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Halo TV Series is worse than we imagined – 🔥RANT🔥

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Halo TV Series reviews are in; it’s worst than we imagined. It’s not looking good. It premiers on March 24, Thursday.

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  1. I had no hope as soon as I saw a human Cortana and a modern day car in the trailer. XD

  2. Ahh yes, completely shit on the show BEFORW IT EVEN RELEASES, great content.


  4. Let me just say, I love your content but I have to disagree with you on one thing.
    Why would I make myself watch a show if they desecrate a loved franchise, so many fandoms have been ripped apart by these normies. Gate keeping is good to an extent because it keeps the real fans together! I would rather no show, then whatever the hell this is.

  5. What about a tv show about odst soldiers vs insurrectionist? Then you wouldn't have all the problems with aliens

  6. I also think the tv show is made for the wrong reasons. Like the previous tv shows.. The two first ones were made as promotion material. And this tv show was made because it was demanded to be made. Not because someone had a great idea or vision. They announced it back in 2013 and they couldn't figure out what to do before recent years.

    Going to watch it nonetheless.

  7. Everything we need — Halo: Legend season 2. Not some overhyped “Live Action”

  8. The way the show is being described it sounds like the same thing that happened with The Witcher Netflix

  9. Personally I disagree with the "you should still watch it".

    These studios don't give a fuck about the ratings, they care about the viewers numbers.

    In order to tell this idiots "This isn't what we wanted" you need to vote with your wallet/time. Don't watch and they'll realise they fucked up.

    Sure you might not get a season 2 with a chance to redeem themselves (they wont), but at least with the show dead there'll be a vacancy for another attempt further down the line.

  10. I never trust any reviews from critics. I can't start now. Maybe it will be dissappinting, but at least it's on my terms and not from some a-hole that gave Eternals 9/10.

  11. Man this seems like a generic sci fi that's wearing a halo mask

  12. Hey guys, we should be grateful it isnt canon. We should be VERY, VERY grateful.

    Also, Neill Blomkamp DID nail Halo in live action already, remember they used scrapped scenes for trailers? He reworked the rest into district 9? Don't know why they never bothered ACTUALLY giving him a real shot.

  13. I think delivering hope and the ODST short was great live action Halo

  14. Guys guys.. Why are you trashing something that you haven't even seen yet. These very same "critics" have been very very wrong recently. If anything.. The fact that they don't like it, gives me hope.

  15. Pretty much could not of said it better myself….however i still think it can be live action. It really needs even a micheal bay budget lol except without the miceal bay an a director who read books an played the games….like peter Jackson…oh wait he left…he said it was because he was busy though

  16. Very happy they’re being creative and making a new direction for Halo. Can’t wait to see the TV show.

  17. If their intention from the outset is to disregard all source material then they shouldn’t even think about making a TV series for it (as Amazon will hopefully soon realise when first reviews of RoP come out).
    They instantly lose the interest and respect of any dedicated fans of the franchise from that exact decision onwards and they are setting themselves up for failure no matter what you end up producing.
    If you are so set on a story concept idea that you have, rather than begin reinventing an already established story into your own interpretation, just create an original story with new characters and settings well away from our beloved games, rather than relying on well known characters to garner interest and cut corners with character development.

  18. This sounds like would have happened if the team(s) for the Expanse or GoT had never read the books and just spent a few days getting a general idea of what happens, types of characters, maybe focus on traits of some of the main characters and then decided they could make their own version. So they wouldn’t be “limited”.

    Or even better. You make a new Star Wars trilogy and only sorta pay attention to the first few movies made decades ago and ignore all the various media created since the 70s that expanded characters and gave so many possibilities for excellent stories. Just so you wouldn’t be “limited”

  19. Another huge issue is whenever a gaming company pairs with a show production company, they have entirely different ideas on what the show should be. The game designers want it to stay true to lore, and characters. But show producers absolutely hate making something based on an existent story. They take creative liberty and ignore what they think is useless to their story that they're making. All they do is steal the characters, and make a hollow hearted rendition of them because all producers think games are bad for TV. And they're not. It's just the simple fact they're lazy, selfish, greedy, and don't give a fuck. It takes too much work to read the actual story plot or play the games, they want the show to be their accomplishment with their work not the creators of the idea, and they budget cut a hole in the show just because they feel like it'll fail. There's more than enough story in Halo to provide a good show. And there can be good narrative, making it feel real and in depth. But a movie producer used to making the same story in different ways with different people isn't going to sit back with Halo lore, realize chiefs team is called blue team, Tahoe's don't exist in 2065, humans never sided with the covanent, etc. That's why this show is bad. Halo CAN BE AN AMAZING SHOW AND MOVIE FRANCHISE, BUT EVERYONES TOO FUCKING LAZY TO READ THESE DAYS! they want a fast cash grab and don't want to put in the work it needs to be a successful show. They'd rather ignore everything about Halo and make their own shitty knockoff Halo that looks like it has the budget of power rangers. Same thing with uncharted. There was so many ways that movie could have succeeded, but they made a mashup story of all the games that fucks up the timeline instead of picking a spot to start off. They planned it to be a one hit flop. So they get paid and never have to worry about making another one because everyone hated it. That's how it works sadly. If we want a Halo movie or show, we need people who are actually into that shit. Like James Gunn, or someone who's an actual nerd and not some penny pinching neckbeard

  20. "You can carry on and not watch this show and enjoy Halo", yep I think I will.

