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Halo TV Series Doesn’t Care About the Games

Melonie Mac Go Boom
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  1. Diversity hires produce video game adaption. They where not even aware it was a game adoption. Result, We get a superficial product. Much like how the Woke folk are, superficial.

  2. Typical Hollywood. They're so creatively bankrupt that they can't even make their own IPs from scratch anymore. Instead, they "reimagine" existing IP's that have huge fan bases and take "creative liberties" by putting their own agenda driven bullshit in where it doesn't belong.

  3. Let’s not jump the gun. Maybe they meant they weren’t trying to remake a game. Maybe they meant they were going to expand the lore from the last game I guess. Or maybe three.It sounds like they’re starting with master chief at a position in his career to where he’s already established. And is going to go through personal growth. If done right it can still hold nods toward the games and show the growth in a way that will satisfy us.

  4. I love halo but I have zero interest in this show. It's going to end up just another series ruined by woke nonsense and woke assholes who know nothing about the characters they're writing about.

  5. Since the guy who plays master chief is of russian descent,can we call for violence against him? The powers that be literally made it ok to call for violence on the major platforms as long as its against russians. What kind of shit is that? The russian people have nothing to do with whats going on. Someone please help me make sence of this.

  6. I'm mostly pissed that Master Chief or any other already established and beloved characters (Arbiter, Sargeant Johnson, Half Jaw, even the Banished) are not the main protagonist of the story, rather a group of vapid and inconsequential "Spartan" plug-ins directed by people that have no respect for the source material or its established fan base. A couple of great examples of their lack of regard for the source material are the Master Chief face reveal and the antagonist of the story. The Covenant does not allow humans into their ranks as they view the very existence of humanity to be blasphemous much less allow one of them to lead alongside the Prophets. I grew up with the Halo story and regarded characters like Master Chief, Arbiter, Sargeant Johnson, and Cortana as heroes throughout my childhood. I'm getting very tired of large corporate entities attaining the rights to our beloved stories and malforming them into something barely recognizable to profit from childhood nostalgia and to further their own agendas at the expense of the narrative's quality. It's happened with so many beloved stories as of late and now Halo as well. Some might say something to the effect of, "it's not canonical, calm down fanboy." and to that I'd respond by saying that you're right and you're wrong, it depends on how important the story is to you. Not to mention that to morph the narrative into whatever you want and when it's met with backlash, you hide behind a guise of non-canonical "silver time line" is disingenuous and insulting. It reduces Halo to little more than a bad fan fiction. Well, regardless, life goes on. I think we're all used to it by now. That we all expected something like this to happen. At least, we still have the games and the novels, the REAL Halo story to fall back on.

  7. It's a shame really. Halo could definitely work as a show with the right people in charge.


    the only shit they had to do was adapt the Fall of Reach and The Flood novels. they only needed to do the same damn thing than the animated movie Fall of Reach did, which was to make an accurate adaptation of stablished lore. but instead of that, they chose to reinvent the wheel.

  9. There is a 10 hour supercut of all the cutscenes from ALL the games. It should have been required viewing. Not to force them to clone anything shot-for-shot but to give them a grasp of the stories tone, character arcs and the mythology thay're talking so much about.

  10. I recently discovered your channel thanks to Adam Crigler and I subscribed to your channel during that show, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.
    The people behind the Halo tv show and wanting to "fix" non broken formulas or ideas sound very similar to those who wanted to "fix" the Star Wars movies and their meddling blessed us with the sequel trilogy…

  11. Just watch. It's going to be a sitcom with a reality show twist.

  12. "Season 1 ends with a great cliffhanger"

    When did not resolving your story become something worth bragging about?

  13. "I can't hijack every video and make it about Tomb Raider." Never give up. Never surrender.

  14. All that good deed for recognition bs bred a very toxic generation. The funny part about it is they act like the elite in that way- They use their good deed for publicity and then as a shield from future criticism. "I hold the moral high ground because I supported (generic cause)"

  15. I wish there were writers/directors that actually play videogames. So we can finally get a decent videogame adaptation.

  16. Didn't watch The Witcher, not gonna watch LOTR series, not gonna watch the Halo series. The best way we can show our dissatisfaction at what they're doing to our favourite things is by not giving them our money or our time. These people aren't making these things with the fans in mind, and they won't be content until they fully ruin EVERYTHING we love and hold dear!

