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Halo TV Series: First Impressions Review (Episodes 1&2)

Cody Leach
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I got a chance to check out the first two episodes of the upcoming Halo TV Series on Paramount Plus. Here is what I think of the show so far…

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  1. The Halo tv series is based on the silver timeline,, this TV show won't be based on the games.

  2. They should not show master chief with his suit off. Thats such a bad decision 🤦I hate them for that

  3. I dunno if I can get on board with seeing cheifs face let alone out of his armor. Not knowing what he looks like is a big part of his mystique. I get this is an alter alternate timeline but that's just a weird ass thing to do imo. Did we really need it?

  4. Everyone who makes the comparison with Mando as precedent for not showing Chief's face fundamentally doesn't understand Chief's character to begin with.

  5. are they gonna drop all 10 episodes at once or how does it work

  6. “ the first two games “ no mate just no

  7. 🤮

    No trust in this review

    I need to see this show see myself. Having read the books I hope it captures the essence of the world.

  8. Wow dude, can smell the stink off you from Africa…

  9. How much did they pay you for this review lmao there's so much wrong with the established lore in this that its laughable that any real fan would consider it even barely okay.

  10. “The first two games halo reach and halo infinite” lol

  11. Yes it's a real life adaptation. I have faith that this is the ONE. This is the time we get it right. Some things will be different and that's OK. We have to look at it a little differently. Sure chief is somewhat sociopathic but! He needs to make a little more sense on screen or its going to be weird.

  12. I would have to disagree with the taking the helmet off. I don't think it's needed to have this at add more of a personal touch nor do I think it needs the extra human touch. there's moments in the game (yes I understand thier not going off the game) where MC is confronted by events and Cortana with human emotions and he shows them or doesn't. I hope the helmet is only taken off at the most necessary part not at some human to human heart that can have same result with the helmet on. It's just giving actor more hype and fuelling their egos and relationships!
    I hope it doesn't turn to be spin off Starwars or and some tribal influence Halo. Also the blonde in black which seems like some covernent queen makes think starwars.
    But I am hopeful for it and looking forward to it!
    Great video good to hear some of the cool stuff that's happen and enjoying it from someone who isn't deep into halo is a good perspective.

  13. Finally!!! A review that understands that a Canon material is one thing, and an adaptation has creative freedom to not literally obey all the game's references. Man… I just saw a bunch of die-hard fans ripping their panties off over the helmet situation. Dear Lord, people are unbearably boring these days. And as a die hard fan of Halo with a little discernment, can’t wait to see the show.

  14. If you a causal aren't convinced by master chief after two episodes thats not a good sign.

  15. Halo Infinite has the potential to be the top game for the next 5 years. They just need more staff they can’t produce enough content for the live service platform they took on

  16. Btw REACH was leading up to the events before the first game. This is a separate universe completely none of the TV series is canonical. Just wanna clarify because this is about to be a woke shitshow.

  17. I was actually stunned to see the prophet of Mercy.

  18. But in the games important and beautiful thing is ,that mystery of not knowing how chief looks,and one of central themes is whether he is more machine or human,and they f***ed up that,its just, in this state this will not go well with fans,i am sorry,why to watch something with name Halo,when that is not that,make new series with other name if you dont want to respect the lore

  19. Just watched episode one….. wow hot stinking garbage.

  20. Only saw the first ep and I didn't mind it

  21. Man, watched first episode and I love it.. I've been playing the games since day one and I've got to say, this is so far amazing.. also on the topic of him removing his helmet… I love it.. it's the question, can master chief appeal to a more human side and this show is gonna explore that.. I'm can't wait to watch the rest.

  22. Did anyone catch the Elite penis on the table at exactly 38:00 into the episode?

  23. Well I watched the first episode and I thought it was so disappointing and not great

  24. Checked this out and besides the avaerage war stuff and some very clunky CGI I will hold out to the end of Halo. So far is just awful. USCM BAD! WAR BAD! Masterchief BAD! lady saved by the spartans only to go rant about how Spartans are the bad guys if she doesn't get her way. What else do you expect from people who did not even bother to play the game to understand what makes it great.

  25. Based on most reviews this review didn't age well. Not that his thoughts aren't accurate for what he felt about the show. It is kind of strange that he mentioned the political side of Star wars which is what most people hated

  26. Liked the first episode but the first action scene was sketchy…..such as two mounted guns firing at the elites doing nothing yet the chief picks it up and melts them..I mean come on

  27. Ur Review is false as fuk, feminism si all over this sh1tty series, the second episode has no action at all, it's all about the transgénder little asían girl with no sideburns, at one point she is Even talking down to Master chief after he just saved her life, fuk this dvmb show

  28. That was terrible, no where near decent to lore of Halo, must be set in some other universe.

  29. It has nothing to do with the stories of the games or the books. It's trash.

  30. I couldn’t disagree more with almost every single thing you just said, for a $200 million show, this looked cheap as hell

  31. First episode was awesome can’t wait for more!

  32. Dude. Thanks for showing me that I will never listen to anything you review ever. That show was the worst piece of crap I've ever seen.

  33. i hope they cover the full scale of the war including the grit things like fall of reach the flood etc

  34. you could easily pull 15 seasons off of the halo lore if they use their heads

  35. i mean dang the war started because the prophet claimed they where the successors for the forrunners when indeed the forrunners left the tech and gave humans the dna sequences to use the tech. and the flood was the main reason why because a very ancient civilization released the flood on the galaxy out of revenge so to speak so with the forrunners down fall they left the gauntlet for the human race. and during the war the humans lost billions of ppl. i really hope they capture these things it would really pull the audiences in and even the gamer side of things forget this or dont even know about these things because the games dont even touch on it.

  36. Please PLEASE Do a review of the new tv series titled "FROM" starring Harold Perrineau made by producers of LOST series.

  37. My god your standards are so low, episode 1 was utter garbage and is Halo only in name. 1/10 and I’m being generous.

  38. Halo series sucks ……its just another generic sci fi show with halo's name slapped upto it …..different interpretations are fine but they change everything in the series for the worse…..and the guy playing masterchief is absolutely terrible

  39. Love that you’re not crapping on this show like most other YouTubers are doing. I’m with you, I think it’s great!

  40. that creepy potato behind you in the window freaks me out

  41. The Korean girl is my favorite character, yep. Can't get enough of her, no sirree…that's right.

  42. Did you go back and watch the entire season? I finished it today personally I only have one Halo game, Halo 3, so I'm not deeply invested in the lore, I was more Gears Of War & RE but I enjoyed the series I'm a huge Pablo fan.

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