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Todays video features a complete breakdown of what we know so far relating to the Halo TV series and when we can expect it to be released.

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Halo is an upcoming live-action science fiction television series based on the Halo video game franchise. The series will focus on the 26th-century war between the United Nations Space Command and the alien Covenant. The series stars Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, Charlie Murphy, Jen Taylor, Shabana Azmi, Bokeem Woodbine, Kate Kennedy, Natasha Culzac, and Bentley Kalu.


  1. Only starting the video now but as long as there is no race swapping or progressive politics it might be ok, Sick of that shite.

  2. Don't understand why the cant just get Steve Downs to voice the MC and just get a tall actor to play him on screen. Like what the did with darth vader.

  3. We all need to ask the act man to review Halo Forward into Dawn

  4. Im sure it'll be a dumpster fire, like all the live-action shorts before it.

  5. Hope it's not WOKE garbage like the rest of sci-fi these days.

  6. I play apex legends with a guy who helped produced this in Budapest lol. True story

  7. Can we please PLEASE get HALO LANDFALL?!?

  8. Hello, im from Hungary and one of my friends works on the show

  9. gives me good vibes that the director from peaky blinder s will be directing this. However, i really hope this doesn't end up turning chief into a trendy talkative post modern hipster feminist always making nods the the sjw crowd. Just make the damn show.

  10. Well, I was hoping for a feature-length motion picture, but this will do. It just sucks having to wait this long.

  11. I dunno how I feel about the cast man… and no Sgt Johnson?!?

  12. I don't know why there doing a non cannon series. they should have done a band of brothers like show that just follows a Squad of marines or ODSTs during the evens of the battle for earth or Ce (can't remeber what ring it takes place on) They could have had Sgt johnson make a apperents for name value and trailer hype. Or as a better idea and what I would pick make a series about buck and his squad during the fall of reach as we know they where on reach but as far as I know not much about what thet where doing. Thay way you have characters people know, in a cannon series so people will want to know what happened, where you don't have to change the lore.

  13. Is this show gonna be non canon to the games and books etc or canon?

  14. they forgot someone i think where's Sargent Johnson

  15. I'm really excited for this show, but at the same time, scared that it's going to flipping suck. They better base the show off the video games buried by the book.

  16. If the masterchief isn't a half Indian half Chinese genderfluid pansexual then is it even halo in 2021? No its not. Also how come the UNSC spaceship isn't painted rainbow and unicorn? They don't have June in the future? Cancelled. #notmyhalo .

  17. I feel like an animated series would give halo more justice just like legends but instead focusing more on one art style and story.

  18. Those leaks of the rock clusters from the show, Could those cluster of rocks be something similar to the star roads that the primordial/precursors made? In the forerunner trilogy silentium there was something described that fit this description when the life shaper was on an ancient world with ancient forerunner ancestors who were without technology and there were thousands of ships abandoned in this system.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about???

  19. Looking at the cast it might be crap. If the original voice actors was in it then it would be a lot cooler.

  20. Here's hoping that the Covenant are boys and girls in costumes and not CGI.

  21. What is with movies making key non black characters black? I really despise this forced diversity culture. Just include Sgt. Johnson with a black cast who is actually black. Garbage casting.

  22. I kinda wish Disney picked up halo because I have a feeling they would do a amazing job like the mandalorian. A bit disappointing that the actors and characters are not the same race. I have no issue with black actors but it will be a bit confusing from the game to the show but I'll still watch the show to see if it's good and it does look very interesting as it would be cool to see the covenants home worlds

  23. Bruh what why are they changing the race of the characters 😐

  24. Why is Captain Keys and his Daughter Black (not racist!) It’s not true to halo lore like bruh, been playing since 6 years old, it’s gonna be weird hope it’s good though

  25. This looks very bad. I wish HBO would pick it up instead

  26. Now that it’s moving from Showtime to Paramount+, I don’t care anymore.

  27. Forward Unto Dawn was so awesome and Nightfall was terrible, such a total let down.

  28. Really they didn’t cast both Keyes to look like they did in the game. Well going to be skipping this SJW garbage

  29. The only question I have is: Will the Halo TV-show arrive on Television as well? Or will it only be accessible via Paramount+? That's what I want to know.

  30. If they try to put a face on MC I will absolutely never touch anything related to this show or anyone who directed it.

  31. They could do something like star wars did with the clone wars. Have an animated series then make more movies that split it up.

  32. Duuuudddeee the Keyes were white, and st best Latin American. Way to fuck it up right off the bat.

  33. i hope visual efects will be better than nightfall

  34. Why is Miranda Keys a black woman? Already feels like woke bullshit will ruin this series…..

  35. Russel Crowe should play Sergent Johnson! That would be incredible!

  36. an animated series would be so much better, you could bring back the entire cast of the games, and tell a much larger scale story with as much budgetary concerns.

  37. this hasn't been in any light for literally years. this TV series is on the back burner, won't come out for atleast 2 more years in my opinion.

  38. wait wait WAIT A SECOND !!! ok so um Jacob keyes Captain Jacob Keyes is black…. man i must be colour blind a Jacob and Miranda were white!!!! come on lets not mess with it. everyone else is cool no problem and all but come on we played this game from day dot number one … and Jacob aint black ppl !!

  39. i didnt realise jacob and miranda were black in the series, coulda sworn they were white as they came ..

  40. 117 fighting brutes bro. The book fights are naaaaaaaast E

  41. They've already set it up for failure by white washing the characters. The Key's family isn't black. Ruins emersion. I'm sure they will ruin the story with political ideology as well. I LOVE halo. I'm done supporting the propaganda though

  42. I am getting sick and tired of all this freaking SJW blackwashing ruining adaptations in the last few years! They already ruined The Witcher, and now Halo. Why can't studies just cast actors of the same race as the characters their playing. I'm all for diversity, but changing the race of an established character especially when it screws with canon is just wrong! Its disrespectful of the source material. The diversity of the characters in Halo is already huge, there is no excusable reason to blackwash the white characters when you have a diverse array of characters already. Miranda Keys is the child of Jacob Keys and Halsey. How the he'll are they going to explain this actress as being Halsey's kid? One more show with great potential ruined by SJW producers with no respect for canon.

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