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Halo: TV Series Episode 2 – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the 2nd Episode of Halo: The TV Series, all exposition, no action and embarrassing scenes, we assess the direction the show is going and hope for the future!

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  1. I’ve spent more time watching Angry Joe and the boys review Halo than I will watching the show

  2. Who was the guy that is working on the halo show and looked over at kevin smith's he-man and thought: "We need to do our show JUST like kevin smith's he-man!"?

  3. I liked it. You have to watch it drunk though and ignore that it's not game adaptation. simple.

  4. I had watched the first episode just before the second one came out. I love that, despite being 530 years in the future, the insurrectionists are still using Cold-war Era Kalashnikovs and GM trucks from 2004.

  5. They did it to Boba now to master chief dang lol

  6. They're replacing the Arbiter with Makee, when she gets naked they show a brand on her back and that scene kinda mimmicks what happened to the Arbiter in Halo 2 when he got stripped down and branded. This is stupid af.

  7. My biggest complain is master chief taking his helmet off every five seconds even when he doesnt have to, to the point i was thinking is this really master chief? Tbh i appreciated the mystery in his character, not every masked character has to show their faces all the time but i guess they wanted to show off "hey look he is a hot man"

  8. I’ll just watch their review, I’d rather not pay for another subscription service for this.

  9. Would there be people who'd describe this as this the "Other M" of Halo?

  10. I really wonder if Steve Downes has seen theses episodes. Maybe he will give his thoughts or even pointers at some point.

  11. When The Mandalorian wears his helmet more then The Marster Chief you know you done F'ed up.

  12. Watching the runny excrement of streaming tv? Nope I’m not

  13. Usually…most shows will do there best in episode 1…thats the hook, why would you watch episode 2 if you didn’t like the first one… for me the first episode was meh, wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all that good either…

    Now hearing how episode 2 is even worse why would anyone stick around for 3 and beyond

    For not respecting the lore and the fan base, LET IT DIE!

  14. i actually enjoyed episode 2 except put your damn helmet on chief before someone shoots you!

  15. This show feels like a big budget cw show honestly..

  16. seems like a typical scripted scifi show with an expensive title, lol

  17. This Halo is to TV shows what Cats is to movies…

  18. I'm calling it; the human female Covenant leader will be revealed as Master Chief's long lost baby sister. Their parents were either killed by The Covenant or the Forerunner Artifact, after that she got abducted by The Covenant and he became an orphan who was drafted to the Spartan program.

  19. Not watching it, same junk pumped out from Hollywood & sillocone Valley rubbish. Just consume & don't think is the only way I could even watch this.

  20. "Australian or Scottish"?! How can you get those 2 accents confused, Joe? 🤣

  21. Muh, diversity.
    Hey, here is a simple exercise: name me ONE show/movie that didn't get its quality murdered by the people that held these ideas heavily. And push them heavily. ONE, that would not have been exponentially better without these "people" in both the production and writing room.

    See, it's not a political statement, it's a friggin fact. Water is wet, the sun is hot, woke is DUMB, woke people are DUMB. Being dumb medically is far worse than "the bad word", but they are too DUMB to get that is worse.

  22. Maki, has the Mark Of Shame. So I think they’re gonna replace the Arbiter with her A HUMAN in the Covenant. This show is fuckin horrible.

  23. Break from programming? I never played the game and even I know that's not in the game.

  24. Buncha complainers.
    Only thing I didnt like in episode two was definately rev, i thought he did a decent job, it was a little cring, but the cringies thing is how he tried so hard a failed to say what he was talking about "the mantle" he was trying to describe the mantle of responcibility but Idk thats the part i dont like is how there gonna FW the mantle because all humans were supposed to be able to interact with forunner artifacts. And yes a bit too much of a drama with the unsc and I want an action show..

  25. Wait in the game you don't see master chiefs face lol

  26. Man they either will cancel this dog shit or they will make some serious changes.

  27. At the end of the day if u name it halo, cowboy bebop, death note, DOOM, dbz: evolution🤮, dead or alive, tekken, MK, Street fighter, resident evil, uncharted, or ect. Plz use ALL of the source material find story plot holes that can be easily discovered online if not from the bungi company themselves had said, and fix them. N then add in politics to make the story more layered n intense. SMH trash writers

  28. I think to truly enjoy this series we have to treat it the same way we treat the MCU. Where it's not going to be exactly like the comics but rather an adaptation. This is not an excuse for its shortcomings which it has but maybe a different way to view it that can make it more enjoyable.

  29. This show through 2 episodes is actually worse than Cowboy Bebop, and I really don't know how that's even possible. At least those actors seemed to put some effort when filming the show. The entire cast for Halo series looks unenthused and like they're only on set to collect a paycheck

  30. This is not made for Halo fans its made for tumblr fans

  31. I think the human on human conflict could have been super interesting, but they skipped time to when John is already in his late 30’s. They should have done his origin story and alongside that shown why the Spartans were being made in the first place.

  32. I usually agree with Joe, but my opinion on this show is very different. I played the games, in fact I played through all of them a few months ago, I had a ton of fun with them. But the idea that a show can only be good if it is basically the game reenacted with action and explosions only is childish to me. Good TV does not really need to be of epic battle after epic battle. If you have seen shows like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul you know that you don't need any of that to have epic scenes, all you need is an interesting story, relatable characters and good actors.

    I liked the second episode better for its character and world building than the first with the action. When I watch this I compare this to shows like The Expanse, and after two episodes I am quite delighted with what I see, I do not expect it to be as good that, but honestly based on the first two episodes it could be.

  33. Show canceled do to none halo material lol this is the remix version Halo

  34. Bungie had already skipped the setup/world building and went straight for the climax of the Halo story during the first 3 games. Why would the writers of the show want to go over something that all Halo fans know the conclusion to? THAT would have been playing it too safe and would definitely be more boring than episode 2. You want to experience those moments again? Then go re-watch the game cutscenes.

    At least with this show we don't know exactly what's going to happen and that's a good thing. We may have a vague idea based on our Halo knowledge but ultimately we are experiencing an alternate, and more fleshed out on screen Halo story for the first time. The setup/world building episodes for a TV series is usually boring but pays off in the end. For example, look at WandaVision. Over 20mil/episode and the first 3 episodes were still the most boring thing I've ever seen. Show ended up being amazing in the end. You shouldn't be going into this Halo show expecting game-like action scenes every 5 minutes. Could things have been done better/written better? As always with Halo, yes.

  35. they shoulda scrapped this whole thing and done a spinoff of Halo with the view of some random Spartans or even Noble team. shit even do a show off ODST you have so much more creative freedom this way and having camios of Spartans or even chief

  36. This garbage is 100 mil per episode where the Fuck they but All That money the show sucks And is nonsene garbage….

  37. Paramount Plus has first episode in their YouTube acct. (Not April fool's joke)

  38. I disliked the episode so much, I disliked the video

  39. Master Chief to a location where everyone is scared and threatening him…


    So he takes off his helmet -.-

  40. To me, this is like if someone made a Star Wars show, but they never watched any of the movies, and then told the fans they’re stupid for not liking the show.

  41. The Mandalorian is more “Chief” than the actual one that is portrayed in this tv show. They should have took notes from them or maybe even the game it’s based on lol

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