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Halo: TV Series – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex have seen the first 2 Episodes of Halo The TV Series and despite a solid action opening, its rather disappointing. Here is our Review of the Debut Episode!

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  1. Just a heads up I only ever played Halo with friends and never played the story mode or campaign.
    With that being said I enjoyed episode 1. Prior to the face reveal, I was a 9/10. The show didn't waste anytime n jumped right into the action. I was excited to see how this relationship between the covenant, usnc, rebels played out. However, that face reveal was real weak n honestly way too soon. The fact that he never put the helmet back on was bothering me as well. I get he was being tracked but cmon man the helmet IS halo. So after that I was at a 7/10…until I realized I have to wait till next week to get episode 2, even tho loads of people got access to episode 2 n already reviewed it….6/10 now..

  2. Wish I could get a 6 figure salary job to present something I know nothing about😐

  3. You guys are great. If I made money reviewing games and movies with my buddies I'd get distracted and lazy so fast .

  4. What the show gets right is definitely the action and the strength of the Covenant (I guess just elites in the show so far) and the Spartans. What the show gets so absolutely wrong is the writing!! The fact that they are focused on petty talk and squabble between the insurectionists AFTER the Covenant have already revealed. The games and definitely the books did such a great job at showing that almost all of humanity decided the only way to survive is to fight the Covenant together. There is no time in the Halo universe to keep harping on humanity relationships once the Covenant have shown up! Stop it! And the fact that Master Chief questions his orders and UNSC is so out of left field its dumb. That's not who master chief is and it never has been. Even as dumb as Halo 5 was master chief going "rogue" was for humanity not cause he thought UNSC was evil. Fucking dumb. And honestly just freaking name silver team Blue team! Why do they have to create a whole new team for Chief?

  5. Whats so dumb about hiring Pablo is they had a voice actor for a character who didn't remove his helmet, so the body running around could have been anyone. Maybe Pablo came cheap but they had a freaking built in reason to use the voice actor everyone loves.

  6. CRAP! They showed his face. Done. This is gonna be shit! (because of other reasons too) Just..dead on arrival. No chance for any season to redeem this shitshow. Such a disgrace

  7. I was enjoying it until cheif took his helmet off to reveal he's played by Adam Sandler.

  8. I can tell you the majority of Halo fans don't like the series

  9. Birth of a Spartan Halo reach commercial is better than all of this show🤦‍♂️

  10. Would have preferred an animated Halo show with great writing than this. Another product brought to you by Corporate Commander!

  11. Can we acknowledge “Because guy with crayon on napkin says do it this way” was Alex’s “it’s fucking blue!!” Moment.

    Also, little disappointed that they didn’t talk about the fact, how when Chief passed out, he just rolled over, pull back a panel next to the floor and had the ships whole oxygen control system under there, in which he just turn a knob to restore the oxygen. Lol.

  12. i'm curious to see if people like me that have never played HALO will like the show…

  13. Why do the Spartans look so small? Aren't they supposed to be 7 feet tall?

  14. This is a collateral failure.
    Just a blatant cash grab. So glad I'm watching this pirated so I won't have to give corporate commander any money.

  15. A GoT style show set during the first couple years of the Human-Covenant War would’ve had so much potential. The elements of horror that could be utilized surrounding first contact at Harvest, building up to the first appearance of the Elites (which then opens the door to Arbiter or Rtas ‘Vadum as POV characters) are there. Jumping between various human POV from Sgt Johnson on the ground at Harvest to regular civilians to UNSC command wondering what the hell is going on, building up to big ass space battles and then introducing the Spartans (as cameos lol), there is so much they could have done

  16. Don't forget Yellowstone, mayor of Kingstown and 1886 are on paramount plus. Those are def worth watching

  17. I don’t buy that they don’t have the rights to the halo theme because they were using it like CRAZY to promote this dogshit show

  18. I can't watch anymore of these shows "based" on video games and anime I grew up on. I'm done, thanks guys for your honesty, it's why I and so many of your fans keep watching. I *%$@ing hate this😭

  19. The guy that plays Master Chief was Nick Sobotka in the Wire season 2.

  20. I'm so sick of these terrible directors forcing their political and philosophical garbage into shows.

    I guess this is yet ANOTHER show I'll never support…

  21. than fans knew this was going to be shit so thanks for being honest i play to avoid the show and not give them my money

  22. I’ll never understand why these companies have to change the formula for a movie adaptation

  23. I played the first two games and the one that was originally planed to be the final game not sure what that one was called. And I enjoyed them…they were fun but when I finished I never gave any of what I played a second thought. I felt other I.P.s did it better! Like Mass Effect. Mass Effect brought out of me excitement wise what I was hoping for with Halo but Halo never brought me there like Mass Effect did. I just wasn’t a super fan of Halo. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m half way through the 1st episode (learned of its release late in the night couldn’t watch it all…work) aside from the cringey human who is watching everyone get slaughtered annoying the piss outta me its not bad at all. I highly doubt what bothers Joe, Alex & O.J. I would be savy enough to pick up on. Since I’m only 1 thenth of 1 percent as invested in the Halo lore as everyone else is. Wow that was a long way of saying I bet I would enjoy the show more bc I like Halo less. 😅

  24. While I am sure it sucks, you can't make a series without dialogue, drama and other factors that cause some form of catalyst to drive the conflict forward. Look at Halo 2: there's lots of dialogue and drama, especially from the covenant side of things with the hierarchs scheming.

