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  1. Waited too long for this. Should have been out years back. I am really looking forward to this. Costume looks awesome

  2. All they have to do is take inspiration from all those halo tv commercials over the years 🤣

  3. Looks like Weta are doing the practical effects like the suit and fully functional warthog plus some CGI. For than alone, I'm interested.

  4. Halo Fans: "Captain Keyes."

    Keyes: "Good to see you Halo fans, things aren't going well. Cortana did her best, but we never really had a chance."

    Cortana: "A dozen feminists inferior writers, against one original timeless classic? With those odds, I'm content with three…make that four re-releases."

    Cortana: "Game well?"

    Halo Fans: "No thanks to your patch work, yes."

    Cortana: "So you did play it."

    (Large Explosion)

    Keyes: "Report!"

    Cortana: "It must've been one of their political parties, I guess an anti-white race swap!"

    (Another Explosion)

    Marine: "Ma'am! Continuity in the main canon is off lore!"

    Cortana: "Captain, the canon was my last defensive option…"

    Keyes: "Alright then. I'm initiating Cole Protocol article two, we're abandoning the franchise, which means you too Cortana."

    Cortana: "While you do what? go down with the series?"

    Keyes: "In a manner of speaking. The forums we found, I'm going to try and land our complaints on them."

    Cortana: "With all do respect Sir, this agenda has enough dead IPs."

    Keyes: "I appreciate your concern Cortana, but it's not up to me. Protocol is clear:"

    "Destruction or defilement of the established lore, through political woke nonsense is absolutely unacceptable."

    Keyes: "…and that means your leaving ship. Lock in a selection of community Halo mods, upload them to my pc, then sort yourself for a hard transfer."

    Cortana: "Aye aye, sir."

    Keyes: "Which is where you come in. Halo fans get Cortana off this platform, keep her safe from the feminist. If they capture her, they'll use her to enforce their ideology. They'll ruin everything: story development, concept art…"

    Keyes: "Infinite."

    Halo Fans: "I understand."

    Cortana: "Our fanbase will continue their aggressive pushback until 343 can initiate a proper sequel. Not that they'll listen, but I suggest letting the community determine the final product."

    Keyes: "Exellent work Cortana. Thank you. Are you ready?"

    (Cortana pauses, then looks around)

    Cortana: "Yank me."

    Keyes: "Good luck, Halo fans."

    Cortana: "Hmm, your taste in media, isn't much different from that of Bungie's…"

    Halo fans: "Don't get any funny ideas."

  5. After worrying about getting the new trailer when its dropped ive decided to sub for the footage.

  6. Sounds like he's taking it serious could be paramounts mandalorian.

  7. looks good but we still have to wait if he be as good as forward unto dawn master chief

  8. Personally I would've rather had more Halo Legends style Halo anime because Halo just never really translated well into live action. It's hard to get Spartan proportions and designs right irl

  9. imagine if Dennis villenueve did a book accurate fall of reach 🙃

  10. Who wants to bet they make him a black woman

  11. i bin really looking forward for the halo show for a while and that pic looks incredible

  12. Master chief? Mind telling me what you’re doing in live-action?

  13. And apparently Captain and Miranda Keyes are going to be black and this is supposed to be the same canon as the game. First of all, they’re both dead and white.

  14. The jaw on the helmet looks a bit off to me but I'm too excited to care lmao

  15. Chief’s shoulder pieces look a little bit small. Plus the helmet is a bit off with too many bits and bobs over the mouth/chin area. They’ve gotta get these things spot on or the fans will not be happy. It’s these reasons that put me off personally when it comes to TV/film adaptions. It’s good they’re not using Halo 4/5 armour though.

  16. I have so much hope for this simply because of pablo schreiber, great choice for casting.

  17. He's clearly standing in a ruined city….why is his mask reflecting a barren desert landscape????

  18. Pablo didn't have to do a lot of physical work before hand to get ready to be Master Chief

  19. Cowboy Bebop cancelled by Netflix🙏 thank the gods

  20. Still incredibly upset we never saw Blomkamp's Halo. Seeing remnants of the set and costumes in District 9 makes me weep.

  21. I hope this & The Last Of Us are great. It’ll hopefully set the bar for video games adaptations. And hopefully Sony cancels that Metal Gear Solid Movie & turns it into a TV series instead 🤞

  22. If done right???
    This show could give The Mandalorian a run for it's money.

  23. Crossing my fingers. Been waiting for this for decades for a live action adaptation apart from the shorts for the video games.

  24. Can Paramount actually make a good sci fi show?? Guess we'll see!

  25. Classic Hero's Journey? Eh, idk about that lol. Nothing about Halo's story includes the traditional Hero's Journey to me lol

  26. Probably a woman under the helmet.

  27. I'm…cautiously optimistic. Sets, costumes and CGI all look pretty decent.

    My main concern is the story and how it fits in.

  28. I'm not as much of a Halo fan now, but as a child I truly loved this series. I hope the show is done expertly.

  29. Thanks for the headsup from a Halo fan since macworlds presentation clips 1999. It have been agonizingly slow process to finally have something like this for the Halo franchise to finally be a reality. Interesting that Neil Blomkamp Halo project turned into District 9.. I do wish this series would have been on a different streamer service like HBO, Netflix. Heck even realease the full collection of the series on DVD blue ray in the future. Cheers from Norway! 🍺

  30. I mean if you cant even get 117's armour correct then you have no hope, I am waiting to be impressed a still of his armour is nothing and frankly is one of the easiest things to get right as the have done here.

  31. Well this is exactly the type of thing we have been asking for from franchises especially based on game franchises.
    You don't have to follow the game beat for beat pick a period and work within that to tell stories that still have good weight and when you look historically the game movie adaptations that have worked best either as clut classic status or as success in a few cases they have always not tried to remake the game.

    This is the second time now i have seen a new movie showing it's first or early steps marketing and the person being interviewed has given us a viewpoint that is respectful of what has come before it.

    A heroes journey always a good story format the still certainly creates the impression they have nailed the asethics…this has me defiantly interested to see where they chose to take this, hopefully the trailor will give us enough to be reassuring at least.

  32. I hope they make an Half Life tv show and I am good to go.

  33. You’d expect it to be amazing with a 200 million budget cannot wait for this

  34. mr H you should play the new halo infinite campaign!! Its a ton of fun and a great call back to the original trilogy !

  35. from what little I have seen, it almost looks good, then I have to remind myself it's 2021, the era of "diversity and inclusion" and I start to worry they will make master chief drink green milk from a sea whatever that was. It looks good, lets hope they do not try to "subvert our expectations" and make the halo franchise another Star Wars/Trek/DrWho/HeMan/etc.

  36. If you're a true Halo fan you're going to be disappointed with the story.

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