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Episode 6 of the Halo TV Show was released today! Bit of a filler episode, but the ending was important.

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  1. Great work on Halsey
    Hate her so much rn
    They could’ve made her into a typical “loveable sociopath” but instead she’s the monster she has always been

  2. I really really REALLY HOPE that Chief simply touched her face in a “wow this isn’t a simple dream, I can physically feel things” way, but if it’s a romance thing then I will literally groan the entire time anything “romantic” happens on screen for the rest of the show.

    Kai’s better for him anyway /s

  3. Lol a small thing but I think the spartan lazor banter in the background was a little bit of a missed opportunity, they said it had 5 shots and they were working making it 6, they should have said 4 and working on 5 because halo reach it only had 4 shots.

  4. I think this betrayal of characters. Tv show should of made new characters instead changing MC. Show is only appealing halo fans visually instead have the halo show itself . Look at Marvel. Marvel could change any hero appearance , but the still acted true to marvel counter part and expanded it

  5. You're crazy to think that Reach is going to be glassed this season. If I had to guess the season will conclude with the Covenants discovery of reach. If even that, I could also see that not happening till season 2

  6. Wow I had a completely different reaction to you. I’ve kinda separated Bungie Halo with 343 Halo and this feels like if 343 got to do the origins. Everything with Halsey, Miranda, Parangaski (?), Kali, and Makee (?) we’re all really interesting. Everything with Halsey feels so close to what I would imagine she would be and do in an completely accurate version. I think if you look at this show as it’s own thing, it’s pretty good and it’s been getting even better the last couple episodes.

    Also everything with Makee and the two objects confirms to me that the season will end with Reach getting glassed.

  7. The sets are 80/20 imo. The setts done right are amazing, like Almost anything UNSC, top notch, but for some reason covenant is just weird. Not a "THIS IS NOT HALO" weird, no just weird. Like I love Bill and Ted, that future is just weird. The artifact is the obviously a piece of Styrofoam and 3d print. I still stand by the suits imo chief in particular looking really fake. Does that count as set, no but it is in that atmosphere of the scene realm.

    Overall though, I like the sets a lot.

    Also no kuan, quan, kuin, idk her name and I refuse to care.

  8. Man, there are so many characters in this show, I just wish they showed Master Chief. I like him in the games.

  9. I hope we’ll never see a MC and Makee sex scene or kissing scene. We don’t need no romance drama for a Halo story like this. I was groaning so hard rn when I saw Chief rubbing Makee’s cheek. But overall I somehow actually liked it. I’m sure Makee being on Reach will bring the Covenant to there for a fall of Reach in the finale IMO.

  10. I think Makee being locked up on Reach is gonna instigate the Covenant to glass Reach to get her back. (End of Season – Potentially)
    Dont kiss Makee Cheeks… Dont you dare do it…

  11. I think they find Halo and Reach gets glassed in the final episode

  12. This episode started by pissing me off and kept pissing me off, and then it kind of redeemed itself by the end. I do like that they’re finally using Halo music though. I heard some Halo 2 stuff and also a little of Green and Blue when Miranda is exploring Halsey’s lab

  13. I really don’t get why people have a problem with Mister Cheeks and Covenant Lady having a diad in the force. Clearly, she’s gonna stab him with her energy nail, then use the power of the force-runners to bring him back to life so they can make out on a Halo ring.

    That seems like Halo to me 🙂

  14. It’s interesting that Parangosky specifically told Halsey that she’s being taken off world soon. Regarding the potentiality of Reach getting glassed at the end of the season, maybe that’s a way to set up that Halsey is going to survive.

    I really hope season 2 is akin to Combat Evolved! Maybe the entire season won’t take place on Halo, but I hope a decent portion of it will!

    Also, not to make comment much longer, but I was genuinely surprised we got a glimpse of the Halo ring in episode 6… maybe we will see more of it before the end of this season then, since I expected us not even to get a glimpse until episode 8 or 9!

    Finally, shoutout to Kai! I’m really beginning to like John and Kai’s dynamic. I hope we see more of Vannak and Riz in the last 1/3rd of the season.

  15. I here by vote that this show does not exist

  16. I’m going to hate it but I still have the feeling MC will fall in love with Makee she’ll betray him after they find Halo and she’s leads the covenant to Reach which leads to Reach getting glassed with season 2 being must more like normal Halo and MC acting a lot more like he does in the games but I can totally see them save that tell after he has to kill Makee and that’s how they explain him never talk and never take off his armor I’m most likely wrong but that’s how I see everything going

  17. I can almost guarantee Reach will not get glassed. They have too many characters based on Reach…and judging by the cliché writing they've put in so far and the absolute refusal do take any story beats from the core cannon, I think Reach is just going to remain the "Human homeworld" where all the Halsey-Parangosky drama will have for season after season. Its pretty obvious that Chief is just going to know where Halo is and Makee will then turn on the UNSC and the season will end as a race to get to the Halo. "Find Halo…win the war" cliffhangar end

  18. To be honest, as a die hard fan, I love this show so far, I like the point of view of chief without the emotion blocker in his spine. I don't want it to be like that for the entirety of the show, but I like seeing this side of chief, as if he was human. It's a good plot builder, and gives some pretext to chief. I think when the fall of reach occurs in the show, he'll somehow end up in a cyrosleep, and the blocker will be put back into him. His memories will be wiped and he's back to being Spartan John-117. I think this whole reclaimer thing they're doing is only going to be season 1, and then done. John will eventually go out of control with emotion, and they have no other choice to put him back on ice, and wipe all his memories, and put the emotion blocker back in his spine. And then boom…Reach falls, Halo 1 begins. Thats how this season ends.

