Halo TV Series Is A DISASTER! | Creators Don't Care About The Games, Woke Bait And Switch Confirmed! - gametvseries.com

Halo TV Series Is A DISASTER! | Creators Don’t Care About The Games, Woke Bait And Switch Confirmed!

Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost
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  1. The lesbian was more prominent in the trailer <<<so no surprise 🌾


  3. They even made the replacement for MC look like an annoying SJW. Like, they're even aware that SJWs have a certain (and irritating) look. They're self aware enough to reproduce the bitchy attitude and horrible sense of style, but enough to realize how frustrating and off-putting those people are.

  4. Toxic trash, disliked! ya know how old John is in game lore? Retirement home old! I'm glad for the new lore and it's and that quote is taken out of the context, they're looking at the books and expanded universe for inspiration…

  5. Our duty as soldiers is to protect Humanity, whatever the cost ———- "I don't know"

  6. It was 20 minutes of halfway decent action followed by 30 minutes of women arguing with each other and Chief removing his helmet almost to metaphorically say "fuck this I'm out." Me too Chief, me too.

  7. Old warrior and a kid, let hope they don't copy mandolorian tv show.

  8. And thats why Riot succeeds where others fail, you can think of Riot whatever you want but they know what they are doing.

  9. Thank you for this rant! My gawd! Halo has had decades of story. Lore. Etc! And here we are in 2022 with this fucking abomination!

  10. If anyone is wondering what that grunting and thud sound is, its the sound of the collective fan base beating their heads against a wall out of pure frustration.

  11. This is why Rings of Power will fail. It’s why Star Wars failed, but hey it’s okay. None of it is canon and fans are free to shit on it. The only thing that excites me about this, is the superabundance of rant videos that we will get! This overrepresentation of minority groups (which are no longer minorities anymore because they are a functioning part of our society; human beings like us) is total garbage. Forcing “the message” has become trendy in Hollywood. What “message”? The message that you’re all a bunch of evil corporate pricks? Gotcha.

  12. Well fuck this series – enjoyed the first episode but kind of got a hint of what was to come…these fools just do NOT learnt their lessons do they? Definition of madness, doing the same thing (bumping your head into a brick wall) over an over and over and expecting a different result….idiots…

  13. this director basically had others develop his opinion for him. we could say that halo tv show is an example of how internet would make tv shows. unfortunately, until they learn, these are necessary sacrifices.

  14. When will they learn that their woke bs is not going to make them money.

  15. Evil cannot create. Just pervert and destroy. It's really that simple. That's the best rule of thumb to distinguish good from evil.

  16. I'm not going to watch this, therefore it does not exist.

  17. It was bad even without the woke crap,I didn't like it,seemed like a homemade show,they are playing with fire messing with the HALO story

  18. Quan just seems like another Hollywood attempt at placating "Chynah".

  19. I don’t what’s so woke about this show aside from character race swaps. It’s woke if a characters race or gender define their personality and actions. So far I haven’t seen any of that. Having a minority or female be a main character doesn’t make a show woke unless those factors play a role in the story.

  20. This time ima just wait and i am wondering when a show runner and their staff will get hitmaned by a hitman fan when they try and mesa with that more

  21. brah i know about the The Halo Universe, I been playing Halo since it came out in 2001, yes it isn't noting like the game but wtf you expect? stop bitching, watch it, and it isn't that bad if you don't like then don't watch it as simple as that….. people are already complaining that the show started very bad with the deaths of the kids, consuming drugs, and I hope they do listen to all the bad comments towards the show like that they can cancel and completely stop it … like i mean they should never try again because ppl with no mater what judge it like how they judge the Witcher….

  22. At this point in the game, who's surprised. Hollywood is brain dead, need only be buried.

  23. So they flat out admitted they were creative enough to tell the existing story…so they threw it out to tell their own? Good. Stars. Above. They keep getting dumber.

  24. I am a glad I found this video… was beginning to think I was a bad person. Not that I need my opinions reassured by people who agree with me, mind you. But it is easy to get confused with all the Wokianism out there. The constant, incessant bombardment.

