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Halo TV Series Episode 6 Review

Evryday Erik
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  1. The whole Capt Keyes, Miranda, Halsey circle is messed up. I wish they didn't 'marry' them together. Its messy. Otherwise, I'm lovin' this series!

  2. Does one good action scene make it a good show?

  3. Im glad you like it so far.I personally love this show. I Understand people don't like it and that's fine. But they don't need to be so harsh on it. I know I trash moonknight but I understand why people enjoy it and I don't bash them for it. Great review:)

  4. I liked this episode and I'm actually enjoying this serie so far. They are forcing to romanticize master chief anyway, for me that's ok..no problem with some "love in the air" and a little drama on the show. The storyline is convincing and interesting and I agree with you that this show is better and more entertaining than the others. Unfortunately, once again, Picard wasn't what I was expecting.

  5. Greetings Erik.
    I was not commenting or posting since SW TBoBF. And to say frankly – to comment what. There are shows on the air at the moment , You have mentioned them. Some of them are demanding to watch , some are slow , low quality and etc.,..etc.
    Nice review – spot on . Everything that has to be said You`ve nailed it.
    I agree.
    And one more thing in episode 6 , there is no Khan (or w/e her name is , and by the way does her story need`s to be underdog or it suppose to be . For sure I don`t know) and now that was relief . Because I could enjoy the quality content and as You said there is no action, But who cares , for now . When there is a plot and good acting.
    Be well , bring next week new review…until then….

  6. Don't want love in the air unless it's with Cortana

  7. Is this guy paid by CBS or something wtf is he talking about

  8. Of course we miss you! We love our "everyday" erik. Im looking forward to Kenobi starting on disney plus and you reviewing it

  9. halo series did a whole lot in one season vs amazon the expanse went on to 6 seasons of drama with no aliens, not much planets , not much than macro terrorize UNE and Republic of Congressional Mars by rally his belters colonists to wage civil war again …it just take all amazing moments from last season on finding portals to many worlds then we end up wasted season 6 like season 3 and 2

  10. its why halo have many worlds to explored for tv series , even though it does slow down a bit of its main goal but i prefer to see more other worlds in our neighbor solar systems what it like in our future …seeing a lot of star maps in that episode ..that i like a lot about where human colonist already explored …one with 2 suns …would be amazing to see that on screen ?? i would like see oceanic worlds and its alien species

  11. If chief kisses anyone it will be the final moments of this show I ever watch

  12. The chief actor hard Carries the show

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