    However, you need to make it make sense and make it good. Like Halo 2.

    Furthermore, if you read The Fall of Reach, which is a good book imo, there is almost only human vs human conflict; covenant enters story in the third act. But it gives a background to the spartans and to John. And that is why it is great.

    The webseries Forward unto Dawn is a perfect example of such a story on a smaller scale. Do that, but bigger and more elaborate and it would be great.

  25. It's another example of why Hollywood should stay away from movie/series adaptations of games, unless it's done by someone who really cares about the game or has at least played it. Their target audience is likely to be casual gamers or people who are into sci-fi, because there's no way any hardcore Halo fan is going to be into this.

  26. I’m not sure I haven’t watch the review yet just by the first minute I’m concerned all of the Halo games play out like a movie to make an actual movie for the sections that you actually play the game you just cut away to something relevant that’s going on at the same time right?

  27. As an old school Halo fan this review is accurate. The show just hurt me and pissed me off

  28. Sometimes I don’t even care when something is garbage because at least we get to hear joe say “ya don fucked it up” classic

  29. Damn, the way you guys describe it. It kinda sounds like the South Park episode were Indiana Jones gets repeatedly raped by Lucas and Spielberg. So sad they're doing Master Chief the same way.

  30. If that show makes the AJS crew play more Halo Infinite multiplayer than that is more than i hoped for

  31. Joe all the halo fanboys myself included are just as pissed about the show as y’all, who the fuck doesn’t look at the source material when making an adaptation?! The current state of halo infinite sure isn’t helping either.

  32. Oh Miranda is changed to a black chick? Imagine that lol

  33. Race swapped characters, and NOT master chief?

    Garbage as predicted.

  34. Okay, so… I get the feeling Joe has a problem with adaptations in general. Because the while point of adapting something isn't to make ut exactly like the source material. Otherwise, what's the point in adapting it? If they made a show that is 100% like the games, then just play the games. There would be no need to watch a show or movie, because it's the exact same.

    So we get to one of his complaints early on. That the people making the show are making it their own… Again, that's the fucking point. When something is adapted, it is (usually) done so with as much care as possible, and then each individual creator puts their own spin on it. That's why every version of Batman is different from another, why every version of Spider-Man is different from another, and why literally every video game adaptation ever isn't exactly like the comics.

    Apparently Joe actually liked Detective Pikachu, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Apparently he's excited for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. But you what those things do? They take the source material, adapt it with care, and then the creator puts their own twist on it. It's not exactly the same. And so I find it a little hypocritical for him to say that he likes Sonic, which has some creative liberties, but that he doesn't like Halo, which also has some creative liberties. Now, sure, if he just doesn't like the show, that's fine. But his argument for not liking the show is absolute ass. Hell, he doesn't even have to defend his dislike of the show, or even make an argument for it. All he has to do is just say he doesn't like it. Unfortunately, he doesn't.

  35. Of all the wacky transformers,Michael Bay would have been perfect for visual effects

  36. I dont know how I even feel about the series. Some of it looked really cool but OMG the decisions that were made. They should have given us a canonical Halo series. It's like someone read a quick synopsis of the halo books and games and then made a show. No one obviously has any understanding of the lore, this was just a cash grab.

  37. The reason writers never want to make a lore friendly story, is that it'll just be a copy, and paste of another writers story, which is what we all want but the writers feel like they need to be creative, and change things up. It sucks, and really destroys any chance of us getting a good TV/Movie adaptation of games we all love.

  38. I knew this shit was going to be trash from the trailers alone. What’s the point of a show, when you have a worse storyline than the games.

  39. Just a heads up. This series is not available worldwide yet. Months before its in EU.

    Its US only currently.

    So Spoiler Alert for anyone who isn't able to watch.

  40. I swear of god your thumbnail says it all!!
    "They done fuck it up! "

  41. This is exactly what was wrong with Witcher, HUMAN POLITICS IS BORING ASF… To much dialogue not enough choppy choppy. Part of the reason why I love Mad Max so much is that there is no wasted dialogue and actually focuses on the action.. RIP HALO

  42. This review could have almost word for word been applied towards my thoughts for the Wheel of Time series. A show runner that doesn't know what makes the story so beloved and just wants to write their own thing.

  43. Halo fanboys would totally be on your side, they betray the character of Master Chief and didn't care at all about the established lore in the game, books or comics, so why would any Halo fan attack you or hate you Joe!!!?

  44. 10 million per episode. The CGI is bad in spots. They completely changed characters motivation. And they grew lit the second season. Ridiculous. Next on the chopping block. Lord of The Rings.

  45. Paramount just wants to raise their ESG they don't care about Halo at all.

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