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Halo TV Series Casts Its Master Chief For Showtime

John Campea
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Steve Calderon – Hey John, Pablo Schreiber got cast as Master Chief in the television adaptation of the video game “Halo” for Showtime. Do you see this series becoming the next big thing in television like “Game of Thrones” and the most popular for the network?

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  1. “Aside from the action, it’s not like it’s got this really intriguing story line”

    Robert, how dare you.

  2. Wow. I love you Robert but youre insane. Halo has a fantastic story.

  3. I think you're kinda crazy saying that Halo doesn't have a rich story, Halo is all built around the amazing sci-fi story, it's what made me fall in love with Halo. Hell, my YouTube logo is my Xbox avatar with Halo armour, I love Halo and it has so much potential for an incredibly deep story

  4. Do I have faith this will be good? No. Live action Halo so far has been mediocre at best. But Burnett clearly doesn't know much about Halo. Halos universe is as expansive and interesting as Star Wars if you've read the books or played the games.

  5. Robert Burnett is wrong about Halo. Halo has a wonderful, intriguing and dark lore to it

  6. I must be hearing wrong…did RMB just say halo doesn’t have an intriguing story with twists..no way I just heard that..it literally has one of the most intriguing stories

  7. The audacity of that guy to say it has no story, and then doesn't even know what the mongoose is called.

  8. Lmaoooo Halo’s lore and story is insanely rich! Almost 20 years of gaming stories, and then add the ridiculous amount of novels, and you have enough material to do 10+ seasons if it was popular enough. Realistically, due to the long delays, and the network it’s on, I think we’ll get 2-3 seasons at Best. If it’s good though, I’ll take that!

  9. Halo its an amazing universe with rich story and tragedy, since the rebellion of the outher colonies and the war against the covenant which let humanity fight till the last man, woman and ship. Every planet that fell and Every city that crumble has the potential of great story telling.
    Cheers John!

  10. It doesn't matter who plays him. All that matters is if it's going to be the same voice actor? Has to. Cortana as well.

  11. Underrated actor in my opinion. Also does action really well.

  12. Halo has a fantastic story. The games alone could be could adapted into a series with a lot of depth. If you add in elements from the books, it could be golden

  13. I suggest Rob look up the cutscene movies for Halo 4, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo Wars and watch the first few minutes of each if he thinks there's not much to Halo besides action. They're incredibly cinematic and give you some backstory and depth.

    A lot of people know of Halo but aren't aware of the lore and mythology beyond the first few games. Halo's actually had a series of best-selling novels for about as long as the games have been around and much of that lore has made it's way into the games as well.

    I've long thought that a Halo adaptation, if done right, could be Star Wars for a new generation.

  14. Robert the plots and twists are the best thing about Halo.

  15. halos storyline is one of the most complex video game storylines ever conceived. the lore goes so deep, roberts dumb

  16. In my opinion a Halo series should be Band of Brothers, meets futuristic SciFi. It has the potential to be a great war series, with some cool alien scifi elements thrown in.

  17. As a halo fan it's about to make a big comeback so timing may be perfect

  18. Halos story lines are brilliant I don't agree with Robert at all he should do research example the books and the lore, assassins creed doesn't compare at all

  19. I do like listening to these guys but sometimes, like this, you realize they have no fucking clue what they are talking about.

  20. Anyone that says Halo doesn't have a proper story line has never touched Halo. Don't listen to him.

  21. Halo has one of the best stories and greatest lores ever in anything in my opinion. And i hope this guys just acts as the body of chief. I NEED steve downes to stay the voice.

  22. I they they shouldn't have casted anyone and just gotten some tall guy to wear the suit and have Steve Downes (voice of Chief in the games) voice the character

  23. Dude halo has one of the biggest most complex lores and plot in gaming. It’s no bioshock but like anything with 1000s years of history of story has to be considered deep at some point

  24. If they don't keep the helmet on I'm going to he pissed

  25. He played a villian so well as Porntache that I couldn't stomach him. Love his character as Mad Sweeney so much. He's also stage trained so he'll handle it.

  26. Asking as it's based on the first three games I'm game. But the 4th and 5th, not so much

  27. I think Robert just played Halo 5 and based his assumptions about Halo on that

  28. Robert… lmfao you know NOTHING about the story. Wow! Lol 😆

    It's pretty fuckin detail.

    Peter Jackson drop the film back in the day because it's too much of a universe.

  29. i think they should just make a single halo war film.

  30. Been telling my friends for 16yrs. " Bro the show is coming trust me.."

  31. Did he just say halo practically has no story?

  32. You’re absolutely insane. It’s clear that you don’t know anything about the story. Even my girlfriend who really doesn’t like anything sci-fi related (she dislikes Star Wars and Star Treck, so yeah) admits that it has a very deep lore and story. She even got sad when watching the noble team deaths

  33. If you think halo has no story, you havent played the game. Let alone explored the lore.

    Also, the vehicle is called a warthog.

  34. Who the hell would say that Halo has a small damn story? Are u f'$@ing serious!? Call of duty has a small story!

    Robert you should play halo, and know the lore of it so that you'll be educated!

  35. We all know that Robert doesn't have any idea about halo…

    Wtf, he doesn't even know what a warthog is.

  36. Halo was compared to Assassin's Creed movie? What the hell!? We are comparing a series to a movie now?

  37. The cast for master chief is damn horrible. Is Hollywood becoming damn blind these days? Another doom annihilation. I will just play the game instead.

  38. No storyline..? 😂😂😂

    Peter Jackson turned it down because it was TOO big of a project.. his words not mind.

  39. Clearly Robert has no idea about Halo it has multiple twists and turns and has an amazing story with many arcs what is he talking about

  40. He is a big guy. That's all I care about. Master Chief should say very little anyway, and anybody can play stoic, no matter how bad you are at acting.

  41. Honestly I think vin diesel would play a better master chief that Pablo honestly

  42. I wonder if their opinions changed after Witcher TV series

  43. I wish it were a “Darth Vader” scenario where Pablo Schreiber was the guy in the suit, but Steve Downes is the voice.

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