Halo: TV Series Ep. 4 EVEN MORE CHEEKS! - Angry Review - gametvseries.com

Halo: TV Series Ep. 4 EVEN MORE CHEEKS! – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex discuss the 4th Episode of Paramount’s Halo TV Series, Kwan’s Quest, MORE CHEEKS REVEALED and Not much else! So much better!

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  1. So tired of Alex’s negativity… it gets old so fucking fast

  2. I never thought I'd see so many pasty white butts watching a Halo show.

  3. this episode was poop

    BUT i think its going to get better

  4. IMO this was the absolute worst "h A l 0" tv series episode!!! 1/10 TOTAL DOGSHIT It's so bad now that I am rooting for evil UNSC appointed dictator and covenant now. I want the bad guys to win!

  5. Kwan trying to avenge her father and planet from the UNSC when it was very clearly Covenant Elites who turned her friends into exploded piles in front of her and proceeded to give her father horrid case of energy sword is the most annoying shit in the show, the insurrectionists couldn’t even scratch a single one with their 21st century peashooters. The show is constantly vilifying the UNSC and making it an incompetent cartoon Villian organization.

  6. Yeah I really like how every time they cut back to another group they keep reminding us what planet it is

  7. Maybe this would have worked if it was Mass Effect and not Halo

  8. I just find it to be really boring. I also think It's not visually interesting.

  9. This show is completely dead to me if they don't show the fall of reach in love action

  10. The whole side plot of Kwan Ha is not interesting at all.

  11. Spartans being mind controlled by butt plugs is respecting their characters?

  12. Guys, stop wasting your time with Halo. Go watch Moon Knight. It's AWESOME!!

  13. Could someone please call Paramount and ask if they have any plans to add some kind of cool action into the show at some point. I mean it is based on a shooter, is it not? 🤔 I'm falling asleep here with all storylines. 😴

  14. If the writers from the expanse wrote this show it would most likely be perfection even in a alternate time line

  15. Joe, you're giving this show far too much credit

  16. Fucking Spartans are like goddamn Coruscant Jedi from star wars prequels. They just stand around 99% of the time doing fucking nothing instead of being on the front lines, fighting covenant.

  17. 11:07
    So this is what chief looks like
    Wtf..I thought he would be like mutated giant head and all, cause Spartans are huge

  18. This show = idiots have to do stupid things for the "plot" to progress

  19. Its amazing how these big media studios and game developers take on a project that already has everything written out for them, practically an opened book test with all the answers circled to them… AND THEY STILL DROP THE DAMN BALL!!!

    I'm done with this nonsense.

  20. I'm waiting for Master Cheeks magic Mike episode

  21. I knew immediately Quan would be the woke POS poorly acted token character from the first trailer. She was put in bc everyone was too afraid to say no to an ethnic female character

  22. It keeps getting worse. Keep watching it hoping it will get better, but it steadily gets worse. Halo tv series is awful. I've reached the point I fast forward past anything with Kwan in it or the fascist white man. Silver Team was done well, until episode 3. The Master Chief actor could be a good Master Chief if he wasn't being directed to act absolutely nothing like Master Chief. The nudity in Halo is beyond unnecessary. These scenes are straight up creepy. Aside from Chief pulling the chip out, there was no good reason to force feed us naked people in every episode. Even Chief pulling the mood stabilizer out of his ass was unnecessary. They could have used his arm or neck or literally anywhere else that didn't require him to get butt ass naked. Idk who they think their audience is.

  23. This show is bare bones, bottom tier, terrible writing. The most basic sci-fi show. It could have been called literally anything and it still would suck

  24. 13:33 Alex : “Growling”
    I agree lol my Halo brain won’t allow me to watch this show in peace, I can’t handle all the garbage

  25. Soren was experimented on so his muscular system gave him an extreme strength even more than other spartans but his skeletal system can't sustain it on it's own so he has to wear his spartan armor to help. The experiments also distorted his muscles quite a bit so in his scenes when his meeting Master Chief you can see his hands are disfigured.

    As far as The chosen one and Master Chief goes the Precursors seeded life and then chose humans to hold the mantle of responsibility (although the forerunners didn't like this) and a select few became the Reclaimers which can activate forerunner technology. Forerunners chose humans to do this after the human-forerunner war and being beaten back by the flood. They decided to activate the rings to kill off the flood (as well as themselves) and allow humans to take the mantle of responsibility.

  26. I’m so glad this Halo is shit! -Sony Playstation all the way!! 🙂

  27. As soon as you said game of thrones influenced writing and mimicking the better writing you've seen done I was like YESS EXACTLY 💯. Show needs to turn around on next episode at all or its not worth it at all. The halo clout they had riding into the show is if not entirely dead going to be very soon. This will be like josstice league or live action last airbender we just don't talk about that.

  28. Clearly the Ha dynasty is meant to follow the Forerunners in some way. I think what's going on with the Spartans is super fun and I can't wait to see where they go with it.

  29. Hears about Spartan coloring her hair with Sniper gun oil So you're telling me… that the Female Spartan of silver team… who is a Sniper… has Red Hair…

    looks up Linda-058 from Halo lore Sniper, female spartan, Red hair…

    Imma just refer to these spartans as Not-Kelly, Not-Fred, and Not-Linda from this point on. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the other female spartan is as fast as an ATV in this TV show.

  30. i'm calling it now….there is going to be a scene later in the season where Kwan is leading the rebel forces and the camera will zoom in on her face, then zoom out to see all the people following her. Not sure if they will be approaching covenant or the bad human guys, but this will happen for sure. She will then somehow become a firearms/martial arts expert in 5 seconds.

  31. This episode honestly made me cringe so much especially with Kai. Those other spartans are awful actors and characters (except that one guy he's chill, plus he is a better master chief)

  32. Alex said it best in a rant stop consuming and have some god damn respect the show is shit joe stop simping for garbage

  33. Joe: "I wonder if were gonna get more cheeks?"
    Alex: "SOREN!!!!"

  34. I'm to the point where I will be fast-forwarding through the Kwan shit absolute waste of time

  35. AJ twerking is not something I expected to see today, ngl.
    This is turning out as I expected after hearing they didn't even look at the games. "Silver timeline" or whatever they're calling this, but ignoring the games completely was just a bad idea.

  36. This whole touching the artifact thing just reminds me of the original Mass Effect game

  37. The way they fucked up Halsey's character is terrible. The entire show is just an insult to the source material

  38. What would have been the downside of telling the story from the first halo? Fans of the game would know what happens? That still leaves like 99.9% of the earth that it would be new for

  39. Next batman, Wayne never wears the hood. More face time.

  40. How expensive is it to keep the helmet on the whole time? (This is a rhetorical question)

  41. Did anyone notice during the chase scene with Soren and Kwan. There’s an awkward cut with Soren and Kwan turning the corner with the bike only to go full stop. Then the one chasing smashes into the wall and those two are gone. I was expecting those two to still be there when he crashed.

  42. same old emotional drama BS, but now with twice the ass cheeks

  43. HAHAHAHA at this point i’m just watching the show just so i can be properly informed to watch angry joe’s reviews – the show’s literally getting so bad i’m just chuckling in pain as i watched it – the whole master chief walking around the woods – the suit slowly looked so plastic and light no amount of ground thump foley sounds can fix it 😂🫠

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