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Halo TV Series Episode 3 Breakdown Review & Easter Eggs

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  1. I understand this perspective from super fans, same thing with Star Wars fans who call a movie trash because the ships didn’t have any rust or damage on them, but as a regular Halo admirer and someone whos only played a couple of the games with my friends in high school, this show is fucking dope. Also doesn’t hurt that Master Chief is played by an actor I really like!

  2. UNSC deserves to be annihilated for doing forced child labour exploration camps and doing horrible immoral experiments on fellow humans to create an army of killing machines that usually kill colonists. John-117 should kick this bad world and defect to the Covenant.

  3. Set your bias aside and you might make better review/Easter egg videos

  4. I remember the first time a saw a regular human next to a Spartan! I was blown away at the stature of Master-Chief. I don’t get this regular version, when Spartan’s are bigger than life. When I see Silver team or Soren I feel like”What’s special in a 5’7 regular dude with armor?” I dunno about the budget but the visual effects are lacking. I feel like this show was made by the SYFY network. And even that network has stepped up their game. I dunno if I am making too much regarding the issue, that master-chief I never shown that without a helmet unless this is like the mandalorian situation where the actor wanted to keep showing his face as much as possible.

  5. Not all of us care that the game matches the show precisely

  6. Sidenote: Unpopular oppinion; I like the new HALO alot. DR. HALSEY is Dark.

  7. Show is really good. Extended lore accuracies are on point.

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