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HALO TV Series from Paramount+ Confirmed To Be WOKE

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Your worst nightmares are about to come true with the HALO TV show on that streaming platform.

Correction: HALO: Landfall was made in 2007 by Neil Blomkamp (lack of coffee will send my brain into meltdown!)

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  1. Wasted opportunity to expand the world with so many other Spartans and Spartan teams to explore like Naomi-010.117 can be in the background as a cameo or in conversation.

  2. It’s been said that Master Chief isn’t the main character in the series but the 16 year old Asian resistance fighter that Master Chief saved.
    It’s not looking good.
    Dot Matrix from Reboot would make a better Cortana than this knock off.

  3. The future is female bro, males are obsolete haha

  4. Live-action Halo. My friend has played the game

  5. If they focused on the female Spartans, it would be interesting. However, Master Chief should be the main character because it isn't HALO without him.

  6. Halo doesn't need to be woke; it already has very powerful female characters; Cortana is Master Chief's trusted source of intel, Dr. Halsy is the genius behind the Spartans, Miranda Keys is a courageous soldier and naval officer, not to mention the female Spartans. Not having the Master Chief as the protagonist will be sabotaging the series for the millions of fans!!! Thanks for telling it like it is, Jason, keep up the battle!

  7. I hope your channel gets huge, man. Real talk, bro! Go for that Youtube 100k plaque!

  8. Halo needs to be beefed up! It's military, war, action take no prisoners defend the castle type stuff. I think I'll rewatch Starship troopers again. Nice outro, dude!

  9. Oh okay, so the Halo themed nail polish was a bad omen.

  10. How is she even supposed to teabag fallen opponents?

  11. They should have the the person who directed and created the last ship create the Halo tv show. Halo landfall was made in 2007 and has better visuals

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