Halo: TV Series Ep. 3 IS it GETTING BETTER? - Angry Review - gametvseries.com

Halo: TV Series Ep. 3 IS it GETTING BETTER? – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex discuss the 3rd Episode of Paramount’s Halo TV Series, Cortana Revealed, is the series turning a corner and getting good?

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  1. No it’s not getting better

    Your simply developing Stockholm sydrome if your starting to like the show

    Don’t give them anything they handed us a pile of shit and want us to smile and say thank you

  2. your points are very valid. i have been enjoying it even with the things i havnt liiked about it.

  3. Wait, Your watching a show who's creators purposely disrespect the original material?


  4. I have no intention of ever watching this show, I’ll enjoy your breakdowns of it a lot more

  5. I can understand why Alex is frustrating but he needs to understand that TV series don't just jump straight into the key scenarios. Good series build up those moments. Its only episode 3. Have to get through the boring stuff to get to the good stuff.

  6. I agree that it was so stupid that all the Marines have guns and nobody shoots the girl after they see the worms killing them . They just watch her walk towards them.🤨

  7. why is there absolutely no covenant threat in this show? how can they say that they are at war with the covenant when literally all we've seen them do is search for religious artifacts and rescue a slave child?

  8. Quan is going to lead to the fall of Reach. She is going back to Madrigol, and so is the Covenant chick. Quan knows the artifact is on Reach, so makes sense that those two come into contact with one another leading the Covenant to Reach. So if you hated Quan before…. well now you will really have a good reason to. Also Joe you can stop wearing the suit, you've spent enough time fidgeting with it lol.

  9. If anything Halsey is the only character that is lore accurate

  10. Jen Taylor does all she can but the show is working against her

  11. master chef will fall in love with covenant lady and eventually have her rip cortana out with the beam nails while they kiss out of jealousy and confusion with her misson purpose. there will be a love box as well between cortana,covenant lady, and the female spartan all wanting chiefs affection. female spartan will remove the emotion thing as well to become full on crazed lover with her feelings. one can hope and laugh

  12. Alex just destroys this show for what it is and I'm smiling the whole time LOL

  13. Why is it during the last few film/TV reviews you keep on saying "were professional" "we review TV and movies" blah blah.

  14. I just have to look at Alex and know its 💩

  15. Working Jellyfish does a really good critique on the series, he's all over the lore and pulls it apart.

  16. It is undoubtedly getting better, though that wasn't a challenge by any means.

  17. Makee is going to be the replacement for the Arbiter

  18. Just waiting for the EFAP coverage to beee hooonest , just seems like another franchise that’s been hijacked to get those viewing numbers and that’s it… no love or passion for the source material. “We didn’t look at the games” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  19. The girl Makee probably has Prelate inhancements.
    Incase you didn't know in the lore the san'Shyuum(race of the prophets) have the technology to create their own supersoldier with body modifications and special weapons, they're called Prelates. I believe if Makee is to be the counterpart of John within the covenant instead of the Arbiter then she needs to be his combat equal just like the Arbiter is.
    So the best way they could go about it without making her a marrysue is if they have like a scene where they parallel both their enhancement procedures. It'll be funny if the san'Shyuum one is completely painless and Halseys procedure is just horribly painful.
    Anyways I'm just saying cus the finger energy nail thingy actually seems to fit in the lore, if they explain it by saying she has the same enhancements that covenant's spartan counterpart have.
    Like don't be so surprised if later Makee is revealed to have mantis arms like in cyberpunk.

  20. Mandalorian successfully pulled it off, having a character that has his helmet on 99% of the time. Halo could also do it. Well, I like your reviews, not a Halo fan, so if the story is ok and the characters feel good enough, I'll probably watch it when it comes to Netflix or Prime.

  21. Again, I respect Alex bases his reviews not just on a episode by episode basis, but on the series as a whole. The latest one might be better than what we've gotten so far but what we've gotten so far is in fact hot garbage so it's not hard to do. Keeping expectations low is a good way to go about this in my opinion, not getting hopeful because one episode wasn't dogwater and not giving too much credit for just 1 out of 3.

  22. This channel is a parody of what it used to be.

  23. AJS Please, have you seen the "Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn" show?
    It was awesome and I would love to hear your opinion on that one

  24. Great news, AJ! Please, don't ever become like them – criticism is often beneficial! You can think about it and discard it, if you disagree.

    (P.S.: And I think OJ is right about the kids:) )

  25. Am I the only one who thinks AJS is the only source that's reviewing this series without a biased view?

  26. I like how Joe is the optimist, Alex is the realist, and OJ is somewhere in between. It's a great dynamic. But please let Alex talk some more, he always makes excellent points even if it does hurt sometimes.

  27. Please do review for moonkight episode 2

  28. Hey Alex, here's another one for you: Have you noticed that for the last three episodes, the alien chick's entire scenes have been her telling the prophets that she is going to go retrieve the artifact? That's right, she's told the Prophets she's going to retrieve the artifact for the last three episodes in three-minute long scenes each episode. Only now has she actually gone to do it. Just thought I'd point out the filler.

  29. Since I have nothing positive to say about the show I guess I’ll say something good about something else. Nice jacket OJ, looking sharp.

  30. Anyone else waiting for Elden Rings review? 🤔

  31. I often ask me that question. If you don't cater to the fans of a franchise when doing something of said franchise. Who TF are you catering to?

  32. Didn't care for this episode. Pretty boring. This show should be way more action packed.

  33. Best episode for me so far.. It still feels kinda generic and I could do without half the side plotlines, but there was some enjoyable stuff in there.

    Still is coming from a non halo fan of course, I imagine I'd be fuming if I cared about the canon

  34. I gotta disagree joe, this whole show feels like a Expanse rip off. They have everything they need for a proper Halo, but someone wanted cheeks instead of Canon.

  35. After the opening of the first show, it’s just been so slow that would be my complaint

  36. I wish we woulda gotten a montage of the Spartans testing Cortana in battle against one another. Have them run a practice fight. It’d be a fun nod to halo’s MP, and woulda broken up the dialogue a bit.

  37. This Halo TV serie horror is SO FUCKING BAD that I am even loosing interest in the Angry joe reviews for this show.

  38. I just want to ruin episode 3 more for anyone reading this, you know that boy that's with the girl, was like grooming her to kiss her. He said everything you see the word, kiss, you got to do it. In my mind, I was like WTF. This kid gonna bring the karma sutra and they're gonna do things in that book too. Such a creepy kid who deserves to d1e. I hated the aggressive anti government message as well. Cringe.

  39. Joe, let the other two talk more please

  40. This look you have in the thumbnail. Is this Le Tigre? Ferrari? Or Blue Steel? Is this fucking Blue?!

  41. Something I don't quite get… I'm given the impression that Doctor Halsey has led the Spartan program since Masterchief was a boy.. But she doesn't appear to be much older than him. There's only a 9 year age gap between the two actors which would probably make Halsey a teenager when Master chief started the program.

  42. Tbh, if he kept his armor during battles, and actually was the stoic badass from the games, people wouldn't mind the helmet off that much but he's just a broken emotional mess it's pablo the sad masterchef

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