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Halo TV Series News from IGN Fan Fest

Halo Canon
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The IGN Fan Fest for 2022 has come and gone, and it left us with some additional TV series news. Here’s the full video:

Ending music: “John-117” by Teknoaxe

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  1. Hey, just wondering, where's Fred, Kelly and Linda?

  2. I cannot believe its 2022 and companies still haven't worked out how to release shows simultaneously world wide.

    Let's just say… I'm not waiting till Summer to watch the Halo TV series in the UK.

  3. Both of the showrunners have quit and this hasn't even premiered yet 🙄

  4. So is that actually Soren-066? The one that was like horribly disfigured by the augmentations? I just finished reading that story again yesterday, if they aren’t sticking to his actual story then I can definitely see how this series won’t be canon by any means.

  5. Paramount plus launching summer in the UK? Welp time to pirate the show lmao

  6. Thanks for covering this btw, didn't want to dive thru 5 HOURS of the video to see this stuff hahaja

  7. I’m gonna say this that I think it’s ok to show his face since he’s in the different universe but just show it once. As long he doesn’t show his face in the games I’m fine with this

  8. I suggest everyone calm down, this is non canonical so seeing chief's face shouldn't be a problem because it's not the same soldier from the halo main series

  9. That's not our 20yr old chief(hce to infinite) that's a new chief who lives in different universe

  10. I can tolerate him showing his face if he is significantly younger than Canon chief I generally prefer the face to be obscured

  11. Its not canon so I don’t think its much of an issue.

  12. Regardless of how they're doing this show I am on board because of Bokeem alone really. I think he's incredibly underrated

  13. If the show doesnt have Downs, doesnt follow any of the canon and doesnt even use the heavy library of sound effects and music from the game then I think this is destined to fail.

  14. Thanks for the news, i love to hear out opinions 🙏
    Cant wait for the show 💥

  15. i hope chief doesn't become woke and second thats why piracy exists.

  16. I’m willing to view this with a open mind for at leased they where smart enough to get Jen to voice Cortana fingers crossed it will be as good as the games Cinematics

  17. I don’t like Steven Spielberg heard he was weird with the kids he worked with.

  18. TV series Chief isn't true Chief. In the Core Canon he looks different. That's all we have to think

  19. I am hoping this shows good but I have my worries. I just hope it doesn't go woke or try to sideline the chief

  20. I'm really excited for this series, the first AU Halo story!

  21. Riz is interesting. COMS and CQC? Not the usual mix you would see among most soldiers. COMS tend to be in the back, behind the rest of the troopers, handling…well communications obviously.
    I suppose with Spartans its different, but its still an interesting choice.
    The ENORMOUS antenna on her armor might be a hinderance in close work though, hope its retractable.

  22. It's amazing to see how both the director and 343 know the fans so well, they are actively giving them new lore and Easter eggs. And the fact that they are so dedicated to the role, that the actors are playing the games? That's just amazing to see.
    Thank you for the video, stay safe and wear your seatbelt!

  23. If they take his helmet off and give him a face I'm not watching. Plain and simple.

  24. There are no brakes on the hype train.

  25. Woodbine looks like Dave Chappelle's younger brother. I can't not see it.

  26. I lost any interest in it when they confirmed it take place in an alternate timeline. Even if turn out to be good ( which I doubt but who knows ) I will not follow it because it have no impact on the true Halo universe.

    Shame because the canon universe is so vast that they could tell any story they wanted, very easily without breaking the lore. But they wanted so bad to re-tell the story of Halo CE, 2 and 3 in TV format. A wasted opportunity.

  27. Out of curiosity will we see you do reaction videos on each episode?

  28. the virgin EckhartsLadder fan rage VS the CHAD Optimism of Halo Canon

  29. 5:00 – He says he "Did a lot of drinking" ….what a good sign.

  30. It aint about easter eggs….. just make sure the show is good and the theme of hope must be present. If its all about the shitty politics…. imma flip mate.

  31. This made me go from its gonna be 99% bad to to 80% bad which is a hard thing to do.

  32. I'm sorry guys… But this show looks terrible… Its not just the awful Cortana… Its the plastic guns… plastic armor….. Plastic Armor??!!…. HUMAN Covenant Antagonist??? Master Chief Backsitting?

  33. This show premieres the day I turn 23.

  34. How long do you think it'll take to come to Blu-Ray?

  35. The show runners are doing everything in their power to ruin halo and make this the wokest garbage possible. Will not be watching.

  36. Bokeems character is easily the most intriguing part of this show for me.

  37. im gonna watch it but i HATE how its not cannon

  38. I have even less faith in this than when I saw the trailer.

  39. I'm glad those who could (not everyone likes to game, or has time to, after all) went to the games and researched — especially Pablo. It feels, far too much these days, that too many actors don't put the research time into their roll. And to have the man playing the Chief also being a fan of the franchise… it reminds me a lot of how David Tenant and Matt Smith aproched the roll of playing the Doctor Who (by all means, a very good thing). So long as this isn't all lip service, building to some limp wristed subversion — I am cautiously hopeful for this show 🤔

  40. I feel like they did the same character placements with the same BS in the latest star wars movies , man this sucks butt

  41. Ill probably close my eyes when chief takes his helmet off, what a load of shite

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