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Halo: TV Series – Angry Review Episode 6

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review Episode 6 of Halo!

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  1. Joe keep up the good fight! take on cbs and their apes

  2. Hopefully we get to see the Spartan Laser in action…hopefully to take out Craig lol

  3. If they replaced them with clones that have been modified to malfunction, then why couldn't they just use clones to begin with?

  4. I never saw Miranda as Halsey's kid halsey's kid is cortana and only cortana this woke stuff is annoying making "unimportant" characters black just cause we can and if that wasn't bad enough lets make halsey her mum the ONLY way i would even remotely believe they're related is if everyone in the show except Halsey were human clones Lol

  5. I might get hate for this, but equating a battle regarding intellectual property with a fight to get a tilted legal system to recognize its abuses to POC kind of trivializes it. Yes, fair use is something the big money corporations aren't real enthusiastic to embrace, but nobody's dying because of it. Just saying.

  6. Mandalorian focused on one story. With exception to people he crossed paths with. It never cut away to the other stories however

  7. Tbh i don't mind it. I will watch the rest

  8. Well shit, just cancelled my sub to Paramount+. Oh well, their loss. Only had it for Star Trek. Last season of Discovery was meh and this season of Picard is just plain frustrating and stupid. After the pettiness of the DMCA take downs for the AJS Halo reviews, I just had to hit eject. Only thing on the service I've enjoyed was 1883 (sans the daughter's monologues). Also, they have so many goddamned commercial breaks and they show the same damned commercials over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

  9. Chief would never put any human in harms way and especially Doctor Halsey, Chief doesn’t understand normal civilians but he is fiercely protective of them regardless, hell they even made Miranda into a girl with mommy issues.

  10. You are happy how Kwan is not in this episode.. but that only means 1 thing. She will have a whole (maybe even 2!!) episode to herself… At least now I know which episodes to skip LOL.

  11. This show isn't "Halo" . It's like slapping a ferrari badge on a dump truck.

  12. The episode was good but I kept thinking just how rediculous security is here. Miranda mentions the slaughter of that previous ship and the fact that they received a final transmission to someone that they suspect could be a spy. This is twice now that Humans have received a mysterious covenant hostage with open arms and not even so much as handcuff the person. As a matter of fact they go out of their way to be overly accommodating. Why would you place a possible spy on the same ship as your most valuable weapons(Spartans + AI) and the only other artifact in your possession? Later when they are trying to get her to eat security leaves the room and after she assaults the lady and does the ET finger right in front of her she immediately starts to try to help her when she has a seizure. Her priority should have been hey this #$@& just tried to kill me! Then there was the chief coming across like a got damn weakling the entire episode, not even being suspicious that this woman who might be a spy wants you to take her to the artifact, he should have immediately had them tighten security on her. I'm tired of the good guys being written as incompetent in order to make the villains seem one step ahead. *This is maybe the biggest event in human history, where are the other Spartans???

  13. 1:13
    Video: Episode 5 Angry Review
    Title: Halo: TV Series- Angry review episode 6
    Me: "HOLD UP!"

  14. With a score like that, I doubt that your gonna get taken down.
    It is a proven pattern that they only do the takedowns when you have a realistic review and a low score.

  15. nice review, see you in part two after that one gets taken down 😀

  16. curretly my thoughts overall every chapter
    Episode 1: yeaaaah fucking Halo finally… is that Pablo Scheiber
    Episode 2: WTF, how he took off the armor
    Episode 3: ugh, fucking blowhole plot
    Episode 4: Cheeks?
    Episode 5: leave the helmet on at least a couple of minutes… yeaahhh fucking Halo finally
    Episode 6: i actually liked… where is Kwan ? we don't talk about Kwan

  17. At this point I don't care how much they improve. The show is forever tainted by the shit excuse of a "story" they decided to say at the beginning.
    Reboot or nothing. This ain't Halo and it never will be.

  18. we see the halo ring for the first time and we dont hear the halo theme

  19. Sweet I can watch it before they take it down

  20. with the interrogation scene it might have been a practice with the USNC to oversee, participate in the interrogation with putting higher ranked individuals in danger.. It might have been an overly cautious move to do that with Halsey but they just were following protocol with possible prior interrogations compromising/ eliminating high ranked people within the USNC.. its stupid as AJ said without any context within the lore..

