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Halo TV Series Announcement – Xbox One Reveal

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Steven Spielberg announces a new live action Halo TV Series.

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Halo TV Series Announcement – Xbox One Reveal


  1. never said it was related I JUST REALLY WANT THE THIRD GAME THE SECOND ONE WAS EPIC!!!!!

  2. So do you have to buy the xbox to watch the series?

  3. why r those old chicks talking about games? isn't oprah on another chanell?

  4. i was told by a reliable source that halo is going to halo 16

  5. Wait. Do you have to have Xbox Premium to watch this television show? Its not going to be on regular television channels?

  6. Who is that Bonnie woman trying to kid? No-one honestly associates Halo with novels or the web series. It's associated as a video game franchise.

  7. You are obviously a PS3 fanboy. If Microsoft used hot girls you would be all like "Wow how fucking pathetic their shit is so terrible they need to use hot girls to showcase it"

  8. 2006 – "Make a Halo movie!"
    2013 – "Don't make a Halo TV series directed by Steven Spielberg!"

  9. You were actually expecting a Halo game at XboxWon launch? LOL how ridiculous. btw the Halo Live action TV series has got a lot of fans erected.

  10. Bonnie Ross runs 343 Industries for Microsoft.

  11. Last I checked, that lady runs 343 Industries under Microsoft.

  12. Bonnie Ross is everyone's boss at 343I, including Frankie's. I don't know exactly what she does, given that Frankie is 'Franchise Director', but I'd assume she does the business side of things.

  13. 2:30 Missed that detail out did we? Premium? More money for them!

  14. According to federation records the name Bonnie Ross has never existed until last year ……. Who is she really

  15. Spielberg was the only person at that conference who talked about a video game.

  16. HALO and COD are way too overrated….and yes i know my name is "CODMASTA", i just like the game, but there are much better games out there like Metro and S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  17. This is a sign that Steaven will direct a feature film

  18. If his logic is that only reason people hate something is because they are fan of other or just idiots, then by default he thinks that people who hate bieber are idiots.

    Can my home computer turn on tv and let play games with my sound of voice? Yes it can. That technology is ancient. Nothing new here, Xbox did just do same as apple. Which is take something old and claim it's new technology and idiots will praise them as genius.
    Tv is becoming like radio after tv was made.

  19. "You ARE one of those pseudo intellectual peasants who think there are small and big proportions to words."
    Iisten to yourself
    You are a pseudo intellectual, a hypocrite and (based by everyone comments) a Troll.
    I stand by my words and i think you should revaluate them because i checked back i saw i was using the words cohesion, context, content, troll, dignity, or integrity correctly.
    You just aren't think right.
    Its called being subtle but based on your coarse words i guess you dont know it

  20. Xbox one: no backwards compatability, no new Halo or COD, anyone else buying a PS4 this summer? xD

  21. Disgusting.
    That's all i have to say.
    I'm done here.
    The fact how you went from a bit cruel to hanous is jarring and its shocking how you'll hide it in such a contentable attitude.
    Let's say i am a kid, why say somethin vulgar to a kid.
    This "kid" tried to talk to you with reason whilst maintaining his integrity and you replied with a death threat beggin him to kill himself!
    What makes you any better to say what you just said!?
    You could have ask me to stop, but that needed subtly right?

  22. no because i want halo 5 and titanfall…and if i want to play me old games i'll play them on my 360, why does the xb1 need backwards compatibility?

  23. Halo 5 comes out new fall, don't know or care about titanfall and you want backwards compatibility because no one wants to use up space or the cash to have another console laying there when they could just have one there. In other words its a waste of space. There are other reasons, but they are also common sense.

  24. Just another chance for 343 to take a sh*t on everything we love.

  25. Um, 2 new halo games, and new cod Ghosts are coming out. What do u mean no halo or cod?

  26. I'm gonna buy the Halo 5 Xbox in holiday 2014. Not buying neither next-gen console this year.

  27. So is the Halo series only on Xbox One??? Or can i buy a PS4 but still just watch it on cable???

  28. The adventure was amusing but fucking annoying.Both of those people acted like they were fucking geniuses but they both misused some words and had incorrect grammar. :p

  29. WOW! can't wait for the show to come out in 2014! exciting news

  30. Ummmmmm where’s the show……. it’s been 7 years???

  31. welp this show sure has been in major development hell, amazing that it now is coming!

  32. 8 years later and it's finally happening

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