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Halo Tv series Elites Vs Halo Nightfall Elites

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Who done it better ?

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  1. I'm going to be real, the vfx aren't too bad but they aren't good

  2. They look cool, they just don’t look like elites

  3. The halo 3 live action story commercials were better than this

  4. I have so many conflicted feelings about the halo tv show, I want to love it, and there’s been some badass moments, but others times there’s just wtf moments. Out of the 2 episodes, I personally rate it 7/10 so far

  5. Imo hate the elites in the halo tv series, completely goes against standard elite/covenant military doctrine. They are also portrayed in the games/lore as the elite unites (or basically a T2 unit) with a few handful with about a dozen or so grunts and jackals.

  6. Why wouldn't they just make a diablo 3 level cinematic show? Obviously it would be expensive but Microsoft can definitely fund that shit and all of us would watch it. Get the same voice actors and make an amazing quality animated show. Who would have any problem with that? Plus this show does the one thing that the Halo franchise doesn't. The entire series of games we don't see Master Chiefs face, and over time I think we've all come to love that. When you can't see who he is it really feels like you know who you're playing because it's basically you. Without a face we get to think of ourselves as Master Chief. They took away the allure and showed his face in the first episode. Plain as day the show doesn't have the same enticing energy the games do. Just my opinion. Good try and all that but not for me.

  7. Nightfalls entire budget must have gone into those few scenes with the elite

  8. Halp 2 anniversary has better cinematics then I'm positive halo forward unto dawn had a good live action

  9. The one I remember on Netflix was nightfall and had soldier saying “Axios!” But from what I see there isn’t any references from that movie in here

  10. The elites in the tv series are too op please nerf

  11. The Elites for the Halo streaming series are way too bulky~ They look more like Young Hunters than slim and sleek Elites~

  12. I feel like the "alternative history" line spoken by Hollywood hacks is just another way to pump out trash quick without respect the lore and audience.

  13. Idk even nightfall doesn’t look that good

  14. They use the minigun, dont do shit

    Chief using the minigun= now thats alot of damage


  15. ¿ Y YouTube no te hizo reclamo por poner esa escena?

  16. The new halo series reminds us of how brutal the covenant are because in the games they don’t look much of a threat to spartans but to the marines and civilians they are a big threat and this show describes how it feels for theme i hope this comment makes scenes

  17. the new elites textures are obviously better but it feels like the design took a nose dive especially with the more bulky elites and iffy looking armor that doesnt seems like it should be in halo

  18. All I see in the comments are people complaining guys for god sake Im just grateful they made the show and want more

    Im huge halo fan read all the books, played all the games

    We almost had a halo movie but there was fighting with the Director so we got the movie District 9

    We finally got mini show forward to dawn I thought it was cool and it was low budget

    Than nightfall ( which I forgot if it wasn’t for the comment section remind me) that was pretty bad…

    Now this Show yes Master chief voice is weird but we finally get a face we have to think about this would you honesty wear a helmet all the time? No you wouldn’t…

    The rounds from the mini gun no killing that was strange until John held it

    The human in the covenant bet they did that because CGI is costly

    Rift is a human not a jackal but I thought it was well done for the actor

    The cool parts! The explosive part of the plasma guns bloody cool

    The armor of the spartans bloody cool

    The elite are slow again how they used to be back when halo first came out not this non sense speedy rolling since reach game

    The bottom line is! the more attention this gets the more money this show can get to improve over time patiences is key!

    But if they mess up sergeant Johnson thats where I draw the line

  19. Why are they so big in the Halo TV show? They're the size that Brutes should be.

  20. The Elites got on that GNC Pro Performance Weight Gain 😁.

    The new version looks way better, they're just bulkier.

  21. the Elites on the tv series are as big as brutes

  22. I really wish they left the brutish attitude to the.. uh, brutes

  23. I’m pissed off, the elites move like huge slow monsters. They’re supposed to be fast and agile, silent killers. Yet this show portrays them as slow hunter like creatures.

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  25. Need that running knee as an ability asap. Hitstick a mf if you coming full clip. What's a sprint anyways in infinite chief woulda been halfway there by the time this clip was done

  26. Hahaha what's the difference? Both have ugly armor, both are moving slow and sluggish, it's just not like elites in the game that can dodge, move, and have cool armor that seems dangerous

  27. The tv show elites are based on the size of the Halo Wars elites. Giant, buff elites.

  28. Hate the look of the new elites. Don’t even look Halo

  29. Wow I never saw Knightfall so I had no idea there were Elites (or rather an Elite, singular) in it, and wow… That's some next level awful

  30. I do kinda wish we got some of the classic, aeroplane armour for the elites, but this looks sick

  31. that little jumping knee attack by the chief looks weird

  32. The Sangheili are not brutish. It's disgusting to see my boys done this way.

  33. Last time I checked they bleed purple not red

  34. I don’t like Bigfoot elites. But they are more accurate in armor

  35. The elites and brutes look like they been busy sexually in the new halo tv series

  36. For me it's the armor. They just need to be slimed down. Also where are all the grunts and jackals?

  37. People complaint about the looks of the CGI aliens is the last thing to worry about. The writing reminds me of the last season of GOT

  38. Elites in the new one are too round and bulky and elites in the old one were too scrawny

  39. Why are they so goddamn thick
    And big

    Like I get they're taller than Spartan II's but goddamn they look like they're as big as Hunters

  40. Cool but why do the Elites look like Krogan

  41. Haven't even watched the show, but… why are they firing aks? Did prop team get the short stick budget?

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