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Halo TV Series – Is it actually Halo? Kiki Wolfkill Interview | Xplay

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Halo the TV Series has dropped in from orbit and we talk to Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill about casting Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, how different the show is from the game franchise, and what makes Halo actually Halo.

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  1. Guess I'm late g4 is now x-play ?? There is no official g4 anymore ??

  2. It’s HALO from another universe. I’m guessing sooner or later it’s the multiverse thing.

  3. So much for getting out before the 23rd. Now I missed out on that sign up. I got membership.

  4. Halo Games = Marvel Comics
    Halo series = MCU
    This has potential.

    Really did wish they did their research tho. Not playing the games nor reading the novels is like submitting a paper you BSed on with no experience on your topic. Research is key.

  5. This woman sounds so uninterested in this interview.

  6. I've only seen episode 1. I knew it would be different from main cannon. Still was disappointed. The writing was mediocre. The special effects were ok but for a Halo show I expected the very best. The action was ok not great. Why change the Dr Halsey character? She was already interesting and very much a gray character. Doing bad for good reasons. We didn't need bad mom/wife personal drama. Why are they rushing to humanize chief before we even get to know this version!? Maybe the show will get better but I have lowered expectations after this episode.

  7. You can save this network Goldenboy!! I would have watched another half-hour+ .

  8. I'm not the biggest Halo fan, but I'll probably check this out. I fully understand why they aren't doing a 1:1 adaptation of the games. You've already seen that story, it wouldn't make sense to just redo it, because it'd be a shallow version of the game (removing input usually takes away from the experience, look at almost any video game movie). I say this as someone who doesn't at all understand why Horizon is a game instead of a series/movie.

  9. Just here to leave my dislike. G4TV doesn't deserve viewers

  10. The show is going to bomb hard. Change my mind.

  11. I'm fully convinced by the end of the second season (if it gets one), someone is going to say "covenant lives matter" and will be completely and utterly stunning and brave

  12. And G4 don’t care about the audience either

  13. Weren't these guys the same that "stood by Frosk"? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. "I love this IP" lol

    Just like Amazon loves that Lord of the Rings IP.

  15. i miss frosk, she was such a pleasant and knowledgable individual.

  16. I thought the first episode was amazing. The cheif a killer? Sign me up

  17. Listen Kiki Wolfkill, no one wants to see the Spartans as "monsters" and not heroes, who cares about the insurrection part of HALO lore?? we have advanced alien lifeforms that spell humanity's doom and a Hero who fights to stop it. The discovery of 1 of the halo rings leading to the array, the flood, the arbiter, but you want to make up a human character so the audience can have a generic story and "understand" the world? C"MOOOON!

  18. I have a bad feeling about this. I really wished they took more of a Mandalorian angle to it, keeping the mystery and slowly exploring the characters background. It just seems like they're not really doing it for the fans and just trying to get more eye balls and subscriptions instead. I hope it works out and proves me wrong. As always, I appreciate Golden Boy and the way he interviews. He's at least addressing some of the concerns that people have and Kiki is emotionlessly answering with things that makes me skeptical. So it goes.

  19. I’m pretending like this doesn’t exist, I read the first 3 halo books in the 3rd grade and have beaten every campaign up to halo 4

  20. GB tried so hard, but this interview was like watching someone desperately try to give CPR to a pair of flaming ankles with the shoes still attached. I appreciate the valiant effort but no amount of resuscitation is gonna bring life into something so very clearly lifeless. If she as an executive producer brings this kind of Pete Davidson 'why am I even here?' energy to a longform interview like this, what do you think she (and the people she's in charge of) bring to the table every day? At least, until they get replaced by contractors again before the fiscal year is up so that the bonus structure isn't affected.

  21. So, what she's saying "we were shooting for a train wreck and ended up the a dumpster fire" because following cannon would have made a good show.

  22. Watched the first episode last night and I enjoyed it, definitely willing to see where it goes. And I'm a super fan, played every game, read every novel/graphic novel, and have watched every show/miniseries. All you folks trolling saying it was that bad need to give it a chance. Let's see what things look like a few episodes in before passing that kind of judgment.

  23. She's the Queen of Halo. Plus, she has a real badass name!

  24. 02:10 “Cannon adjacent”…

    …Also known as being totally clueless and not remotely respecting the source material.

  25. 343 are the ursurpers of Halo.
    The real king is and always will be… BUNGIE
    It's still unbelievable how Microsoft could give away their crown jewels (and console movers) to a company that hates the product and t he fans alike

  26. I don't 'trust' any decision of a show where nobody even played the halo games.

  27. She seems like a decent enough person. This show is going to be straight up asscrack though

  28. Loved the first episode. That attack and then the spartans appearing was a fantastic way to introduce them. People have to remember making and plotting a TV show is completely different to a video game.

  29. I won’t get over laughing at you people watching this dead channel who admitted to hating you. You people are pathetic. Try having some self respect and stand for something

  30. It's amazing they can make 60 second ads for the game have such compelling and emotional content, and then fall so short with a TV series.

  31. whoever is the lead manager at xplay SUCKS nobody wants this B.S.!

  32. I'm going to wait until this series finishes and as long as people don't hate the series finale then I'll start to watch it. That was my strategy for Games of Thrones.

  33. Wow. She sat there for 20 minutes and lied and lied and lied and lied. Shameless.

  34. I clicked this not realizing it was an interview with a 343 employee, zzz

  35. I enjoy the show, because it doesn’t mess with the core canon games. And I’m actually liking the Silver timeline and some of the new changes. It’s not a great show, but it is a nice love letter to Halo.

  36. I love how excited she is for a flaming pile of grunt plasma.

  37. The game story is better then your terrible slop of a show

  38. Whyyyy bring in too much emotion in a character that is really a battle hardened soldier? and naked body parts exposed???? Come onnnnn 🙄🙄🙄 so many emotions in this film

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