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Halo TV Series: Chief vs The Covenant (RESCORED)

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  1. Why the HECK IS A jackel wielding a energy sword??

  2. why couldn't they just do this in the show? they literally had all the sound design premade from the games

  3. ok NOW… THIS IS HOW THE SHOW SHOULDVE BEEN SINCE DAY 1.. this is a total masterpience. hits right on the feelings!

  4. Now what do we do?…

    Plan B

    covenant spirit incoming!

    (I swear I coomed hearing those lines)

  5. The Halo Theme does not go with every combat scene. The ending of Three Gates might've fit this scene better, but putting the Halo Theme in this scene didn't make it better. Not saying the original was top tier either.

  6. Wait why do the hackles have an energy sword? Or is it an energy dagger similar to reaches?


  8. Let’s hope they can really fix the tv show for all the criticism it received if not then I’m not watching the next season

  9. Jackal's wielding Energy Swords I mean cool but not accurate but they sometimes had Energy Cutlasses.

  10. Awesome bro! Imagine someone, rescored the whole series. Like it was meant to be haha. But u did an epic job. nice use of One Final Effort

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just re-edit the entire show i dont care if it goes from 9 epsiodes worth of content to just one hour of a better product

  12. well at least the show did a few things right

  13. The only thing missing was chief doing a 360 no scope on the brute

  14. As much as I agree this is waaay better then what they did, I probably wouldnt choose that score as its very inspirational when it should be more intense and dark


  16. You understand Master Chief way more than the writers of the show. He's supposed to be focused on the mission always and never succumb to his emotions which is why I'm so glad you removed the scenes of John's face as well as the scream at the end.

  17. WHY? Why? Why They toke off MasterChief’s helmet 🪖? Come on people

  18. This is the closest to Halo this travisty got. The other stuff before n after… sheit

  19. this is modern day Halo
    they just throw so much crap at you to make you scream in rage with how much they are all dropping the ball on what Halo fans want from "HALO"

    but then every now and then, they throw in this, a cool fight scene in a show full of random unwanted crap or a music note in a trailer/game just to justify keeping "Halo" in the title.

    the show could've just been a live action Combat Evolved retelling and they would've made millions but instead they wanted to rian johnson it all and "subvert expectations" fully knowing everyone would hate it.

  20. Série da TV é uma BOSTA, quem escreveu o roteiro nunca jogou o Halo, foi lacrar com duas personagens que nunca aparecem no jogo, só por serem mulheres e fuderam a série. Parabéns ao roteirista e quem produziu está BOSTA.

  21. No idea what the problem is. There were a few very nice scenes in the first season like this one. The music score is also nice from time to time. Only problem is you can count the great scenes with 1 hand. Episode 1, 5 maybe 8 and 9. Not enough ofc. Season 2 needs more good stuff every episode and its all good. Season 1 was too soft with the Master Chief background. Too early and too much of that.

  22. the entire show could have been made like that

  23. It's a God damn shame what they did with the halo TV show a Goddamn tragedy

  24. Definitely shouldn't have removed his helmet and kept the original voice actor

  25. Masterchief looking at the big furry guy: well here we go again

  26. this music was shit to the scene.. sounds like some cheap zelda stuff

  27. This fight scene isn't even that great. The movements are largely stiff and awkward, I'm pretty sure the Brute's mouth doesn't move, and there's truly questionable choices made by Chief and covenant alike. (Looking opposite directions in combat, not shooting, and that last slide into a block by chief was comedic gold for the wrong reasons. If this is a fight scene fixed to the point of bringing hope then there truly is no hope for this show.

  28. The editing is superb. Steve Dows Voice, original Halo scoring with the removal of the screaming and cringy iron man helmet shot. Thank you!

    Aside from that, no amount post ending can fix bad directing and acting.

    In the first scene, the master chief wouldn't tilt his neck like that, it's out of character, the real chief would do his iconic looking up camera shot then and firmly looking at the enemy with conviction and confidence. Also in the last scene, he wouldn't be bobbling his head after he was hit with the gravity hammer on the shield, he would firmly jolt his head upright and look straight at the brute and gun towards him and grab his gravity hammer with the grapple. He would try to stop the brute no matter the cost. Pablo Schreiber's movement is cartoonish and cringy at times. It's very evident he doesn't understand the character deeply. Chief conveys his character through his mannerisms.
    Pablo Schreiber's acting was awful and so was his voice.

    He also wouldn't toss his pistol like that but more likely use it as a blunt weapon like games or holster the pistol once he finds ammo.
    But the edit can't fix bad acting or directing. But this edit makes this scene watchable and enjoyable at least.

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