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Halo TV Series Formally Announced!

Halo Canon
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It’s been 5 long years since the Halo TV show was announced. Today, we finally got some real news and a promise of production in 2019.

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  1. If they do re create the events of a Halo Campaign, I hope they do Reach.

  2. The writer being the showrunner is a red flag. You need someone to tell the writer that some of his ideas suck.

  3. Wow each episode will be 1 hour long !! Im perty sure some one will torrent this show

  4. How does one watch it if one does not have show time?

  5. You had me laughing from the beginning, I love you from how you started that

  6. I would rather have a MASS EFFECT or DRAGON AGE series be made

  7. I’d rather the TV series focus on an ODST and an Elite. Maybe some master chief and other main characters cameos.

  8. Stargate Still my favorite science fiction show tull this day so I hope that means halo show is in good hands

  9. Maybe Nathan filion will be a lead actor hint hint alpha nine

  10. If the series makes it be on the first season I would like to see the Fall Of Reach as the final season.

  11. I LOVED the use of the Halo Wars opening monologue

  12. That's one thing that I feel like I don't agree with you on. It's not halo if there's no master chief. I need master chief's story to be told in TV form!

  13. Hopefully they will also release it on Netflix eventually.
    But if it's set during the Human – Covenant war they will have SO MUCH potential characters and storys to tell. Just imagine meeting admiral Cole, seeing Captain Keyes again, seeing/hearing of the battle at Sigma Octanus IV, seing more of ONI and maybe even seing some Spartan IIIs in SPI armor at operation PROMETHEUS or TORPEDO.

  14. So is Showtime like Netflix, or is it like Foxtel?
    Like a paid streaming service or just regular old TV?

  15. Why did it take so long to make a TV series? They had all that live action trailer from 3, odst and reach.

  16. Dude you had me on the floor with that intro! 😂😂😂 hahaha

  17. HiddenXperia and HaloCanon really should get jobs at 343. I feel like you both have a much needed passion for the future of halo games and have perspectives that a great majority of Halo fans agree on. If your collective insight made it into the upcoming halo games I think it would do the whole community a big favour.

  18. You know as well as anyone… we ALL want a Chief-based showm

  19. I hope it’s an anthology series, with sets of main characters. Kind of like the Star Wars clone wars tv show. AND SPACE BATTLES, LOTS OF BIG FUCKIN SPACE BATTLES, MARATHON CLASS CRUISERS FOR THE WIIIIIINNNN

  20. What’s the name of the song in the beginning?

  21. Nice halo wars style opening dude that was amazing

  22. What a great time for me to cancel cable😥 they might put it on Netflix right

  23. I think they will do the series but be released in five years

  24. By the way I love Halo but prepare to be disappointed they're going to trash it somehow I just know it

  25. I'm delighted it's on cable. Less restrictions.

  26. Do they have Marty O'Donell onboard for the music?

  27. I don't think that "moments we've already experienced" necessarily means "plot points we've already seen". In my opinion that's more in reference to say the old ten seconds of fun Bungie used to refer to. So like, a warthog run, banshee dogfights, Spartans ect.. Which is bad news for a different reason, this show could be a lot of character moment "filler"; the type The Walking Dead was plagued with.

  28. We want a diverse group of humans and aliens in this show. Green, Japanese, white, lesbian, blue, shemale, interspecies and much more. We will be getting a hot, beautiful and half naked and bi-sexual Cortana.

  29. showtime made blacksails a pirate show that is absolutely amazing and is on par with game of thrones. Also premium cable is seeing a massive rise in popularity because it can be bought and streamed on platforms that the company has made such as HBO GO or accessed through platforms such as Amazon prime. I believe the premium cable route was 100% the correct pathway for this show

  30. paublo schrieber (tanto from 13 hours) has been picked to play master cheif

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