any buildup, he won't be Chief anymore. His helmet is like a flag: Once dropped to the ground, hope might as well be lost. It's like a wave of the white flag, because that is what it represents.

    2. If they wanted to display emotion and humanity, there are many other ways! Chief's voice can be used to show his humanity, same as actions.

    3. If they wanted to develop him into a human, they shouldn't have tried to do it all within the first episode! He takes off his helm, his flag, his life-saving device, his symbol of honor… for a woman he met like 10 seconds ago. And for what? He shouldn't be human yet, he should have been a loyal soldier like he always had been and followed orders, or at least partially refused them, not gone completely rogue and turned the entire UNSC against him. He is supposed to slowly, over many episodes, find his humanity, not immediately take off his helmet, his symbol of loyalty, and be ready to throw away his life like it meant nothing.
    I love Halo, and It just didn't feel right, it could have been executed so much better…

  9. Mr. Schreiber you are a talented actor… but…
    You are NOT playing Master Chief… nope… no way… no how… but…
    Congratulations… you are playing the Mandalorian…

  10. He's a good guy. Let's just wait and see what happens. Not much we can do now, the show is shot and it's about to come out.

  11. If your a good enough actor you shouldn’t have to take the helmet off but will see just don’t be woke smh but I doubt it will see

  12. Hes an Egotistical loser.. "waah waah my face MUST BE SHOWN on screen" Its been 20 years and the actual Master Chief hasnt shown us his face for a reason

  13. "humanizing john" is what made halo go bland after 3
    i get the idea and it sometimes fits very well but not here

  14. The "whether they know that's why they don't want the helmet taken off, that's what's happening" is such an actual garbage line. I'm sorry, but if that isn't a perfect example of a WAY too overused line to completely disregard and push aside criticism, I don't know what is. We don't want it off because its not been taken off. There's a layer of curiosity and wonder that we want to keep. Not to mention a semblance of a kind of "tradition" of sorts. The face of the Master Chief is the helmet he wears. Its the world and people he's fighting for. Justice, freedom, and sometimes something as simple as the human drive to survive and overcome. Don't pretend you speak for anyone Schreiber, and don't place your construed views on an entire playerbase and community. This coming from the guy who's supposed to be Chief? Yeah, i'm more confident then ever this show is DOA more or less.

  15. Nice. I'm a little skeptical about the series but I kinda hope to be proven wrong.

  16. I think as long it's not cannon they should go for it

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