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Halo TV Series – Official Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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Master Chief’s first live-action adventure will be experienced in 2022, only on Paramount+.


  1. We’ve waited this long just for this series main focus will be diversity and inclusion.

    This is going to be a woke mess and I’m so sad

  2. Looks like they are using the Cole protocol book as a reference. If it's true then we know who those 3 Spartans are and the time period.

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  4. Hope the trailer soundtrack was composed as part of the tv show? Quite epic!

  5. Please let this be available to watch in New Zealand 🙏🙏🙏

  6. The Holy City looks so much better than the games oh my

  7. This will either give Halo better footing after Infinite's decent success, or it'll help shove it right back into the deep grave Halo was in a few years ago. Do not make the same obvious mistakes other intellectual properties have or you will get review bombed and word of mouthed into nothingness. Doesn't take a genius to see the possible outcomes here.

  8. Can't say I'm excited for this. I'm honestly worried that it'll go the same way eternals went.

  9. The theme song brings back so many memories. Thank you

  10. Guys look at all the strong independent women who dont need no man! enters the chief
    Nevermind. xD Based Chief

  11. Chief's armor looks fantastic. I'm very glad that Halo is actually getting some spotlight on TV. Been waiting too long for this

  12. I'm glad Halo finally has his own series. Now if they can just get the green elf girl and Metroid her and his own (respectively) series off the ground.

  13. imagine if the flood was in the halo tv series that would be 🔥 and would be scary to because just imagine seeing the flood taking control UNSC soldier that would be pretty scary

  14. I’m sure this show will be great but that trailer was absolutely garbage

  15. Watch the sets, props and costumes look like plastic, the score be flat and dull and the actors whining or quivering in every word being overdramatic. if not great but video games and tv dont mix why does everyone keep forgetting

  16. Could they not have hired a better armor detailer?

  17. Is Steven Spielberg still helping create this

  18. Hope they give a Band of Brothers feel to this series, that would fit like a glove.

  19. The effects production quality seem nice, but it seems to lack the artistic ferocity something like Neil Blomkamp's "Halo: Landfall" had, which justified its own existence by aesthetically distinguishing itself from the games, becoming a truly unique gritty and terrifying work of art. Anyone with me on this?

  20. Hope they bring Nathan Fillion as Buck for the show.

  21. Outside me "yeah looks cool"

    Inside voice "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

  22. It's been eight years since this was first announced…

  23. hope it's gonna be decent and not just cashing on nostalgia. cuz i'm 24 and don't have any.

  24. No white men. Awesome! Stunning and brave. Master chief better be a POC

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