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Halo TV Series Is A Show That EVERY Fan Needs To See… Here’s Why!

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Halo TV Series Is A Show That EVERY Fan Needs To See… Here’s Why!

Welcome back to Show Hype. Today on the channel we are going to talk about The Halo TV series is A MUST WATCH for all gamers! The official trailer is out, here are Easter Eggs and what fans may have missed! Halo is an action, adventure, sci-fi series from Paramount+. Starring Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, and Yerin Ha.

Halo is based on the popular video game franchise of the same title. The series will be all about aliens threatening the existence of humans in an epic futuristic battle. Stick around and enjoy this video as we feature The Halo TV series is A MUST WATCH for all gamers! The official trailer is out, here are Easter Eggs and what fans may have missed!

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Halo TV Series – Official Teaser Trailer


Halo TV Series – Official Teaser Trailer – Reaction!


  1. They better not screw this up and change the story with their disgusting SJW agenda. Tired of these "woke" writers ruining our favorite franchises.

  2. Where the hell did you get your info and learn english? 🤣They were stolen from their families between the ages if 6-7, not as toddlers or infants, and they were replaced with clones 🤣🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️I like what you're trying to do, but damn replay the games and read your Halo encyclopedia

  3. JAWLNEER POWER ARMOR……………………………………………………

  4. Tell me you're not a halo fan without telling me you're not a halo fan 🤣

    Dude can't even pronounce Mjolnir right 🤣 and the armors literally named after Thor's hammer. Do better Fam cuz Halo infinity ain't even a thing. Steve Downes would back-smack the ish outta you my guy 💯🤣

  5. Can we all just take a moment to think of that Chief is 15 in forward unto dawn

  6. Why in the hell do you keep saying "infinity?"

  7. Did he say…….Jal-neer armor? Seriously????

    And Halo infinity????? Look at the word! Sound it out! In-fin-ite. This is almost insulting. Get someone who actually knows something about the material to read this crap, as well as someone who can read please.

  8. They should include the formation of the banished in it that would be dope

  9. 1:17 did they learn NOTHING from halo 5, this is going to be so awful it might bury the franchise.

  10. I saw mostly women in that trailer…….. no American men……no creatures….. just weirdo liberals 🍇
    Don't get your hopes up….. lesbians will be the theme of this series

  11. My question is why are they doing the most basic fuck up right off the bat why are they changing the story, that’s how all adaptations end up tanking

  12. 10K views


    ???? Dislikes

    Thanks Youtube, thanks 😒

  13. I almost chocked my food after hearing you say mjolnir 🤢

  14. whats a jalnir i thought it was Mjolnir lol

  15. Maybe before making a video u should learn how to pronounce things correctly with halo or wat ever ur sorce material

  16. Best way to kill hype: use literally any footage from Halo 5 or include 343's Mark VI armor design.

  17. I was really looking forward to this bezwascause of Pablo Schreiber after American Gods but then I just realized this is probably going to be like The Mandalorian where we never actually see his face or very little of it if we do.

  18. We cant see the dislikes but it still does something guys👎

  19. “Jawneer power armor” this guys doesn’t know shit

  20. My guy, a lot of the mispronunciations are basic words

  21. The teaser is too short, so I will tamper my expectations. This is obviously an alternate timeline, that's what I tell myself in order to overlook the unnecessary changes to crucial parts of the lore.

  22. If this doesnt have the same type of feel as Halo Landfall I will be very disappointed.

  23. Either he is mispronouncing it intentionally or he rode the short bus

  24. This guy is lucky that the dislike meter is gone. This guy knows nothing of halo. Called it master chief's Spartan program? WTF?

  25. Hahahahahahaha Cortaana! Jolnier! This dude is trolling or just extremely illiterate.

  26. Who the fuck picked this narrator?!

  27. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone manage to pronounce the armor like that. Like bro how did you make your tongue do that I’m genuinely impressed 😂😂😂

  28. No offense but how did you manage to miss pronounce so much lol.

  29. Probably the worst guy to pronounce anything and also was speaking non sense. Obviously they had someone or this one guy has never played halo a day in his life

  30. Cant wait. been waiting for this for decades! 😀

    P.S. You butchered the pronunciation of mjolnir. Its pronounced more like mill – nir. The j is silent and the o is more like an i.

  31. Yeah he kinda messed up the word…..I don't think it's as bad as the director failing hard on the fact that John was blonde, the guy in the trailer has dark stubble FAIL!

  32. No true halo fans mispronounce the most basic halo terms

  33. Nooo it won’t be the same without downes voicing John ):

  34. LOL "Jolnir" lol sit back down guy, you're fired.

  35. Wow surprised he is not black a female with a disability and gay lol

  36. Good video just gotta work on your pronunciation

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