  19. It's like a lot of those words were taken straight out of my mouth.
    I can't understand it when something isn't exactly what somebody wanted and therefore it's trash or the worst thing in the world, The same thing happened with TLOU2.

  20. guess you haven't hear microsoft AR mobiglass….you can use apps without need your presence elsewhere …its like the future of our phones …imagine its possibility than interrogation, medical checkup, schools , and home entertainment , and AR phone calls that can lead to their homes or your homes to invite person far away to your bedroom….you know what i mean….S$$X….guess your not around 26th century tech that tesla and microsoft invented, not sure why people should be scared of this tech…jesus…werent we that scared when first smartphones came out ???

  21. I loved the trapping Halsey scene it had me on the edge of my seat. It was so good. And I liked the way they introduced the ring for the first time. Not digging the weird romance shit though

  22. LOL I was hearing you going "NOOOOOOO" at the scene of Chief and Makee on the Ring XD Also that's one helluva hint to it being the Domain that they're accessing, since it's an all-encompassing…domain that I'm guessing only the Reclaimers can access

  23. I'm finding that this show is too complicated. I'm watching this with people who don't watch sci-fi nearly at all and they're completely lost. ALL THE FIRST SEASON OF THE HALO SHOW SHOULD BE IS MASTER CHEIF KILL ALIEN. DON'T KID YOURSELF. THIS IS TRASH. They are starting off with plot points that should be introduced in like season 4 or 5 like The Expanse. Honestly the fan service is what pisses me off the most. Its just to keep us Halo fans happy and to try to cover up their shitting writing.

  24. Imagine that at the end of the season master chief wakes up in a long sword in space taking place right after halo ce

  25. The fall of reach needs to be its own season. So, in the last episode it'd be great to begin that — but, the writers don't give a DAMN about the Halo story, so it's definitely not going to be the Fall of Reach.

  26. The last episode Reach definitely gets glassed. Once Makee said she could use the artifact to track the other one I was like yep that's where they are going. Season ends with Reach getting glassed as Master Chief flies towards Halo and hopefully they kill off Kwan and completely ditch the resistance arc.

  27. Spartans never take off their helmets in active battlefield. No one is hating their faces.

  28. I personally think of the show completely separate from the actual lore but its oddly good to me in the way that I'm seeing Spartans in a different media I dont even think of john and the other Spartans as different people and its helping me enjoy the show but if I try to connect things it makes me not like it

  29. Master Chief as we know is essentially a reincarnated Forerunner, according to the books. So clearly the show is trying to establish that the 1 in a billion people with this gene are reborn Forerunners. Perhaps in a former life both were lovers.

  30. Really missing HiddenXperia this week had to come here 🤣🤣🤣

  31. My brother isn't as deep in the Halo lore as I am and his wife doesn't know anything about games at all. They really like the show, so I try not to let my bias take over.

  32. I think they want to get rid of Halsey, because she isn't really there with in the war on Halo. But who is there? Miranda, keys, Chief.

  33. Please for the love of Halo, Master chief does not need a romantic partner.

  34. We're gonna need to talk. At this point I'm riding the Halo train full speed to the end of the track and beyond.

  35. This series has been pretty terrible up until this episode

    I feel that 6 episodes in I've stopped criticising the show for what it should be and I've started looking at it now with what is presented to us. This isn't master chief that we know and love, but this version, I've gotten used to now

    Now that we've gotten used to this alternative interpretation of "Halo" as we're halfway through the season now, the writing, drama, tension and plot this episode has been a surprise. This was actually really enjoyable. I didn't pause the episode, i was sat from start to finish and came out of it with a weird smile.

    No Kwan really makes this show much better, and keeping it grounded with two main plotpoints allowed it to convey the themes it needed to with Chief v Halsey and Chief v Markee

    If we get kwan again next episode I'm gonna flip lol

  36. I don't think Reach will get glassed yet maybe next season because (I know it's a different story) do they have Spartan 3's yet. I want to see Noble Team that would be great it would be so amazing them interacting with Chief would be a childhood dream of mine. Keys doesn't have his cruiser I hope they make the Pillar of Autumn it would be so great to see that, and it actually fights. I have NO idea what's going to happen with Markee. I'm just happy we have a Hallo show period.

  37. all these videos are being suppressed, this was next level bad

  38. Maybe it's because I'm autistic but it wasn't romantic to me??? It was more of a "is this real?" thing. Am I alone on this?

  39. I honestly think the purpose of the Make character is to mirror chief
    They were both kidnaped as childs
    And both of them are connected to the artifact.

    I think by the time chief sees himself in her, he will decide to make amends with the UNSC for the greater good.

  40. I'm liking Chief become a bit unhinged. Knowing how capable he is physically mixed with his mental state makes his behaviour unpredictable which is cool.

  41. I honestly think episode 1 and 6 are the best episodes imo . Maybe episode 5 as well

  42. 2:52 No, you’re absolutely right. Halo has always been pretty grounded when it comes to human technology. That’s why they still use projectile weapons and have vehicles with wheels 500 years in the future

  43. They mentioned this episode that the keystones can be used to find eachother. The Covies have one, and the UNSC currently is trying to use theirs to find the Covies….so I think Chief activating the Keystone this episode may have just lead the Covenant to Reach. I imagine the Covenant let her get captured so they could track her to wherever they take her.

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