  21. This definitely seems like another adaptation using merely the brand name to excuse shit writing.

  22. 343i Halo Infinite lack of development, support and quality and now these Series? Yep Halo franchise is a true disappointment. I'm glad that I distanced myself from it 40,000 miles away.

  23. I agree. They could have made one about the books, or some background lore, maybe about the team that blew up a planet?

    But making a series based on the game without knowing or caring about lore is downright disrespectful. It's like Aeon Flux movie level of stupid.

    I mean how good would a television series about World War 1or 2 be if they hadn't even bothered researching?

  24. You're getting kinda ridiculous. How are you ranting about something you haven't seen yet? And no one has seen the full season.They were shown the first 2 episodes. The fact that you started this video with incorrect info says enough. Says enough a out the legitimacy of your rant…

  25. I am disappointed with many things about this show. But I'm still going to watch it and try to enjoy it. I think the key is to disconnect yourself from the games and what you know and enjoy it as a new standalone story. I do get why they didn't go canon just cause A if they miss something or get something wrong they'd be crucified for it, and B it's very difficult to copy and paste a game into a show or movie. I don't think there's any example of a show or movie accurately portraying a game word for word so to speak. But I'll give the show a shot and try to enjoy it as best I can.

  26. I feel it’s like Star Wars, everyone hated the new movies because they tried to do something to different and strayed away from the fans. When they actually did what the fans wanted and made a show like the Mandalorin, it blew up Star Wars again

  27. I’d rather a have halo silver timeline then the canon possibly getting messed or tainted

  28. they should have done reach and followed blue team in that novel and done flash backs to cheif and then introduce cheif later on

  29. Im sure everyone is shocked it’s trash 🤦‍♂️

  30. With the absolute mess that this show is seeming like it's going to be, and the total lack of content in Halo infinite, and the overall radio silence and complete lack of respect for the fan base, im calling it now. Halo will be dead in the next 2 or 3 years. They'll stop putting out updates for infinite 6 or 7 years before the "10 year" plan, and the franchise will fall into obscurity once again. Call me pessimistic but it just seems like this is yet another downhill spiral.

  31. Halo is starting to enter that sphere of having more bad products than good like alien and predator movies great pieces of fiction but a lot of the recent stuff are just meh

  32. Never knew they made the statement "we'd never looked at Halo"…. Fail fail fail out the gate. Just a money maker for the time being.

  33. Just make a show about a group of marines or ODST or even a Spartan untethered to the lore of the games.

  34. Paramount should've based the Halo TV show on the books.

  35. Yeah the main problem is all these fans/reviewers wanted the show to stick to the games verbatim and it doesn't work like that. I think as a different take and set in a separate timeline we'll all enjoy it just fine. Too much doom and gloom going on anymore and I'm tired of it.

  36. What about a show that gives us backstory on Noble team? That would be neat

  37. The "It's not cannon" argument is terrible. No screenplay adaptation of previous established source material is "cannon". Peter Jackson's LOTR is pretty accurate to the original books but it is an adaptation, and thus not cannon. There's nothing wrong with being upset that the show is not respecting the source material, however to be upset that it is not cannon makes no fundamental sense. If it were a canonically correct story of Master Chief's life that would require reenacting EVERY line of dialogue and action from whatever games and books they are referencing. I love this channel but you need to make more compelling arguments than, "This is not in-universe, so I'm angry."

  38. This was done to star trek, star wars, marvel and dc comics and the upcoming lord of the rings show. They have no imagination so they take something established, push their bullshit into it and blame us when it fails. I'll keep enjoying the games thanks

  39. It would have been so easy to secure a multi season exclusive deal to produce the entire story from the beginning. Inception of Spartan IIs for insurrectionists, the invasion of Harvest, development of MJOLNIR, maybe cut to Fall of Reach finale leading into Halo CE. First Strike would make an AMAZING miniseries, leading into Halo 2 3 and ODST… how can you just botch it this badly lol

  40. When the director openly said thy Never played any of the halo.
    Is the Big red flag.

  41. Y’all being overly negative yall wanted the show to be bad and already thought it was bad cause y’all hate 343 and want their stuff to fail you know deep down inside you feel this way don’t lie.

    And you again another person misunderstanding the quote and going off calling them idiots and acting like your a victim your expectations are way outta wack and your making way to much BS assumptions saying they don’t care you types was never gonna like this show no matter what the rest you said is just FUD and a BS rant

  42. No no no do not watch a single min.. DO NOT GIVE IN…don't support it. Cuss if you do ..we will got more of the same.

  43. What’s sad is, it seems like most show adaptations today are being made for the people behind a show, instead of for the fans.

  44. What’s sad is, it seems like most show adaptations today are being made for the people behind a show, instead of for the fans.

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