  17. I would be more worried if they just played Halo 5 Guardians and built the show around that, But the costume design looks great though i will 100% give it a watch.

  18. Love your vids, and can't wait to see you on FNT.

    Really love that you read the Bible at the end of your vids.

  19. If it's nothing like the game, why the f even name it Halo?

  20. Visual effects in everything look pretty decent we've go that down so whatever we do it will look good. Now we just need to sort out the acting, writing, dialog, story, message, and direction and logic of the thing. Stuff that films and t.v used to be good at.

  21. It seems I'm the only fan who supports this, and I've been a serious fan since Halo released on the Xbox. There is a lot of misconceptions out there, false info, downright exaggerating and unnecessary outcry about this series, and while I get why (people cling on to what they're accustomed to), it's a bit unfair. Especially given that we haven't seen the show yet. A few people saw the first two episodes, and most seemed to enjoy it. Two episodes aren't enough to really gauge the full potential of this show, so we'll see…

    I want to say though, there are some things you got wrong here; for starters, several of the actors have played the games and watched all of the cutscenes (Pablo being one). He also started reading the novels when production started.

    Although the directors didn't play the games, they worked closely with 343i and read through the lore. Surely that counts for something? And I can tell you, if you're not a gamer, picking up the game will only frustrate you. As naturally as it comes to us gamers to use a controller and control a character and the camera, for people who don't game like we do; it is frustrating and takes a while. My girlfriend and mother can attest to this. When they have to start writing a story, they don't have time to sit and learn how to play a game, where only so little is told through each game. Think about that for a sec.

    I don't understand the outcry for Chief revealing removing his helmet; he's comfortable wearing it and sometimes keeps it on for very long periods, but he actually does remove it, a lot. There's no actual reason why he doesn't remove it – it was simply a gaming decision made, because in the games, WE are the Chief. This isn't a video game though; Chief isn't us. Unlike the Mandalorian, there's no code that Spartans keep their helmets on – in the novels, he has taken it off a lot.

    Now let's also look at this from a practical standpoint – all the other Spartans will be removing their helmets, while Chief constantly, for 9 episodes, does everything in his helmet. Why? What part of that makes sense? What's the justification for if? Because "he leaves it on in the game"? In the game, do we eat breakfast as Chief? Do we talk to our friends and just chill? No, in the games it's justified to have his helmet on, because we ONLY play missions. Do you guys expect Chief to be on missions or preparing for missions, during every single moment of the series?

    And lastly, Chief is pretty much a robot who's all about getting the job done, however he has to do it. He only became more humanized from Halo 4 onward. But still, he's extremely stoic. This is an opportunity to develop his sense of humanity – and touch on how the Spartan program robbed him of that, psychologically. His relationship with Halsey, Kwan and Cortana gets to do just that, as he remembers the messed up things they did to him, and as he begins to feel real empathy and not just a sense of duty. The ONLY empathic thing Chief has really done in the games, was disobey orders to save/find Cortana. Everything else he's done was to accomplish a goal that will help save humanity. How do you expect to develop John's emotional growth, while he's completely covered, for no other reason than "well, he doesn't take it off in the games!". It's impossible to do EFFECTIVELY, over 9 episodes, if you cannot see his eyes… I am sure there will be times when he confronts Halsey or experiences deep, emotional hurt – and you guys really expect them to deliver this, and have the viewers (many of which have no idea what Halo is) connect with Chief, without revealing his face? It is a preposterous proposition. ESPECIALLY, when ALL the other Spartans are walking around without their helmets. So he'll be the only one walking around with his helmet on, 24/7 just because…
    And do not cite the Mandalorian – he has a code to not remove it. And even he broke that code.

    People need to be a bit more open-minded and realistic. Everyone is ready to cancel the show, and haven't even seen one episode yet. Give the damn show a chance, please. Judge it on its own merits, is all I'm saying.

  22. this is disappointing considering I left the Star Wars fan base for Halo.

