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Halo TV Series 1×04 Promo (HD)

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Halo 1×04 Season 1 Episode 4 Promo – Stream new episodes of the Halo TV series every Thursday on Paramount+. Dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, Halo the series will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future. Nobody can save humanity alone-not even the Master Chief. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Halo season 1 promos in HD!

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Halo 1×04 Promo/Preview
Halo Season 1 Episode 4 Promo
Halo 1×04 Promo (HD)


» Watch Halo Thursdays on Paramount+
» Starring: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Jen Taylor as Cortana


  1. Kwan Ha getting herself into some trouble 😭 Nothing better happen to Soren tho!

  2. So after replacing Master Chief with someone else who is just also called Master Chief, they are now ruining Halsey? Great 😀 I don't get why they have to butcher a character that has been around for over 20 years? Don't get me wrong… I have nothing against a bit of fresh air… but this is just abusing the Halo franchise for clout. Emotional Inhibitors? Because the original upbringing of the Spartans wasn't messy and tragic enough? Totally unnecessary. Halsey was the one in the games who said to others to NOT look at Spartans as just Killing Machines/Weapons etc but here she has a problem when a Spartan behaves human? Oh well…I'm out.

  3. I’m still curious about who they have to be Sgt Johnson 🤔😑

  4. Still with the Halsey is evil angle. Hope they don't butcher it too much and make it so Halsey is evil because of this.

  5. This happen when instead of scifi action you do scifi family drama xd

  6. 10 millions per episode. They could have done so much better. The helmet represents a lot much more, than these people who just want to monetize the franchise, can understand.

  7. Once you remove the helmet, putting it back means nothing.

  8. I loved the show from the very beginning but seeing Cortana in episode 3 and hearing Jen Taylor put a huge smile on my face. The show is different from the games and lore but that right there (having Cortana) made this truly feel like Halo

  9. Wow This Show is getting more exciting… More of Silver Team please!!

  10. I cant stand how people shit on this show, the writing is competent, the characters are likable, the acting is good and its hilariously violent. People were expecting the game in tv show form and are butthurt they didnt get it but what we are getting is one of the best tv shows out right now.

  11. Oh I almost Forget abt helmet on master chief !

  12. Halsey bad bad, she she is doing human copies and and is not following policies. The UNSC is mean, very mean, everyone planet under the control of the UNSC no no like them.

  13. Every time kwan comes on screen…screeech! Episode comes right to a boring eye rolling halt.

  14. I hope Soren tags a long with Kawn to simply roast her. Dude is the only quality character on this show so far.

  15. i feel like a love triangle is gonna happen… between Master Cheif/John-117, Kai-125, and Makee

  16. I hope Kwan eventually gets conscripted into a Spartan 3 or Spartan 4

  17. I only watch this show for the covenant but it seems like the insurrectionists take the spotlight here so hopefully its at least semi-entertaining after 2 episodes with almost no action in a HALO show

  18. hope Kwan dies next episode so we can just see MC

  19. Show is good to go regardless of what rabid fanboy purist THINK (they have no desire to give it a chance so they base it purely on it not being 1:1 from the source)! As a fan from Halo 1 I've enjoyed the show just fine. It's not perfect and the Kwan stuff tends to slow the show down too much BUT overall it's not a trash show!

  20. Bokeem Woodbine makes everything better. Only he could make this dialogue sound menacing. "See ya at home for dinner. We're having chicken."

  21. "what makes him so special" other than saving humanity's ass? this show is basically made for a young female audience who never played Halo smfh

  22. I don't think Miranda's line deliveries could be any flatter. It's not hard to cast semi decent actors these days. Depression.

  23. Even though I have issues with this series in terms of some the things they done but I find this show is growing on me a little bit. Like John should not have a face, plain and simple, he is a helmet. Love his armour but it looks a bit clunky at times. I love halo, played all the games, repeatedly, and read most of the books but I love the visuals of the series, the marines, the ships and the covenant. Episode 1 has a goodish fight scene with some strange moments like older humans weapons being utterly useless and Spartans only being able to kill the covenant. I enjoy the introduction to the UNSC marine core, especially the weapons and amour, slightly starship trooper vibes but still good. Episode 2 was alright, I like the opening scene and the lethal train cart thing but there was not much else to the episode. I don't remember from the lore, books or games of humans being a part of the covenant and I don't really like the covenant human character but it sort of makes sense considering only humans can activate forerunner technology effortlessly but I was my belief any human could do that and not these blessed ones. Kind of takes away from humanity's unique superpower. I touch I light shit up, boom, bang, bright lights, glyphs. I liked Episode 3, halsey is a two face bitch but we need her, accurate. John realises he is in fact human or at least begins to. Cortona, voice is right but doesn't really seem like cortona. I felt the surgery was a bit stupid as cortona has always existed inside a microchip and not chiefs brain. Despite this I realised if the clone could recall of halseys memories couldn't they do that with an elite or jackel or grunt to interrogate for information like they did with Jul Mdama in the books. He was captured by the way not cloned. I think the series has done one two things perfectly and that has presenting the covenant as bloody terrifying and technology superior. Like the lekgolo are unstoppable but I feel like the ship captain should have vented the airlock to blow the worms and that traitor back into space or at least scuttled the ship when the crew lost control of the ship so quickly. Sealing the door did nothing they slide through it like slugs. Then again it's a TV series they had to make it some what interesting. Plus I hate seeing marines die, I spend a lot of time in the games trying to keep them alive. More scene of covies getting killed pleased. An exploding grunt killing other grunts must happen in this series. Maybe by a firework so chief can get Graffiti grunt kill.

  24. I didn't know in the future females were majority of military lol

  25. Halo:A game with a story about rings, forerunner devices that hold many secrets. Paramount: let's ignore the plot that's literally in the title and make a show about a bunch of random political background stuff of the UNSC and some orphan that was high on mushrooms an elite unfortunately missed. Seriously season better end with this all being just a bad trip from those kids taking mushrooms in episode one

  26. I like Bokerm Woodbine 😊😊😊😊😊

  27. The covenant really isnt a threat is it

  28. I thought that little boy was gonna be john to reunite with her

  29. One of the best gaming franchises, destroyed by political ideology. Complete disgrace. Thanks Paramount.

  30. Halo shud stick to master chief. The kwan ha storyline feels unnecessary

  31. Want to watch a show about masterchief fighting the covenant and aliens.

    Get none canon storyline where Kwan Ha is a main character for some unknown reason. And masterchiefs butt, great.

  32. I like how they show different human settlements and their cultural differences along with their worldly adaptations. It kind of feels like a minor version of warhammer 40k, you can have a spartan like Soren who escaped becoming some traitor Spartan like Horus, so it would be cool to see a Soren Heresy episode. Then you can have chief become some forerunner augmented primarch Spartan.

  33. it is also fun to watch the friendly tension between Soren and Madrigal princess We can get to see Soren doing some pseudo Spartan action too

  34. waiting for events happened in Halo CE .. especially where
    1. captain keys saying I don't keep it loaded son
    2. cortana confronts 343 guilty spark
    3. at the end.. cortana: just dust an echoes we are all that's left..

  35. This keeps getting better and better, even the haters are getting more quiet this days

  36. Man every episode gets worse and worse. Truly terrible writing

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