  21. This show is bad… like holy fuck is this show bad, its so slow and is not halo. It's like watching a rubbish pissy space marine who has all the feelings…. like one that isn't a murdering machine forged in the fires of thousands of wars across the galaxy but rather has some sad feels cause some doctor lied to them… docotor lies to a space marine… it runs through a wall with a chansaw sword and that scientist has a new appreciation for god wrought wrath before he is reduced to a bloody mist. Its very lame… this is a show based on a first person shooter… what action was in this…like the alien girl had a siesure… holy shit why can't they just do the aliens bad humans good, spartans best human fighters, aleins mean and attacking humans all the time and now fights all over the place with guns… why can't they do abit of hardcore henry like stuff where you see master chief go through a whole covenant army… cause that's what he does and that's what halo is about… and then stupid fungus monsters happen and then stupid space robits happen and then earth gets blowd up and then monkey aliens with big hammers happens and then shit goes off the rails super hard… and why can't there be fighting… Halo has fighting… i mean ffs chief is in all black outside of his armor… anybody get black carapace feels cause i do… he's a freaking space marine but like a bad one and i don't mean evil one just a crappy useless one… every frigen episode should have some killing in it… it's supposted to be a show based on fps… i don't think somebody getting shot per show is an unrealistic expectation… this is anything but amazing…

  22. you guys are way wrong on this one. This was the worst episode of the season. Absolutely nothing happened. If this episode was an episode of glee, it would be an entire episode of study hall.

  23. I don't actually watch the show but I'm glad to find an angry review to watch

  24. i tell ya what CBS, im gunna go pirate episode 6, 1 more person is gunna watch your show, u should thank this man for his kind works

  25. I just hate how dramatic chief is. He’s just got no chill and reminds me of my anger management crazy ex. Even if his thing was taken out he’s like40. He’s had 30 years of desensitization. I don’t think it makes sense for him to be so dramatic and Whiney.

  26. I loved every episode…honestly guys, try not being so attached to a franchise . I stopped a long time ago and i enjoy everything now. No more does my blood pressure get high because "tHeY rUiNeD iT". lolol

  27. I thought it Be like Ghostbusters are you the gate keeper 🤣

  28. Oh so now it's fine without any action huh? So the only thing you guys really have a problem with in this is Kwan and not caring about her like the rest of us don't either…

    Although I think I'm going to lose my mind in a bad way if Chief and Mackee start dating or some s***…

  29. I'm only watching because i want to see if they block this one too. I find it depressing and hope you guys stay strong.

  30. they are gonna make love and it will be like a big halo – i died

  31. Awful show, wanted to like it more than anything.

  32. Worst episode of the series, Horrible pacing, horrible writing. You think that whacky ass interrogation scene was solid? The trash moment when Chief was going to soul kiss Makee? Garbage.

  33. Oh mark my words, Quan will end up being a chosen one too. Chief has gotten lucky throughout his life as a result of the universe working to help him at times. Quan has gotten lucky throughout the show in everything she does, think about it.

  34. @AngryJoeShow do you watch the Destiny YouTuber Joker? Because he makes a video talking about the Halo tv series and how it poorly holds up against the books, even down to the Spartans and how they're not even the characters they pretend to be

  35. at this point it doesnt matter if this was a good episode or even if the next season is the best thing on tv, the ball has already been dropped

  36. I never played the games. But I wanted to understand the story. So I was happy to hear about this series. Now that I’m seeing the series I still don’t know what the fuck this halo is about

  37. It was really missing the music during that reveal, lets hope they can bring the original song when they get to the ring

  38. although i find the show painful in some parts (not counting kwan segments since i mostly skipped thorugh them) if you already have paramount+ then whatever, give it a watch but don't go out ya way to do so.
    The one thing i hated more than anything was chief without his helmet, there are moments where you want him to be badass but he's got a dumb look on his face -.-

  39. I dont watch the halo show
    But i do like watching this somehow 😅

  40. i completely forgot about her!

  41. Best episode yet drop qwan and continue on like this and we got a banger of a show.

  42. I've been looking at the Kai subplot. I'm thinking Chief is going to ask for the pellet to be put back in, seeing the fallout of removing it. Learning the "value" of it. Also hoping once we get to Halo, helmet on. I'm giving them the benefit that in the game we don't see chief without his helmet because we are almost always either in active combat or at a ceremony in Halo 2. Its reverse The Mandalorian, instead of humanizing the character by removing the helmet, we are getting to know who John could have been and watch him forgo that.

  43. This is like watching people digging through a shit sundae in the hopes of finding chocolate sprinkles.

  44. honestly, this show is getting better & better …

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