  23. This is another example of icing on a half-baked cake.

  24. Hi Melonie I am relatively new here (a couple of videos in now) and I have to say I like your channel more with every video. At this point and after many dissapointments I am not surprised how games and franchises are treated and I am not getting my hopes up for new anounced stuff because like what is the point, the people in charge are gonna mess it up for greed anyway, which is really sad. What really keeps me returning to your vids is your overall attitude and personality. You dont just go with the mass and stuck your head in the sand which i like, keep being you! Although I am not really practicing my religion, also christian, I enjoy your little bibelquotes of the day and your take on it. This one especially cought my attention because it would be so much needed these days. Do good things for the sake of doing good, not because you want to be rewarded for it! A personality trait i respect alot! All the best for your future go BOOM <3

  25. Master Chief is not just a self insert, he has a personality that shows through interactions during the game. They replaced that with their own character.

  26. The games share the personalities from the characters, if a game franchise is going to be translated into a movie or a show, they ones that produce it and make it happen should do their homework and learn about the characters so they can use their personalities for other expandable stories and keeping loyal to the characters of the game, in this case Halo.

  27. As someone who has a Halo multiplayer kill medal tattoo sleeve I’m hoping they don’t ruin this. The thing about Chief not removing his helmet gave the feeling to the player that you were the face underneath. If the Mandalorian can do a show and still portray the emotion without a face they could do it too. I feel these Hollywood actors have to have the need to get their mug on screen and that’s why we have to see them without the helmet/costume etc. Don’t take the role if you are going to play a character that was notorious for never showing their face. I’d be happy to be in the role and leave the helmet on. That’s the dedication the actor should have to bring the fans what they want.

  28. Day 18 of commenting on your videos until g fuel sponsors me.

    Yeah this is ridiculous. Like bad enough you're on paramount plus and we gotta dig to find it. Not interested.

  29. New subscriber here, I'm loving the videos, keep doing a great job! 🙂

  30. Cowboy Bebop, Lord of the Rings, HALO… there is and will be more in the future. “The Message” is the only storyline worth following for these Hollywood productions.

  31. I'm only here for the "Tomb Raider hijacking every video" 😉

  32. Are they going to at least follow the books?

  33. Comics are the purest form of storytelling. Games have lost it, especially with how much nowadays take away control for cinematic cutscenes.

  34. The show being non canon is not an excuse for bad story telling, Halo legends did super well with non canon story's, it had the classic and iconic halo music, it didn't try to put in a message and they got the art style and story all right. It actually felt like it was halo. Its disappointing that this show has to be another bad video game adaption because the showrunners wanted to tell a generic sci fi story instead of a actual halo story, This is even more annoying considering halo has done super well with adaptions in the past like sonic has. In fact instead of watching this woke shit, just watch the halo legends anime, it gets everything right and treats halo with respect. IN fact Id rather have a halo legends 2 instead of this show. If there is fan demand for it, it will happen.

  35. 343 have destroyed cortana they hate her look at the copy they put in halo infinite. And cortana helped Chief with his humanity I halo 1,2,3 the games have never been the same since 343 took over

  36. As a fellow Halo fan, I refuse to watch this show. My mind was made up as soon as they announced the show was NOT going to be canonical to the rest of the franchise. Glad my instincts were correct. Don't wanna waste my time with this.

  37. I’m at the point where anything made by Hollywood is already a red flag. I’m just gonna go and watch Jujutsu Kaisen.

  38. Keep going on the new channel draw the simps in and red pill the shit out of them to make them stop simping

  39. More female lead Spartans than male… in Halo…. A WAR GAME. DOA.

  40. That's one of my favorite verses as well. Very meaningful. Give in secret. Don't seek attention. Don't seek validation and rewards from others. Do good things because it is pleasing to the Lord.

  41. One thing I've learned over the years is that, if Critics & the F🤬ks on Twitter dislike something, it's probably good and worth checking out.

    Update: Saw the PILOT episode, and just as I thought, it was AWESOME.👌

    • About Master Chief's gender reveal, I'm just glad he wasn't a transbender .

    P.S: The Covenant human was reading a book, find out it's meaning. (The Dawn of Angels)

  42. This is your daily reminder that this is a $90 million fanfiction project.

  43. Again they chase the wider audiance. Not everything has to be turned into Star Wars. Who cares about Halo but Halo fans?

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