    Now I am not quite sure what this new Sci-fi thriller-esque series is… I mean I love Halo. I love the Eric Nylund books… I love the lore. Whatever this hot garbage is, Halo it is NOT. Epic failure

  25. I'm with you about it being shitty when hack writers rewrite an IP to meet their agenda. On the other hand, except for arcane almost all game adaptations have completely sucked. If there is a book series to adopt, history tells us your show will be financially and critically better recived if that is your primary source. The Witcher owes it's success to this.

  26. go figure, hot trash…. when you choose to neglect the already deep lore and history of a franchise you are only setting it up for failure; imo. It's a shame MS and/or 343 didn't do more to protect the Halo IP from being cannibalized like this.

  27. Man they talk shit!
    Human perspective? If they wanted human perspective why don't they just focus on a group of UNSC marines, perhaps they're just regular soldiers, nothing to special about them but Chief helps to boost their morale when odds are slim against the covenant. Now that's what I a long time fan of halo would love to see, and such a story would resonate with loads of us as halo fans all adore the tenacity of the Marines. But no sounds like we get master chief portrayed as an incompetent white male whilst a Mary Sue shows him up, it's gonna be shite!

  28. Okay now that we’re done bitching about it what can we do to change this.

  29. I was actually considering giving this a chance, But You DO NOT Take Off Master Chief's Helmet…….

    I'm out.

  30. Show is a failure after the first episode. You by now fucking means show the master chiefs face!!!!!! You did it in the first episode!

  31. And so Halo bites the dust. Well, it’s safe to that that it’s already D.O.A

  32. Watched the first episode and it was great. Don't trust the sensationalistic BS. Maybe the rest of the episodes are gonna suck, but ep 1 was solid 👌

  33. When are you doing a video on house of dragon wokeness?

  34. Why is it so hard to stick to a script? Halo is literally laid out in front of them but they choose to go their own route.

  35. This is like if Disney plus came out with a live-action Kingdom Hearts series. Cuz you know nobody wants to see Kingdom Hearts as an anime. Absolutely no one wants to see 2D animation come back with a small blend of 3D animation. These people are geniuses

  36. I could tell a better story than any of the writers. Wanna talk about Master Chief discovering his humanity then look at it through the eyes of every god damn soldier out there who has been in combat. These people never have and can't express it except to point out continued bs of things they know nothing about.

  37. "Woke bait and switch" lol Of all the things to get mad about in this episode. So fucking lame.

  38. Man cant get anything right. Fallout too.

  39. lets do a show with chief Cortana, Locke, and sergeant Johnson, but hear me out, we call it "that 50's show" its a period piece about when chief(in full armor) was attending high school with his best friend Locke. I promise, its character just not plot accurate.

  40. they always get these potato looking asians…yechh…I am asian so it's not racist lol

  41. wow acting and casting was aweful. lol
    i cant watch that shit.
    never mind the identity bullshit.

  42. Yeah woke. Women are all knowing and in command and men are the knuckle dragging clueless. And then there’s the near kiss of under age girls. Reeks of woke, almost as bad as Discovery.

  43. Halo SJW. Fantastic….NOT. What this series needs is Gunnery Sergeant Audrey Johnson. That would be great.

  44. Hollywood is literally trying to impose it's will on it's audience, rather than entertain, they trying to manipulate.

  45. The Elites are all: "This is the Demon we were all afraid of? Wort, wort, wort"

  46. The story of halo is so vast, enticing and thrilling. They could've done so much.

  47. At this point I am a believer of the conspiracy the old heads of Hollywood are intentionally destroying adaptations of games/cartoon shows because they don’t think they’re a real medium of entertainment.

  48. Watching the series now, and it reminds me of startrek discovery, where almost every key character is a female characters. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and years of watching men lead the way, but as a halo fan strike 1 was not fallowing source material up to a point, I can understand trying to be a bit different in order to reel in more people to watch the series but come on, would it hurt to go half and half on the story??
    Strike 2, having too many female characters that feels like master chief and Cortana, the main characters of the game, are in the back seat.
    Strike 3 an all powerful female character who is worshipped by the covenant and who has power to use fucking giant worms? Wtf!!!!??? 😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤮🤮🤮

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