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Halo TV Series Might Start Filming in Fall

Halo Canon
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Recent news indicates that the Halo TV series could start filming this fall.

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  1. Is it sad I didn’t know mike colter didn’t voice Locke? A lot makes sense though now that I learned that.

  2. I was hoping that the show would be about a spartan II team during the war, and their missions during the war

  3. I feel like this show could have been cooler in animation. Maybe that's just my inner weeb talking

  4. I love The Pacific. It's a sobering retelling of US Marines in the Pacific theater of war

  5. Hopefully it is good especially with a 4 or 5 year pre production.

  6. Dude I've been hyped for the series no matter how short or long and I'm hoping that it will be as good as the animated series. It would be so awesome if they explain what happened to 1337 or his whereabouts.

  7. I want to see a mini series on the covenant and the great skisim

  8. I really hope it’s an ongoing multi season story, not a miniseries like FUD or Nightfall.

  9. So far every halo film to come out by 343 has been pretty pisspoor, I don't have my hopes up for this.

  10. This news ain't surprising since there has already been a few Halo miniseries: Forward Unto Dawn and Nightfall as well as the CGI-adaptation of The Fall Of Reach .

  11. Knowing 343, it's probably set during the Post-War Period. I.e, the era that completely sucks. Hopefully the directors behind the TV series have their wits about them and just focus on the Human-Covenant war. Or hell, could even do a mini-series about the rise of the Insurgency – which in turn could potentially lead down to Operation TREBUCHET. Although I'm heavily in favor of the ODST idea.

  12. Band of brothers or the pacific storyline

  13. I'm wondering how heavy a presence anything Covenant would have. I would be so bold as to say that more than any other faction in Halo would be some of the most difficult to bring to a Live action screen. FUD did is spectacularly with being in the middle of a Night-time warzone, and (to me at least) it felt like a large bulk of the effects budget was saved for that ending act.
    Given how large the budget for this mini-series is, I've no doubt they have more capability in making such props, but I still that's a lot of props to fabricate and add special effects. I mean, just think about having to make pieces for something as mundane as a to-scale Plasma Pistol or a Weapons Crate. I know only time will tell, but as a Covie fan I gotta say I'm a bit nervous.

  14. What if its another episodic series to launch with the next Halo title (Halo 6 maybe)?
    Like how Halo: Nightfall released with the Master Chief Collection.

  15. I think I can speak to both Firefly fans and Halo fans on having Buck's ODST team be a series. We can see the crew leading up to the Halo 3: ODST game and then maybe end when the Rookie dies? I think that would be a solid show that really no one would argue over. Man I would be excited to see Buck on Reach communicating to Noble 6 like in the game :3

  16. I hope it focuses on Thel's rise to power during the human-covenant war

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  19. Halo Canon I got scammed for 60$ could you send me 20$ PayPal please

  20. Halo Canon I got scammed for 60$ could you send me 20$ PayPal please

  21. mini series meaning the special fx could be good for tv

  22. i don't want spartan 4s i want Spartan twos or threes also would like it to take place during the covenant war maybe following gray team behind enemy lines

  23. I would like to see somethigh like te fall of a colony but from diferents point of view, like the marines first then the covenant or the civilian or the spartans

  24. IMHO one of the challenges of a Live Action Halo show is the existing live action Halo content already out there; primarily commercial and teaser material for the various games.  Much of that content has been Excellent, which raises the bar for any future live action show.

  25. Hey Halo Canon, I have a question: who brought the Spirit of Fire to the Ark? Prof. Anders said that the ship didn't get to the Ark on its own?

  26. a generation kill type story with like a platoon of marines and odst would be awesome, then throw in some Spartans for a few ep and set it pre or during reach.

  27. Dammit Halo Canon I need my Halo legacy of onyx review already!

  28. It should adapt the first game. Then season 2 gets the Fall of Reach. That you way you get introduced to the main characters and after surprise non-fans with the whole Spartan II backstories

  29. Halo Retribution and Legacy of Onyx Review please

  30. Current fans aren't too thrilled about the current story arc, so a general audience definitely won't be. I really hope they don't double down on halo 5. Give cortana the logic plague in halo 6 and let's move passed all this

  31. Did the unsc have a news paper for the military like stars and stripes or some equivalent?

  32. Hopefully it will be something like the ODST audio logs, that story is honestly amazing.

  33. I wanna see the creation of the Spartan II program similar to the first Halo novel – Halo: The Fall of Reach. That is still the best Halo story to date with great space battles, unbelievably high stakes, huge personal lose, and good growth as a character/hero. I think the best way they could tell a story like that would be with flashbacks giving us a short clip at the start of every episode about current Halo events similar to Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

  34. I don't know but whatever it is, they should get Nathan Fillion on board and have him make at least one space cowboy joke

  35. Hey Halo Canon, could you possibly do an analysis video of the covenant navy? Maybe find out how big it actually could have been?

  36. According to the Halo Encyclopedia, the MJOLNIR Mark V [B] was the first version (given to noble team), followed by the version given to Master Chief and the remaining SPARTAN-IIs and the one seen in Halo CEA. Delta makes sense as just the helmet from the final Mark V adapted for GEN2, found in a stash of old SPARTAN-II equipment according to the in-game description. Guess the Alpha seen in Halo 5 is the retroactively dubbed final version given to Master Chief and the SPARTAN-IIs with a new helmet for the GEN2 platform? The language is a bit funky in the description, calling the [B] variant the "product improved" version, but I think that can still line up with [B] being the first fielded version, and the Alpha is retroactively dubbed the "original" Mark V because of its association with Master Chief in Halo CE and CEA as the first Halo games. Please tell me your thoughts 🙂

  37. Yeah. We really don’t know a lot about the 2540’s.

  38. I feel like the classic art style would be easier for the production team. I don't expect this series to have a massive budget. So the amount of CGI required to make 343s halo art style would require a lot of very detailed CGI. But that's just a guess?

  39. Ah Locke was supposed to be a main character in it, THAT'S Why it flopped. Understandable since Halo 5 was the worst installment in the series. Even Spartan Assault was better.

  40. No, 343 killed halo. Halo is dead, please let it die.

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