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Halo TV Series – Official Trailer | Game Awards 2021

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Master Chief’s first live-action adventure will be experienced in 2022, only on Paramount+.

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  1. Master chief not voiced by steve downes is blasphemy

  2. That EOD just looks way too badass he/she better not die on the first so many episodes

  3. this is like new Hollywood formula last yers – Female, female, african male, female, female, asian male, female, female, child acting like adullt, female, african male, african male etc….PATHETIC. And those formulas in 99% show us that show will be average or piece of sh*t because social problems and races are more imprtant than story and characters…(Hi Netflix).

  4. Does anyone know when the shows starting point will be set in the Halo story?

  5. Elite watching this trailer: Ahhhh!! Woot Woot Woot

  6. visuals look awesome… not even a halo buff or anything but this looks interesting.

  7. Was that HIGH CHARITY ?!!? are we gonna see freakin Covenant vs the UNSC in tv series!?

  8. Why is it through Paramount of all people lol

    I'd prefer it be through HBO at least

    Edit – I'm just gonna leave this comment here to say its gonna flop or not meet hmm lets say 70% of halo fans expectations.

  9. If the writers follow a GOT-type storyline, the series will be fine

  10. Getting a lower quality Witcher/Mandalorian vibe with this. I'll remain hopeful as it is just a bare bones trailer.
    Just a bit sore from what 343 has done to the games. I'd like for the TV series to not muddy my opinion of the franchise any more. Fearing this is a "lets milk the size of halo for what is worth" similar to what star wars is doing. Marvel does it, but they mostly do it right (Movies are generally generic, but enjoyable).

  11. ultra exited… what's that Paramount+ neven even heard of…:P

  12. I'm not complaining, but Destiny wouldve made a better series

  13. Does anyone know if this is official canon or are they doing their own thing?

  14. Halo Infinite and a decent-looking Halo Show?

    The Haloneissance is upon us.

  15. Looks cool but hope there's not a bunch of woke crap involved

  16. “But is chief even going to be in the show?”🔥✊🏾👺

  17. Steve Downes not doing the voice is a massive misstep. If his face is shown, that will also be a massive misstep. Not using the music from the series would also be a massive misstep. I’ve learned not to get my hopes up for stuff like this. It almost never delivers because the people making don’t seem to understand the things that made it popular and change things. It’s always blown my mind when people do this for adaptations. It’s like “hey let’s adapt this super popular thing, but change the things about it that were keys to it’s success.” Makes no sense. Some things are best left alone.

  18. :32s in – Cole Protocol

    Calling it now.

  19. Even if Dr. Halsey is the narrator, the trailer just screams “it’s 2021 and we need to show you more strong women, even though this is a story about 6 year old boy who was captured, augmented, and turned into a super soldier. MORE STRONG WOMEN”

  20. You just know this will be an LBGTLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ festival, with very little to no lore accuracy except for the occasional memberberry lip service to the games.

  21. So all the Chiefs are women??!??!?!

  22. Who’s the voiceover character in this trailer?

  23. Let me guess….Master Chief is now a woman like all the other Gendor swaps on tv.

  24. Is this like Wandavision where Masterchief will appear in the second to last episode ? 🤔

  25. This Red vs. Blue script is FIRE. When do they start yelling at Donut?

  26. Master Chief is going to be played by the guy who starred in 13 Hours as Tanto……coool. (also the baddie in Den of Thieves)

  27. John 117 is a result of human desperation, and innovation.

    Is that bad? Not necessarily.
    Still, it's sad if you think about it.

  28. lm confused, is this going to have the story from the games or is this new lore? and is it going to be on netflix?

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