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Episode 7 of the Halo TV Show was released today! This one is a Kwan episode.

The Halo TV Series streams on Paramount Plus.

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  1. Your intro is so disconnected with your content

  2. I was kinda hoping that this portal was a portal to the Arc, we will see.

  3. If Kwan was a character from a Halo game. I would still give less a damn about playing her. I would burn the game !! 💥🔥
    Episode 7 was a waste of time for everyone !👎👎
    The writers need to be shot in there writing hand ,so maybe at least they could write better with there off-hand!

  4. If it wasn’t for my wife who doesn’t know anything about halo I wouldn’t be watching this garbage.

  5. Bro…just re edit the video and tell everyone how garbage it was… to me it seems like Paramount plus is expecting you to give them a somewhat positive review, which is why you're saying what youre saying lol…bro stop being so fake and be real….Paramount dropped the freaking ball and the whole show is garbage, because of Kwan lol…the person you say you "like"…just you btw lol. One of the few that Paramount gave early access to 😆 🤣 😂

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